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  1. The Ishvalan War ended about four years ago, with most of the Ishvalans in hiding, and many alchemists losing quite a bit from not being as needed. Within the military there are plans to be set in motion that will turn the entire country upside down and inside out, making changes that could be potentially disastrous or extremely helpful. Most Ishvalans try to live as peacefully as possible, but the government is having trouble accepting that. Several of the higher-ups have taken it into their power to ensure that certain plans are going to be made in secret with no knowledge outside of their small groups. There is a feeling of peace among most of the citizens, but most of the State Alchemists and some other government members, even some of the Ishvalans and citizens are starting to notice changes and having feelings of danger.​


    For the past four years, military officials and state alchemists have hunted down, captured, killed and relocated many Ishvalans that were seen as either threats or liabilities. Within these years of peace, many of the top branches of the military have become corrupt and care for only their desires, not wanting to fulfill their responsibilities. As most of the state alchemists realize, there is more to the military than what they know, or what they want to know. There are more and more riots and uprisings occurring, not just from Ishvalans that are tired of being oppressed, but also regular citizens. Most of the documents about the higher ups have been marked as classified or pulled from the records completely. With more and more mystery and suspicion rising in within the military itself, there are many more people who try to bring to light the secrets of the military.​


    Though life appears peaceful for the citizens, it is quite the opposite, with riots and uprisings occurring more and more often, it is hard for anyone to feel at peace. There are a few who feel that it is still a peaceful place within the military's control and live blissfully and ignorantly unaware of the arising threats within the state. Many of the citizens have begun to question whether the military is still capable of keeping peace or if they ever even kept peace to begin with. There are many rumors that have started, most of them appear to be true, about corrupt officials and politicians that try to fill their own desires. It gets more and more difficult to remain unaware of the problems rising withing the state and the military itself. Some citizens have taken it upon themselves to try and bring to light the truth of the many secrets that the military is hiding and try to prove the rumors true.​


    For years, not just after the Ishvalan war, but during and before, the people of Ishval have been wrongly accused of various crimes and acts of violence. The Ishvalans have grown tired of the military controlling their lives and killing their loved ones, so they have started uprisings, riots, and actually committing the crimes and violent acts that they are accused of. But there are many Ishvalans that wish to just live in peace and forget about the troubles around them, try and go back to when they still had normal lives, living peacefully with their families. It gets harder to get by every single day, many of the Ishvalans are in hiding, trying to keep away from the dangers of the state, keeping to themselves quietly. It is becoming more and more frequent that the military finds small groups of Ishvalans that they label as terrorists, even children are taken away from their families and treated as criminals. With the recent rumors of secrets and corruption on the military, more and more people of Ishval believe that their time to join the rest of society as a people not seen to be devils and murderers, but normal people trying to live their lives.


    Many of the recent rumors about the military were either made up by the homunculi or put to rest by them. Most of the homunculi stay within the shadows, some have infiltrated the military, while others try to live normal lives. There has been a recent force driving the homunculi, a person of great power that wants there to be more bloodshed, trying to get the emotions of the people to flare up in anger and hatred. The main focus for most homunculi is to obey their leader's orders, a person of great power, someone who hides in the shadows and keeps out of sight of everyone. No homunculi has actually seen their leader, but they still listen to the orders given or only get a feeling that someone i in charge of their lives without their knowing.​

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  2. Nathanial was shocked, looking out through the window of the train as it passes the country side. Viewing the trees which rush past amuse him to no end. Smiling uncontrollably, he giggles as he stands on the chair, leaning his hands against the glass looking back at farms which pass in an instent. "Hehe! Wow, what a beautiful sight!" His lysp would be that of Britanian, slightly slow and announcing every vowel with charm. "I've never really seen a Ranch up close before." He looked over twards his superviser, the soldier who was supposed to bring him to Central. Stairing at him with wide eyes of anticipasion, he begins to ask him questions of the Capital, never stopping for an hour or so entill the soldier became mad with rage and left the car to go to a different one. He waited in silence for a moment before standing to investigate the rest of the Rail Car.

    He looked up and down the hall of people sitting in their own small rooms. A conducter sees Nate but ignores him as the conducter makes his rounds. After seeing that no one is in the hallway, he begins to skip and hum an Ishvalan Lullaby. In the middle of the chorus, he runs into a man wearing a Central Military Uniform, Pocketwatch chain seen on his pocket and hangs over it. He looks up at this person, innocent blue eyes looking him dead in the eyes. 'Hopefuly he didn't hear that tune I was humming...' he would think to him self. Even though he was young, he knew of the war and what kind of effect it had on the toll for both countries. It wasn't his fault that his mother, god rest her, sang him that lullaby when he was a wee-lad. He studdered at first, "M-m... My apologizes, Sir!... I... didn't mean to bump into you..."
  3. "Cмepть!" Laen shouted out. "Come get dinner! Is big juicy steak from butcher!"

    Typical evening, typical Laen giving the better cut of meat to his bear. The house Laen had was on the small side, but it was warm and conveniently located about a click away from Central Command. Which was the perfect distance for a mid-morning jog to work. Though he was a State Alchemist, he still had friends in Central who's company he enjoyed. "Come on, Death! No one likes a tardy bear!" As if on cue, Death, the giant Russian Brown Bear, and Laen's Comrade in Paws, padded his way into the room. He waddled his way to his dinner plate where a huge chunk of cow meat sat, waiting to be devoured.

    "I hope all this steak, doesn't get you fat, Death." Laen said with mock concern in his voice. Death simply glared at him, then began to eat. Laen smiled. "Good thing I know you have good, strong, MUSCLE under all that fur, no?" At this, Death sighed happily, and continued on his meal. Laen prepared and ate his own chunk of meat as Death was finishing up. One thing he learned from living in the wilderness: How to Cook Your Own Damn Meals.
  4. Mio Coarizake

    The library at Central was almost always empty now, there was only four other people, two of them worked at the library. the other two were high ranking officials who had stopped in for a quiet place to talk. Mio soon grew bored with the books over the Ishvalan war, she knew that most of it was probably lies anyways, not to mention that the death toll was probably a lot higher than the records were showing. Since she was officially bored, she went to put up the books that she had taken out. As she put the books and records back on their shelves she thought about how nice it would be to get access to the classified documents in the back. The classified documents were meant only for those who were ranked lieutenant general and higher, though there weren't many people with any of those ranks.

    Outside, it was bright and a little bit warm, so she decided to stop in with one of the Majors to see if there was anything that needed to be done. Mio enjoyed only answering to the majors, it made life a whole lot easier, not to mention that they didn't mind if she missed a few things in some of her reports here and there. When she got to the office, she found that there was no one there, just an envelope with a letter addressed to her. It read:


    Go ahead and take a little vacation, but try not to get too relaxed, we need you to keep an eye on another state alchemist. Try to stay away from him, unless you feel the need to go ahead and make friends with him. He isn't exactly a danger or anything, the higher ups just think he needs a strict babysitter.

    Major Armstrong

    Mio opened the envelope to find papers on an alchemist who had a very odd title, "The Sapphire Demon Alchemist", she already had an idea of what he could do, but no idea why they needed demon in there. After reading the papers, she put them back into the envelope and questioned why there was an adult that needed a babysitter, it was just weird. So she headed off to find this guy, judging by the paperwork, she guessed he was at one of the more popular clubs in central, so she tried the closest one, The Red Queen, stupid name for a club.

    When she arrived at the club, she stepped in to find it filled with smoke, making her want to gag. She looked around for the guy she was supposed to be watching, maybe he won't be a total annoyance. Mio almost immediately noticed his white hair, and walked over to him, already angry. She glared at him, "I'm supposed to watch you while Major Armstrong is out, so get up, we're leaving. I have better things to do than sit in here all night with you."

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  5. From all the exsitement from all that was happening in a span of a few days, Nathanial completely forgot to act the way he was supposed to act, like Nathanial. While in the Millitary secsion of the train, with the Major he accidently bumped into next to him, Nathanial remained silent, as he usualy was. His hands were between his knees as he sloutched with a grimice look on his face of being punished. His head sunk into his shoulders as he awaited what was to come. Oh what could it be, a spanking, a Time Out?!?! He couldn't help the fact that he was at the mercy of this person he bumped into and he felt sorry for it. Perhaps he should of been a little gentailmen and waited for him to pass, or even more likely, paid attension to where he was going so he could of seen the person blocking the path. Instead, he was held here, by a Major, and waited to see what he was going to do with him for behaving disrespectfuly.

    While moping, he never really noticed the door to the train's corridor open and another soldier entered. The Major welcomed him wormly and invited him to sit down. Nathanial could hear that the new person was asking a question about him, he just lifted his legs up and put them infront of his head, hugging them to hid the rest of his body. He couldn't hear what they were saying, mostly, but from what they were talking about was a new Alchemist in "their" numbers. That was when the Major took out a Pocket watch with a lion emblem on it from his pocket and held it in his hand. Nate couldn't help but look up ant stair at it and say, "I have one of thoughs too." Both men looked at him with at first amazement, then with condesension. The major leaned twards him and asked, his voice scruffy from his mustash above his lip. "And where did you get it from? Only State Alchemist's have these watches." He cought a glimps of the name tag on his breast that all soldiers carry with them, but because of the masive size of this person, he couldn't tell what it was. The only part viewable was, "-rmstrong." He was a beast of a man.

    "If you have one, then show me." His face came very close to Nate's, frightening him to no end. he scutted back to the corner of the bench and quivered at the sight of his sudden enclosure. While shacking, he reached into his small, blue suit jacket and pulled out a pocket watch the same size and design of the man next to him. holding it in his quivering hand, he held it up so they could view it and they both gasped to see that Nate was telling the truth.

    "Where did you get this from?" The major asked and Nate replied, "F-f-from my father!... Ha-h-he died in the Ishvalan War!"

    The major could tell that he was too forward and had scared the poor young man. He patts him on the head and tells him, "My apologizes, young Lad. We've had reports of people impersonating State Alchemists just to gain enterence to our Libarys around Central."
  6. Wrath

    Having to take a train all the way to Central was easy, but extremely annoying. It was getting increasingly difficult to sit in the cargo car, just because he was a little late in getting a ticket. Wrath longed for the more spacious part of the train, though it would have been a bad idea anyways with all the military personnel on board today. Something gave him the strange suspicion that he wouldn't be able to get any fresh air until they did get into Central. He had little problems when going to North or South, sometimes there were very few military headed to East, but Central was the worst.

    Recently, he had been given the mission to spy on the Central Library for anyone that may be useful or willing to aid their cause. He hated to scout out recruits, especially since about 80% end up dead either way. There always has to be something that makes the job harder, he had to worry about being spotted, being recognized, and most of all, getting in trouble because of his anger. His anger is the reason why he will never get sent to the west military branch again. Several times he has had to hide in some of the cargo crates, because there have been a lot of checks to the car, far more than usual.

    Once the train arrived, he quickly slipped out of the car and headed off towards the Central Library. It was dark by the time he had gotten there, it made it a lot more difficult to move around when you aren't supposed to be seen. Most people not only avoid alleyways, but never even consider to look down them. At the library, there were very few people there, extremely easy to sneak in that way. Wrath slipped past the guard at the front and entered through a window at the east side of the building. Once he was in, he decided that it would be better to hide in one of the sections that were restricted, so he slipped past the woman that was half asleep, then quietly opened the door to a restricted area and stepped in. He hid behind one of the bookshelves and decided to sit there to wait for someone to come along. Sleep was of no consequence to him, especially with how much he slept on the train ride here.​
  7. Dripping could be heard. It echoed.

    The sewers.

    Lust sat there, legs crossed, in her regular attire, kicking her foot, and containing a glass of red wine. She looked up,
    "Wrath -- you say?" A man could be heard speaking, he was dark. All black, his appearance could not be seen, not even by Lust. "Yes. That is correct." Lust chuckled. Her seductive chuckle lasting for only two seconds before putting the glass of wines to her lips and finishing it off. She pursed her lips before speaking again,"Is he bad?" The man spoke once more,"That. I'm not sure of. Though, I did see him entering the library area. Perhaps you should take a look." She set the wine glass down,"That area is most likely closed, but I can make my way in." Without bothering to change her attire, she simply walked out of the room full of crates, a single wooden table, with an over light that was dim.

    She reached the surface in no time, walking the streets with a cloak to cover up her appearance. She eventually reached Central Library. She put a sly smirk on her face as she hesitated. She went towards the side, eying the single guard that seemed to be half-asleep. She looked towards the open window. There.

    She climbed up to the window in no time, forming series of acrobats and entering the library. She pulled off her hood, her long, cyan hair still being tucked into her cloak. She peeked out of the room, looking towards the hall. There was nobody here. She was capable of sneaking to make the clinking noise of her heels very faint. She stopped for a moment in the hall,
    "Where could he be?" She whispered to herself. She heard footsteps. She peaked around the corner -- a guard. Good thing he wasn't headed in her direction. She quickly went to follow him, by the time she reached the corner, he was already at the other corner. She thought to herself, now if I were Wrath -- obviously I wouldn't be in the hallways. She proceeded to the restricted room. Of course. This would be a perfect place to remain unseen. She walked in, closing the door behind her. The room was dark.

    She spoke out,
    "I know you're here." She, of course, didn't know if he was here or not, she simply said it as if she did know. But it was worth a try to see if he was. She hesitated a moment for a response, if not, she would proceed to look throughout the room. If there were no signs of him, she would leave.
  8. The soldier who entered the room that the Major welcomed was infact the soldier who was Nate's shaperone on his way to Central. So from seeing him once again, back at their bench seats back in coutch, Nate couldn't help but continue to ask him questions about Central. This time, the soldier was more then welcome this time around to awenser them.

    Nate first asked him, "How is it like at Central, is it packed?"

    In which the soldier replied, "Hmhm, yeah. You could say that. Because our country is in a state of peace for the time being, most of the soldiers are stasioned back at Central, so it's been more packed lately then normal."

    Nate asks, "Do the soldiers live in Central?"

    "Technacly, yes. But not all Soldiers of the Central Army aren't just from the capital, they come from all around the area from the Civil Mine's up at Briggs to the Mechanical Implant Engineres from the south. They all come to fight for the cause." He couldn't help but smile.

    Nate saw his smerk and asked him, "Where did you come from, sir? The North or South?"

    "I came from Central, born and raised."

    Nate smiled at this, a local! His eyes shot up greatly as he bounced on the chair, "Oh! So this means you're going home, right?"

    "Yup, for the first time in 5 years... I'm comming home." He closed his eyes and lowered his head, his smile still across his face as he chuckles through his nose.

    Before the train made a full stop in the Central train stop, the locamotive moved slowly though the city, so Nate got a good glimps of what life was like around the city. He smiled and waved at young girls, the age of 5 and under who were running along side of the train on the walk path 5 meters away from it. He giggled to see them trip over them selves as the train came into stasion. As the train stopped, The Major stopped at their bench seat's in coach and smiled twards Nate, in which he smiled back. He placed his large, bear paw of a hand, onto the soldier's shoulder as he spoke to him with greath enthusiasm, "Now, you Don't get this young lad lost, Private! It's his first time being here in Central and I doubt the Lawyer would take lateness kindly." Both Nate and the private looked at the Major with a grimmice on their faces, they nodded in agreement. The reason why Nate had an apointment with a Lawyer was because of his parents. They were wealthy Alchemists who volentered to help the aid effort for the Ishvalan War, helping both sides recover wounded and desiced. His father was the one who tought him how to Transmute water.

    His father's jod was to bring water buckets to the wounded to either clean their wounds, or just give them something to drink. The first thing he would do was draw a specific transmutasion circle at the bottom of a bucket, and place his hands on it's sides. The center of the bucket would spark a few times then fill with condensasion. Soon, water would grow to the rim and the transmutasion circle disintagrated, disolved into the water. It was safe to drink and exstremely clean after that. His father was the reason why he wanted to be a State Alchemist.
  9. Wrath

    Hearing footsteps headed straight for the restricted room, Wrath pressed up against the wall, in a position that was easy to attack whoever was there if they were to find him or something. He had an angled view of the doorway, but he did notice that the person who stepped in was a woman. When she said that she knew he was there, he guessed that she probably didn't, but he should at least try and see if she would be worth the trip all the way down here. It was hard to work for an Ishvalan rebel group that was completely pro-violence. She may not have seemed like the violent type, but at least he could say he tried when he went back.

    Wrath stepped out quietly and stood in front of her, still in the shadows, " I can honestly say that I could care less about what you know, but rather, what you want is what I'm curious about." It was a long-shot, but he was sure that she hadn't come here to be recruited, it was a little obvious by how she carried herself. "If there's anything you need done, I should tell you I have few specialties." She seemed like she was on a mission, similar to him. There wasn't much that he cared to wonder about, it was usually just his job to recruit and kill, nothing more, nothing less.​
  10. Lust untied the the piece of fabric that held the cloak together. She let it to the floor, revealing her long cyan hair, her regular attire, her fine, pale skin, her rather large breasts, and her curvy body. She put her left hand on her hip, lifting her right hand in front of her, her hand facing down, closing her eyes. As something began to materialize, light began to lighten up around her, giving her view of the details of whomever was in the room. She held the lamp out,"Wrath -- correct?"

    She opened her eyes, the lantern light reflecting in her deep blue eyes. Careful of waiting for a response, she would not reveal her true identity just yet. Although, he could already know who she is just by the way she formed the lantern. Although, he shouldn't be too hasty with assumptions. For all he knew, it could have been alchemy. Though, alchemists generally need transmutation symbols, or the clap of their hands, not to mention the need of materials; whereas she did not require any of those. Within thin air, if she had the capacity of energy to construct what she wished to construct, it would form at her will.
  11. Wrath glared at the woman, not only was she strange, but even more than that, she was either a really skilled alchemist or, like him, was a homunculus. He didn't so much care what she was, but more about what she was doing here and how he knew his name. Letting out an agitated sigh, he spoke in a hard and angry tone, "I might be, but I would like to know who you are and what you want." It was starting to make him mad that she had known he was at the Central Library. Most people who knew who he was tried to stay away from him, they never even spoke to him.

    It was difficult for him to be patient enough for an answer, but he really wanted to know what she wanted, though he doubted that he would like to hear anything she had to say. With the room being much lighter, he tried to lean up against the wall, trying his best to stay out of the light as much as possible. He still had a scowl on his face, even when he was trying to distract himself while waiting,
    Now, either she's really stupid, doesn't know what I do, or possibly that she knows exactly what I do and wants something from me. It was even more troublesome to try and figure out why she had located him in the first place.

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  12. Lust smirked.


    She put the lantern to her side, removing her hand from her hip. She lifted up the right part of her dress, revealing the homunculus insignia.
    "Lust." With that, she would straighten out the dress and then raise the lantern again,"I was told that you were here. I only want to know why you have come to Central. What exactly do you seek?". She had an eery feeling about this question, as though he was all bad. In fact, he is Wrath; therefore meaning he was wrathful.

    She knew it was a bad thing to note him of her existence. Yet this may be a good strategy of opening her real identity to Central. But it could lead to destruction, whatever the case, it was said and done now.
    Nevertheless, it was rather odd seeing another homunculus in Central. She didn't want another raging war, nor did she want any more destruction to occur. It's strange to see a homunculus think this way, but for Lust, she only seeks to protect one person... And that single person, drives her to better side of reality.
  13. It would seem that his father was truely a very wealthy man. Well respected through all ranks of the military and the public, he made a reputasion of him self of being the Water Birth Alchemist. Nate's father was a very wealthy man. He left him a large sum of money in his will after deing in Ishval as well as the family estate. He was the only member of the family to accept this gift as well, all of the others were either out of the country, unobtainable, or dead. It didn't really change his outlook of the city he was in now. With all the money he had under his finger, all he cared about was going through the streets, absorbing the feeling of Central personaly, he was truely being a child.

    He did do one smart thing, though. Before going site seeing, He bought the Private to be his personal Bodyguard/ Baby sitter while here in Central. THe private smerked to the fact that we was being paid handsomly and just shrugged to the fact that he's his tour guide.

    They walked the streets of Central, the Private stood straight and proud as Nate just skipped around, his hands folded behind his back as he smerked with glee. He hummed a tune, trying not to make it sound Ishvalan this time around as they reached a park, where children were at play. He smiled greatly and ran to join them. He immediatly joined in a game of tag and ran with the croud, laughing and having the time of his life. The private was standing outside of the park but kept his eye on him. He couldn't help but smerk at this kid who acted like what he was, a child. He looked over his shoulder and saw Mao, the Blood Alchemist. He didn't like the feeling he had when ever she was near. He felt death on her from a mile away. It would seem that she was walking into a local pub, the Red Queen. Atleast she can find time to relax aswell... he would think to him self.
  14. Laen decided that, as there was still sun shining through his window, that he had had his dinner a bit prematurely... oh well. So what to do with all his new found time? Ah, yes! He had heard of a "Major Armstrong" that was returning to Central. He had mostly heard that the man was BIG. Laen couldn't let this possible acquaintance slip through his fingers!

    "I will go see him at the station!" he announced to no one in particular. As he jogged to the train station he noticed a woman walking into his favored bar: The Red Queen. She looked... well to be honest she looked really dainty to him. 'Hope she doesn't hurt herself,' he thought silently. He arrived at the station to see a large crowd of people bustling through and out of it. He was starting to lose hope that he would-


    Oh yes, there was the man. Of that there was no doubt. Laen simply stood there, prepared for what he knew would happen. The Major's eyes met his and immediately was in front of him. They sized each other up, then they both removed their shirts and flexed everything they had for all the world to see. The tension was rising between them, and at this they both clasped each other's hands firmly. Then the tension disappeared.

    "I KNEW you were good man!" Laen announced. "You are big with muscle, eh? Very good!"

    "Not bad yourself," Armstrong replied. "Not for one moment did I think I would find another like that Butcher. Good show!"

    "You MUST come meet my bear! We will have good time!"

    "I must, and I will. But first I must report to Central. Got to tell them I arrived, don't I?" The Major said with a grin.

    "You make good point. Come! We walk together you and I!" Laen said, leading the way.
  15. Rendon

    It was relaxing, sitting at his usual spot in his favorite club, The Red Queen, the best place to sit and smoke, maybe have a drink or two. He had already had a couple drinks, though not enough to make him drunk enough to act stupid. It seemed a little more quiet than usual, so it felt a little weird to be in the club. When he went to take another drag from his cigarette, he noticed a girl with long black hair and cat ear and tail walk up to him. The girl looked like she was about to kill someone, which made it worse when she came over to him.

    Rendon was shocked that the girl had such an attitude towards him when he spoke, she sounded like she had been waiting for hours.
    "Now I'm not sure who you are, but I don't need a babysitter that's younger than me, so just back off," his tone was apathetic, he could have cared less why she would take orders from Armstrong. "Besides," he grinned at her, "There's no way I'm going anywhere with you right now, I'm relaxing." Rendon was far too ready for her to stomp out and go get one of the other Majors to complain about him.



    It was a nice day, and Central was crowded, so he just wanted to go to a bar and have fun. It was hard to find a decent bar around Central, most of the places were clubs, which meant that they had a bunch a stupid brats in them. Greed barely knew his way around Central, so he decided to find somewhere to ask for directions. The closest place nearby was an auto-mail shop, Battle Metal, sounded like a decent place to get directions from. He went on in, and to his surprise, found an Ishvalan working at the register. Walking up to the counter, he placed his hands on the counter an smiled, "Excuse me, but where is the nearest bar around here?"

    Greed looked around the shop, it seemed really nice for a small business run by an Ishvalan. The man himself looked to be fairly busy with repairing and making various types of auto-mail. It seemed rude to interrupt him, not that Greed actually cared, but he just got the feeling he should have waited for a bit. He was ready to find a bar and grab a drink and some women, but he thought about it and decided a club would be better to find women in. He changed his question before the Ishvalan answered, "Actually, where's the best club in Central, or at least the one popular with the ladies?"

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  16. Mio

    It was already bad enough to have to watch this guy, but now she finds that he has an attitude.
    Just perfect, I get stuck with an idiot that wants to treat me like a child, Mio had already had it with him, she grabbed him by the front of his shirt with her left arm, then picked him off the floor and threw him out through the door. She cut her right hand with one of nails, then formed the blood into a long whip. She went outside, close to where he had landed, "Now, either come with me quietly, or we can do this the hard way." Mio stood about two feet from him as he started to get up a little wobbly.

    Mio noticed that there was a military man standing outside the park, she believed it was Private Petterson, which was when she noticed Nathanial. She didn't really want to have to fight near a park full of children, but she was already set to fight him. As he got up, Mio wrapped the whip around his neck tightly and pulled him towards her,
    "So, what'll it be, the easy way or the hard way?"



    Wrath almost couldn't believe it, another homunculus, it was kind of weird to be seeing another homunculus. He felt a strong need to ask her where she came from, but held the question back. Then, he felt his skin get hot with anger at the question she had asked, "
    First off, I don't even want to be here, and as for why I'm here, it's 'cause I was told to wait for recruits for the rebel faction that I'm in." It really made no sense to him why he didn't just kill her, or at least go back and kill the moron rebels that would probably die either way.

    "I would actually just like to kill them when I get back, but then I wouldn't have anything to do with all my free time." Wrath was about finished with all of this, if only there was something fun to do, something that would involve killing preferably. It got on his nerves that he didn't have any other form of fun. Then it came to him, "I'm sure that you're working for someone, maybe a person that would be more willing to allow me freedom to do whatever I wished to, within reason of course."



    Mikael was busy with making a new auto-mail arm for Mio, because she was due to get a new one in the next month or so. He didn't hear the bell on the door ring when someone came in, he just kept working. It had been a rough few weeks, with so few customers coming in, though it did give him time to make some fun new designs. So far, he had come up with about twenty new styles of auto-mail with various types of weapons in them.

    When the person who came in asked him about the nearest bar, he had to think for a bit, there were so few bars in Central. It was hard to think of at least one bar, just a bunch of clubs came to mind. When he changed the question to be about a club in Central popular with the ladies, the only one that came to mind was The Red Queen.
    "There is one club, and it's about two blocks east of my shop, it's called The Red Queen." With that, Mikael gave the man a warm smile as he walked out of the store saying his thanks.
  17. Abram Spencer

    Abram was in the sewers where he spent a lot of time when he wanted to relax without worrying about anyone finding him. He use to hate the sewers but now that he was no longer human or at least not normal being part wolf and all he found that the sewers was a good place to hide. however the smell was so nasty that it would make him sick if he was down there to long. To a normal person the smell would not be so bad but because of his keen wolf senses he had to learn to cope with it. For the past four hours he had been down in the sewers and so he decided that he would go to the park for a few hours and get some fresh air. He figured that no one would pay him any attention while he was in the park just as long as he acted normal. So just as soon as he got there he sensed trouble in the air. He thought about just paying no attention to it but then again he felt that if someone got hurt and he could have done something to stop it but did not, he would regret it. So as quietly as he could he ran to see what was going on.


    Von Krasinski

    Von was at the State Alchemist headquartes waiting to be given some orders. He was bored and wanted something to do. He felt that if he was not given anything to do soon he would go out of his mind. So he decided that if he was not given any orders soon he would just head out and find something. Or maybe yes that's it. He could go and ask Raine out on a date. But then again she might just turn him down, why would she even go out with him when there was so many other guys to choose from. Then again he was not even sure if Raine was even at headquarters at the moment. So he then went back to thinking about other things like what he would do the next day, when he would get a day off. What he would eat for dinner. Wondered who he might fight next. And again when he would be given his next orders.
  18. Musical Score: The Pride - Five Finger Death Punch

    Thehouse stank of cordite and the roar of guns left ears ringing and dulled all sense of location, and it was only as the ringing from the last gunshot ended that the men and women of Squads Animus and Bravus, First Platoon, the Elite Soldiers of the the self titled "New Leyb Gvardiya", more commonly known as the 1st Guards Division of the Central Army, heard their commander issue his next order
    "Comrades, Well done, Rest and rearmament for Enlisted, Sergeants Ryker and Petryushka, i will require you to gather your fellows and their superiors to the Briefing room in ten minutes, we have work to do" his voice was solid and clear, and his soldiers saluted and made haste to accomplish their task.

    10 minutes later

    "Whats the word Comrade Colonel?" Sergeant Ryker asked wryly, and with a sad smile, Demeter opened the curtains behind him, revealing a map of the central area
    "My Comrades, the Guards at Central Prison have gone Quiet, Commands have had no word since their last scheduled call three days ago, and attempts to get word inside via runners have failed, Command have tasked the New Leyb Gvardiya to retake the prison, and hold it until damage to the facility is assessed, prisoners accounted for and the reason for this disturbance has been discovered. we are to undertake a semi covert assault, we have trucks awaiting us in the motor pool, from which the 1st Guards will mount up and leave ten trucks, or a platoon at a time, at half hourly intervals until the entire force is assembled, First Platoon will lead the way, Captain Guerra, you have command at base, and will accompany the Valkyr in the rearguard when all other platoons have left, i will be counting on you to be timely and efficient, i know you wont let me down" Demeter went on for another hour, dictating the planned strategy for taking the prison, beginning with First Platoon securing the Outer Courtyard, Squads Animus and Bravus, supported by Decimus and Erebus lead by Demeter, would infiltrate the facility, attempting to take the command room to aid the other platoons as they engage a floor by floor sweep of the prison.

    As he finished his breifing and answered questions, he turned to his officers, his comrades in arms, some of whom he had risked his life to save some years ago, men who had fully supported his order to avoid engaging Ishvalan Civilians, men who had at his order, formed a defensive perimiter around an Ishvalan hospital that took in both civilians and military wounded, and fought hard to keep the hospital free of the war that had raged around them, an action for which had seen once General Demeter reduced to the rank of Colonel.

    "Remember comrades, We must hold the Courtyard at all costs should we come under attack, as that is where we will be strongest, look after your Soldiers my comrades, and may we all meet again in the prison, Virtus Repulsae Nescia" Adding the Division Motto at the end of a breifing was a habit of Demeters, the latin phrase meaning 'courage knows no defeat', the motto was sown onto the sleeve of ever Soldier in First Platoon, and the unit badge, a Wreathed Skull, bore the motto, every soldier in the Division knew the words and what they meant, and that they would follow those words unto death.

    Demeter followed his officers out of the Breifing room, heading for the motor pool.
  19. Johnathan~

    Johny contiued to watch the kids, keeping his eye on Nathanial as was his job. All while he did this, he couldn't help but think of what Major Armstrong told him, "Don't get this young lad lost." like he would. Johnathan noticed Nate look up and twards him, looking past him twards the club. He turned his head to see the man fall to his side through the door as Moa held the door open and passed through, her whip readied to attack. He frowns at this situasion and unholsters his gun, from what he was seeing, Mio was just performing a public act of assult on an indavidual. He ran up to her, .45 drawn and aimed it at her, yelling at her, "Allright, that's enough Mio! You can't just use you're Alchemy whenever you wish, it frightens the civilians." as well as him self. He didn't like the fact that people could use Alchamy, he feared it more or less. The construcsion, deconstrucsion, and reconstrucsion could lead you to do anything you wanted, even creat a human life which he feared the most. He was about to say something else entill he saw a white flash whiz past his right eye and strike Mio. It bersts into a million peaces and dreanched her in water, causing her whipe to disinagrate. He turned back twards the park, where the white ball came from and saw Nathanial, his hand exstended as if he threw somehting, and his palm dreanched with a fadded Transmutasion circle on it. He had a smerk on his face and yelled out, "Heads up!" and ran off.


    He was too busy playing tag with the kids to bare in mind that something was happening in the clud just down the block. He could hear something happening inside the bar, the breacking of glass, the tossle between two people, then the yell of someone being tossed into the door, being thrown out to the cirb. He looked up only to see a strange person laying on the road with a stranger person walking out of the doors, it would appear that the person walking out was a female, her left arm shining as she entered the suny outside. He frowned to see what was comming out of her right hand, a red whip like weapon. he saw Johnathan run up to her and aimed his gun at her, this made him frown even more. What was happening? Was she a bad guy he had read in novels depicting bandits? He had to think fast because from looking at her whip, she knew how to use it. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a pen, drawing on the palm of his right hand, then the pointer and middle finger of his left hand apon his wrist. A miniature Cyclone formed on his palm as it drew moisture from above his fingertips into a small orb of snow. The ball of snow would grow in size very rapidly and when it got to a surtin size, to his liking, he threw it twards the person with the whip. It hurdled past Johny's head and strock her in the face, causing disorder to come to her as the whip turned into a liquid and fell to the road. She was drenched and would of looked twards where the snow ball had came from, seeing Nathanial with the dreanched hand on a worm summer's day. He had a childish smerk on his face as he said, "Head's up!" And ran away from the two, around the park and disapeared into Central.

  20. Rendon

    Rendon groaned as he got up, he never expected a girl would throw him out of a club, not literally at least. He started to choke when she wrapped the whip around his neck, then he noticed a guy holding a gun to her, then he thought about what the guy called her, Mio. This was really bad, he knew that Mio was not only a loyal dog to the military, but also one that would be willing to kill someone in public just for looking at her weird.

    When Mio got hit with the snowball and was soaked, her whip turned back into a liquid, which he noticed was blood. He had gotten some on him, which was really creepy and disgusting,
    "This is why little girls shouldn't play with alchemy," he started to turn and walk off, then remembered he left his coat in the club. Rendon went back in and grabbed his coat, then left without looking back at Mio or the guy who had the gun.