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  1. Hello everyone. Well I've done a few Full Metal Alchemist Rps in the past, I think I started up only one of them myself, hence this is my second one that I'm starting, and the rest I just participated in. But yeah I thought it would be fun to do another one. Participants can rp as their own characters, as canon characters from the anime, or both if they like.

    Name: Shane Mustang
    Age: 18
    Alchemy Element: Water / Wind (He can use the element of wind rather decently as well in a fight but he uses element of water in the majority of his battles.)
    With his mother Riza Hawkeye and his father Roy Mustang both in the military, Shane basically grew up with his great aunt from shortly after his birth. After he got old enough, to where she waited until he was 5, Shane's great aunt started to train and teach him how to do the kind of work she did and he'd help her out a lot with it and to this day he assists her.
    Shane made acquaintances and soon friends with his father's friend Meas Hughes. This was due to Meas accidentally overhearing King Bradley talking about Shane, to which Shane was 7 at the time when he met Hughes. He couldn't really see who Bradley was talking to, but he heard Bradley pretty much spill to the individual that Riza had gone in to the hospital and that it was Roy who had taken Riza there, and Hughes heard him say that Riza had Shane after being put under anesthesia, but that due to Bradley's orders to the doctor over the phone that they had to contact him and report what was going on with her, he heard of Shane's birth from them but then he told them not to tell Riza or Roy either. Hughes couldn't believe what he was hearing when Bradley confessed to that, but for the time being he decided to keep his mouth shut until he found out more about what was going on. Instead Meas himself took a trip out to where Shane was, introduced himself to Roy and Riza's kid telling their child who he was, and then after getting permission from Shane's great aunt, Roy's aunt Madame Christmas, Meas took Shane to meet his wife Gracia. Meas then made it a point to have a meet up with Shane on a weekly basis, to which during those times, Meas would either go to meet Shane at his location, or Madame Christmas would bring Shane to him. Shane would even go with Hughes to his office at work on several occasions. And wherever they met up at, Meas taught Shane how to do investigative work like him.
    Shane had also worked and progressed with his alchemy skills. He was friends with Edward Elric from the time they were both 6 and had the same teacher as Ed and Alphonse did. With Ed and Al's father, Van Hoenhiem, in the military as well, like Shane's own father, Roy Mustang was, Shane felt like he was on common ground with Ed and his brother, even if Shane felt admiration towards his own dad, while Ed felt a lot of anger towards his.
    And Shane also had another teacher sort of, though this one didn't officially teach him. Due to Bradley knowing of who Shane's parents were, though Bradley never shared the fact of Shane's existence with neither of them, Bradley did however want to knows Shane's skill level in battle. So after about Shane's 10th birthday, Bradley sent Envy on a periodic time to time schedule, about 2 times a month, to visit with Shane and spar with him to record Shane's skills regarding his alchemy and use of combat skills. So Shane got to know Envy pretty well too while he was growing up.


    Shane had just finished up with the afternoon rush at his great aunt's Restaurant and Bar about a half hour prior to the current time and was now putting things away. He was going to go and meet up with Gracia and Elicia Hughes at Meas' grave in about another hour. He was thinking at the same time that in was the week that they were recruiting for the military and the state alchemists. Due to him being 18 now, Shane was now able to join. He sent in his application to Fuhrer Grumman earlier the last week requesting to be recruited. He was eager and a bit nervous equally about meeting his mom and dad for the first time also. Roy and Riza knowing nothing about him, Shane knew it would take a while to explain his life while he grew up to them, and how he came to being raised up by his Great Aunt Madame Christmas instead of them, and also why they weren't told about his birth in the first place.
  2. Name:Nichole kudo
    Alchemy element:plant manipulation
    (Would you like a background of her? After I do that I'll do my first post ^^")
  3. (Yeah if you could post a background for your character that would be great. And okay^^)
  4. (Kk ^^ I like your plot and character by the way ^^)
    Background:Nichole was born into a broken home. Her father had left her mother for another woman and she was left to raise three children by herself. Nichole was the youngest of the three, her older siblings were Kouji and Luna. Kouji had gotten two jobs to help his mother out with bills and keeping food on the table. While the two worked Luna was helping raise her baby sister. Everything was going well until tragedy struck! When Nichole was making something for her big sister and family to try, a crepe cake, she wasn't paying attention to where she left a greasy dish towel. A fire broke out and was quickly spreading, Nichole froze up in fear only being 8 at the time she had forgotten the safety rules. Luna quickly tried to put out the fire but to no avail, she held her little sister close to her looking for a way out when the roof caved in. Luna busted out a window and tossed Nichole out to get to safety before some beams fell onto her legs. Luna as trapped, when Nichole tried to get back to her she couldn't move. Nichole tried her best to get her sister out but Luna wouldn't have it trying to get we sister out before a beam hit Nichole in the head. Everything went black for the 8 year old and she woke up in a hospital. Her dear older sister had perished in the fire due to smoke inhalation. Nichole had an eyepatch over her left eye due to some damage and a scar. She is always seen with a cherry blossom in her hair and a lunar moon pendant around her neck as a tribute to her big sister.

    (Sorry it took so long)
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  5. (Well just did her background be warned it is sad)
  6. After Shane put everything up, he left his great aunt's restaurant for a little while and went to the flower store to get some flowers for Hughes grave. He then went to the cemetery where Meas was buried. He realized he had gotten there a bit early and that Gracia and Elisia hadn't arrive yet. So he laid the flower he bought on Hughes' grave and while he waited for Hughes' wife and daughter to show, Shane started to tell Meas' spirit about recruitment day coming up and that he had sent in his application to Grumman who was the furor now since Bradley had been taken down.
  7. Nichole sighed softly as she walked to the cemetery holding a boquet of cherry blossoms. She adjusted her eye patch and glasses heading for her sister's grave. Nichole had caramel tan skin, hazel eyes, short black hair and was 5'2. She blinked seeing a guy at Hughes' grave and tilted her head. Nichole placed the boquet on her sister's grave and placed her hands on the flowers gently and they glowed the stems going into the grass.
  8. Shane noticed Nichole doing this from the corner of his eye. He smiled a little at it as he watched her planting the flowers at the gravestone she was at. He thought of two of his other friends, Russell and Fletcher Tringham as he watched Nichole do her alchemy, as they had a nature based form of Alchemy as well.
  9. Nichole crouched and closed her eyes folding her hands as if in prayer as she spoke to her sister."I miss you big sister, I visit everyday and tell you how everyone is doing...but it just isn't the same without you. Sigh I'll come back tomorrow ok? Komo is doing good, she still misses you though. Mom and big brother miss you too and are working hard." She said softly. Nichole bowed her head and stood walking away after leaving a small picture of their family of four, plus a kitten named komo.

    She blinked seeing Shane and had a faint blush on her cheeks, she nodded to him and continued to walk away from her sister's grave. Nichole rubbed her chin and came back walking over to Shane and said"um would you like me to help with the flowers?" Her voice soft.
  10. Shane "Huh?" He turns to sees Nichole standing over him and says "Oh yeah. Sure." He then nods to her as he gives her room to sit down next to him and he then says to her "I saw what you were doing at the gravestone over there. You have a nature based fprm of alchemy right? The way you were planting the flowers you bought was pretty impressive and it was nice watching you do it. Nature based forms of alchemy are always peaceful to see being performed. And from what it looked like where I was sitting here, you're very skilled at your alchemy. Two of my friends have a nature based form of alchemy also."
  11. Nichole nodded and blushed some."thank you for the compliment." She said before clapping her hands together and placed them on the grave. Her hands glowed and Hughes' favorite flowers sprouted up around the grave. Nichole took her hands off and dusted her hands off smiling softly and stood."um your name is Shane right?" She asked tilting her head.
  12. Shane "You're very welcome. And yes that's correct. My name is Shane Mustang. It's nice to meet you." He gives her a smile and says "And thank you for helping me plant the flowers here at Hughes' gravestone for him. He was a very good friend of my father's and he was also good friends with my mom too. Hughes also took it on himself to be one of my mentors and teachers as I was growing up."
  13. Nichole nodded and said"nice to meet you Shane, in Nichole kudo. Your parents are very brave. Also you're very welcome " Smiling softly and dusted off her hands."wanna go for coffee?"she asked stretching a bit.
  14. Shane "Yeah. My mother and father both are indeed very brave. My great aunt has told me a lot about them and all their battles. So has Meas Hughes. And my friends Ed and Alphonse Elric are in the military, my parents being Ed and Al's commanding and superior officers. Ed is a state alchemist following under my father's order, and though Al isn't a state alchemist too himself, he assists my parents a lot and follows under their command just as Ed does. And I'd like to sure. But right now I'm waiting on Hughes' wife Gracia and his young daughter Elisia. They were suppose to be here to meet up with me two hours ago actually but they haven't shown up yet. And I'm starting to wonder if something happened to them or not."
  15. "You wanna go check?" Nichole asked tilting her head. She dusted off her skirt and looked up at him concerned. Nichole waited for his answer and looked around with her right eye.
  16. Name: Cecilia Leusman
    Age: between the ages of 17-21. No one really knows. She could be short or tall for her age, so she just sticks with 21.
    Alchemy Element: she uses the same alchemy the freezing Alchemist, Isaac McDougal, used. She has the symbol tatooed on her hands
    Background: Cecilia grew up on the Amestrian side of the border between Amestris and Ishval, and lived with the Ishval civil war just a short ride or even a casual run away. She was adopted at a young age by her family, who was related to Shou Tucker. He and her adopted mom were siblings, though Shou was in his late teens when her mother was born. They moved closer to them as the Ishval Conflict ended. All of her life, water alchemy came to her almost by nature (especially since she was found with it tattooed on her hand. Dr family got it checked and had her study to use it), and when Nina was born, she visited to do tricks every month until the time she was turned into a chimera killed. She (and her family) was devastated. since then, every week she would go to Nina's grave with a bowl of clean water, and each week leave a different ice statute. Sometimes she would bring along small trinkets to put in the statue, like having it hold a flower or finding a coin. It wasn't traditional and some passersby people would look at her odd, but it was creative and would make Nina laugh. After a while, she realized that being sad would not be something Nina would want, so she lightened up and thought about the good things and times Nina had with her.
    Cecilia soon after mostly moved on and out of her house, working as an alchemist-for-hire for most anyone. She is more strong and reliable than most for-hire alchemists and knows lots of people. Her personality can make drastic changes though, ranging from the joy of a fangirl to Izumi' s rage. But she tries to be nice and smile outwardly. She is good at heart.

    "My monthly hike seems longer today than its ever been." Cecilia yawned to herself, but was careful not to spill her water bowl. Normally she would be gleeful and looking forward to this, but she had an extraordinarily hard and long job the past few days and was tired. She entered the graveyard and squatted in front of nina and her dog's grave. She placed the bowl in front of the stone, and took some time and shaped it into a lion up on its hind paws. She stood and addressed the stone, bowing,
    "I'm sorry that I couldn't really do something better Nina. I'm really tired today." She scratched the back of her head nervously. She hoped Nina would understand. She surveyed the graveyard, which only had two other people in it, and the one was in the military section of the tombs and the other was not. Cecilia stared back down at Nina's stone and sat criss-crossed.
    "I think you may have something to tell me? Maybe?" Silence. "What should I do? Something feels missing and I don't know what." She waited for something. A sign maybe?
  17. Shane nods to Nichole "Yeah. I've been thinking of going and searching for them for about 30 minutes now..I just didn't want to miss them like unless they showed up like a minute or two after..But now they're taking a really long time"..He starts to stand and then from the corner of his left eye he sees Cecilia across the cemetary from them.
  18. Nichole said"let's go then." Walking out of the cemetery with him. She was worried about Hughes' family. Nichole blinked seeing another girl and shrugged a little before looking up at the sky.
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  19. Cecilia sat in front of the stone for a while, staring at it. She gave up after a while, lowering her head and sighing. She stood up, stretched, and started to walk to the exit. A light breeze faced her back, pushing her along. As she reached the exit gate, she yawned and stopped walking to lean on the gate and look back. The breeze turned into a gust, and the gate flew open with a squeal and a crash. Cecilia fell on her back, temporarily looking her breath. She gasped and sat up, brushing herself off. She should be more careful she thought, and stood to continue walking.
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