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    For the first time in his life 13 year old Edward Elric entered the military headquarters of central city. A few days ago Mustang was complaining about Edward never amounting to much and here he was, summoned for a personal mission from the Fuhrer president himself

    'Ah, full metal'' The one eyed general smiled friendly when he saw his youngest alchemist enter his office ''Please take a seat my boy'' Before Bradley's desk stood two chairs, one of them was being occupied by a figure Edward's age.

    For the first time in his life 13 year old Edward Elric entered the military headquarters of central city. A few days ago Mustang was complaining about Edward never amounting to much and here he was, summoned for a personal mission from the Fuhrer president himself

    'Ah, full metal'' The one eyed general smiled friendly when he saw his youngest alchemist enter his office ''Please take a seat my boy'' Before Bradley's desk stood two chairs, one of them was being occupied by a figure Edward's age.
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    Edward shifted uncomfortably. His experiences in the past with the fuher had always made him nervous. After all the man before him had incredible power it would be a little odd if he wasn't nervous. He let out a small breath after giving a tense solute.
    "Yes sir Fuher Bradley sir!"

    Ed stiffly sat in the chair before Fuher Bradley's desk and glanced over at the man beside him. He looked.. well young.. During all of Ed's experience in the military everyone had always been older then him. It came across a little odd to Ed. The kid was by no means small though.


    The boy in the chair was slightly older then Edward. He wore a black fur coat with white linings and had a pale, still very young and boyish looking face with raven black hair that reached to his shoulders. The boy's cold, purple eyes critically examined Edward.

    As you can see, full metal, we have a guest'' Bradley smiled at the boys before him ''This young man is Ivan Konstantinov, The youngest state alchemist from our northern friends of Drachma''

    A smirk had appeared on the boy when Bradley described his nation as their ''friends''. The two countries had came close to blowing each other up three times this week already. The countries had an infamously bad relation with each other and it seemed to be particularly bad lately.

    ''So this is the fullmetal alchemist? Pardon for saying so but you seem as....small as the stories say'' Ivan smiled ''You will do as my junior''
  3. "ACCCK! SMALL YOU BASTARD! WHERE DO YOU GET OFF THINKING YOU CAN COME IN HERE AND START CALLING ME SMALL! YOU'RE THE SMALL ONE!" Edward snapped, pointing directly at the Drachman. Ed then froze looking over to the Fuher. Had he just messed something up? Was he supposed to be nice to this jerk? It was the kid's own damn fault for calling him small. He had it coming.

    Despite this though Ed did have enough common sense to sit back down. He had no intention to be civil towards this Ivan character though. Not after how he'd introduced himself. What about this junior stuff anyways? Why was there even a Drachman in HQ? The two countries never got along before. Was he being used as a bargaining chip? Ed moaned. "Just what the hell is going on here Fuher Bradley?"

    He'd already blown first impressions so he might as well try and get to the bottom of whatever the hell this was.
  4. ''How amusing'' Ivan just smiled at the reaction he got from his new ''junior'', from the way Ed acted Ivan saw he really was dealing with the youngest state alchemist, he certainly had the maturity of a child.

    ''Oh I like to see this meeting as a little exchange program between two friendly neighbors'' Bradley smiled ''My good friend general Boreas has agreed to lend us young Ivan here in order to help us with a little problem...that they caused''

    ''Can we really be blamed for your defense's being so weak?'' Ivan shrugged ''Its really no fault of ours If a small rouge unit from our military is enough to get your country on the brink''
  5. Edward blinked, still completely lost. Why was he here? Were Ivan and him working together? Who was this rouge group and were they back on on of their truce periods with Drachma again? Ed never bothered to follow the political on-goings between Drachma and Amestris. He'd be offended by what Ivan said about Amestris being weak but he really didn't care. He wasn't in the whole gig for Amestris. He had his own agenda. Hopefully whatever was happening here wouldn't interfere.

    "Fuher sir, what was it you wanted from me exactly?" Edward asked genuinely curious. He was still ticked off at Ivan for calling him.. short. He'd avoid talking to him for as long as he could. Edward didn't suspect that would be long though. Maybe the Fuher just wanted him to show Ivan around HQ.
  6. ''Ivan my boy, would you be so kind as to enlighten my favorite alchemist?''

    ''If i must, I have no doubt you have heard of our shared history these past decades'' Ivan said to the full metal alchemist ''Five time we invaded, three times the nation of Amestris invaded our lands. A lot of blood...'' Unconsciously Ivan moved his clearly metallic leg around ''was spilled and great hostility has been fostered between those forced to fight in the war'' The young alchemist had witnessed the deep hatred his fellow soldiers had toward Amestris and having lost a leg to them he wasn't all that fond of his southern neighbors either ''Our government was led by the mighty general Alexei until recently when defeat by a certain man'' A glare was shot toward the Fuhrer ''Forced my mentor to step down and a new, softer cabinet took the seats of power...for now''

    ''It seems Alexei has not taken retirement in the high spirit I plan to do when my time comes, the man has all the time in the world to go on a well deserved vacation , I suppose he has taken one in a way'' Bradley smiled, taking a sip from his coffee.

    ''If you call gathering both Drachian and Amestrian allies to overthrow your government a vacation then you are correct'' Ivan nodded ''My mentor was...overzealous of his hatred towards you people, removing him from office did little in temper his desire to see you all destroyed and, apparently your defenses are so weak he is well on his way to succeeding if he keeps making progress on that cursed...stone'' Ivan had done his homework when it came to his new partner. He smirked and looked at Edward with a very satisfied expression. That stone would surely get his attention.
  7. Edward looked up, interest piqued by Ivan's last statement. Perhaps whatever this was, Edward thought, could turn out to be in his favor after all. Ex General Alexei could prove to have some valuable information on the philosopher's stone. That was assuming that the philosopher's stone was what Ivan referring to. Ed couldn't think of anything else that could exactly be called a cursed stone in that context though.

    He wouldn't ask about it further in front of the Fuher though. He was careful about what he spoke about in the presence of the Fuher. Edward had his own suspicions about the man. He wasn't certain about any of them yet but Ed preferred to play it safe. He did however take note of the other boy's expression with a slight unease. It seemed like this kid knew a little to much about him.

    Edward noticed the boy's automail and wondered if he had volunteered to have the mechanical appendage or if he didn't have a choice like himself. Either way his open display of the limb said one of two things. A) He always displayed his automail or B) He was showing his automail as an act of solidarity. If the second was true that would mean Ivan knew about his own automail.

    "So I take it the goal here is for us to insure no further attacks from General Alexi's rebel groups and re-secure Amestrian borders right?" Ed asked looking between the two men in the room.
  8. ''Exactly, that is exactly what I am sending the both of you out to do fullmetal'' Bradley nodded '''North Amestris is at the highest risk as it borders Drachma, It has come to my attention suspicious things have been happening near the border villages''

    Ivan stood up ''Our train leaves in half an hour, I will be waiting'' The young Drachian alchemist left the room, his automail clearly audible as he walked.

    Near a little pond outside the HQ sat a gigantic man feeding the ducks and the birds. This ''man'' was covered from head to toe in equally gigantic armor. He had remained outside as his brother, the soldier went into the HQ for orders. He never felt right within those halls, Unlike Edward he was a gentle soul with no love for fighting and the thought of another state alchemist finding out about his...situation scared him.

    ''Brother!'' A surprisingly young voice came out of the armor as he ran to Edward ''What does mister Bradley have for us this time?''
  9. Edward smiled at his younger brother. He always got so excited. He was still definitely a kid inside. After all he'd been through Al's innocent nature amazed him. Ed hoped Al would never lose that part of himself.

    "We gotta catch a train in half an hour headed for the northern Amestrian border. This Ex General guy got pissy and started putting together rebel groups to attack Amestris after he was demoted. I'm working with this other Drachman soldier named Ivan. We gotta get going now though. You can meet him at the station."

    Edward quickly started walking in the direction of Central train station, glancing behind him only for a moment to check that Al was coming along.

    "They really didn't give me any spare time to get ready. I honestly would have liked to pack some stuff but I guess I can buy anything I need on the way. I mean that ungodly allowance they give me has to be spent on something right?" Ed gave a short laugh.
  10. ''A partnership with a man from Drachma you say? That sure sounds interesting brother'' Alphonse said as he followed his brother to the streets ''Do you think this means our nations are getting along better now?'' Naive, young Alphonse asked. Ivan being given orders to spy on Amestris defenses during this mission was much more likely.

    Ivan patiently waited in front of the train when he noticed something interesting. A group of Amestrian soldiers boarded the train but....were they really Amestrians? Ivan could swear he recognized their faces.
  11. Edward glanced back at Alphonse for a moment and shook his head. "I don't really know and I don't really care. I'm just glad we might have another lead on the stone here. If this turns out to be what I think it is we may be in for more then the Fuher expects for this mission. I want you to watch your back Al, don't let your gaurd down around this Drachman kid either."

    It only took a few more minutes for Ed and Al to arrive at the train station much to Ed's relief. He didn't want to be late. He wanted as much time as he could have to get to know his new ugh.. ally? He certainly wasn't going to be accepting of this junior nonsense the older boy kept talking about. He wasn't going to be a subordinate here. He was reluctant to even have a partner in his mission to begin with.

    When they arrived Ed waved to Ivan from across the platform before quickly approaching. He gave Al some money to buy a ticket before looking his comrade over. "Well I'm here. That's Alphonse, he's coming with us."
  12. ''I am Alphonse Elric, nice to meet you'' Alphonse introduced himself politely.

    ''Ivan Konstinanov, a pleasure'' The surprisingly high voice coming out of the huge armor intrigued Ivan and the report naming Alphonse the younger brother made no mention of this size. Ivan didn't know what but some experiment must have gone wrong to give this boy his freakish size. He suspected his superiors would be all over him if Alphonse turned out to be some Amestrian mutant experiment. He would take the time to get to the bottom of this.

    ''The train is ready to depart north, I suggest we board'' Ivan told the brothers before entering the train and heading to one of its small cabins. For some reason he insisted that the cabin door remained open.

    Soon all kinds of maps and books appeared on the table so the team could plan their move. On any other topic Ivan barely responded to the brothers, for most of the journey he was absorbed in his maps and books, with the exception of an occasional glance to Alphonse as if the boy was his science project. The Elric brothers just didn't interest him as far as them being persons was concerned. The brothers were his partners and source of information about the Philosopher stone, Ivan wasn't here to befriend them and he was sure that feeling was mutual.

    ''Excuse me, Mister Elric, mister Konstinanov' A soldier appeared in their cabin and saluted ''I bring word from headquarters! Sir Bradley was regrettably unable to convey all necessary information, I need one of you to company me to the military cabin''

    Ivan observed the soldier. He wasn't one of the suspicious troops he saw boarding the train but it still didn't sit well with him which he conveyed to Edward with a meaningful look.
  13. The message was clearly recieved and Ed glanced at his brother quickly exchanging a similar suspicion towards the Amestrian soldier before turning to address the man. His attire seemed correct. Boots, jacket, pants the whole bit. Ivan was suspicious though so perhaps something truly was amiss. He didn't intend to let Ivan go alone if he was going to go to the military cabin. Hell he didn't want to go to the military cabin at all.

    "What's wrong with this cabin?" Ed put his feet up on the bench he was sitting on and glanced the young officer over with a smug look. He had the rank of a major so this kind of attitude would be ok even if this was indeed a true Amestrian officer. He wanted to see how this kid did under pressure. If he had nothing to hide and he were properly trained he would say it was a matter of security. If not he might say something else or fumble with the answer.

    Perhaps Ivan was a paranoid kind of guy too. Which could easily be the case. Especially as was on a train with mostly Amestrians. If this didn't work he'd ask for rank and his superior.
  14. ''Well unlike the military cabin this one lacks a phone'' The soldier explained calmly ''The fuhrer president wishes to personally give you the information necessary for this mission without having to fear for spies''

    ''That...does sound logical doesn't it brother?'' Unlike the older boys Alphonse didn't have any suspicion at all.

    ''....'' Ivan thought about it. It could be possible since Drachma did have a lot of spies at the Amestrian headquarters.
  15. Edward mulled it over. He'd need to ask for identification. It was a safety measure. By no means was it unreasonable either. There was good reason for suspicion.

    "Rank, superior officer, branch and if available proof of military identification." Edward rattled off quickly to the young man. He looked quickly for any changes in breathing or any dilation of the pupils. Amestrian rouges were playing part in these attacks so even if he could prove he was Amerstrian Edward will still be on guard around him. He would bring Alphonse along with him. There was no doubt. He didn't trust Ivan even though the Fuher had placed the two together. As far as he was aware this could all be an elaborate trap designed to give Drachma another important military captive.

    Edward looked over at his brother and stood before whispering. "Maybe, but I want to be careful with this. This would be a prime opportunity to get a jump on this mission and shut it down prematurely. If somehow information got out to this ex general guy I wouldn't be surprised if this would be his first assault."

    Ed sat back down after he told this to Alphonse. He looked back over at the young soldier with a scowl. He tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for his response.
  16. ''I have been fortunate enough to serve under Brigadier General Basque Grand! 7th division of the 12th army, rank, private but...between you and me I am training to become an alchemist such as yourself'' The soldier's provisional gaze softened and a smile appeared on his face as he told that ''I was hoping you could take a look at my research once you have your orders, If you would be so kind.''

    ''He seems quite passionate about becoming an alchemist'' Ivan mumbled, more to himself. The state alchemist exam of Amastris was incredibly hard, unlike that of Drachma were everyone with the basic knowledge could become one provided they went to the front. Alchemist drop outs of Amestris frequently defected to try their luck in a nation with much lower standards.

    ''That sounds wonderful mister, I wish you the best of luck'' Alphonse said gently ''I'm certain my brother would take a look at the progress you have made so far''
  17. Edward thought this over for a moment. It all seemed legitimate. The kid didn't mess up his story at all. Ed stretched and sighed quietly. "Alright, well do you mind if I bring my brother along with me?" Edward asked tilting his head towards his younger brother Alphonse.

    "I know its not exactly protocol to have non-military personal in the military cabin but I'm seriously just going to tell him everything I hear in there anyway so.." Ed grinned a little at the young alchemist in training. His request actually did a lot to humanize the soldier in Ed's mind.

    "Do me this favor and I'd be happy to look over your research." Edward smiled holding out a hand to the private. He hoped this little barter would do the trick. It was more convenient both if it was or was not a trap. At this point though Ed was pretty certain it was a legitimate call from the Fuhrer.
  18. Alphonse was absolutely convinced as well ''Please mister, I could take a look at your work as well''

    The soldier thought about it, looking at the brothers, then at Ivan ''Very well, how can I refuse an order from my superior'' He smiled ''Please follow me Elric brothers''

    The military cabin was one big room with a number of tables with a phone on one of them. The cabin had little side rooms that housed the soldiers sleeping quarters. On one of the tables a group of soldiers was playing cards.

    The young man escorting the brothers gave a meaningful look to four soldiers who soon left the cabin ''The fuher is already on like four'' The soldier smiled friendly ''Sir Alphonse, shall we have a look at my work while your brother talks?''

    ''Absolutely, I would be honored to share what little I know'' Alphonse nodded and vanished into one of the side rooms with the man. It was close enough to the main cabin that they should hear it if anything went wrong in the cabin.

    When Edward took the phone it became clear the line was dead.....It was a trap. The soldiers had leaped into action quickly, grabbing the boy when he was occupied with the phone and covering his mouth to prevent the boy calling for Alphonse.


    Ivan had been left in the cabin all on his own since the man had only asked for the brothers. Everything he said sounded perfectly reasonable and he had even allowed Al to come with Edward but he still felt uncomfortable the longer he remained in this train. When he looked up from his book he saw a number of soldiers coming closer and realized that unlike the Elric brothers...he was alone, making him just as vulnerable if this was a trap.
  19. Ed clapped his hands together quickly transforming his auto mail into a weapon before his hands were restrained. At which point he suddenly felt himself starting to panic. He had to get Alphonse's attention. Struggling against the guards Ed managed to knock a glass off of one of the tables. He only hoped that would be enough to draw out his younger brother.

    He had let his guard down. He should have never let himself be separated from Al even if he was just in the other room. He had an idea of what was happening before it even happened. Ed wondered if they had gotten Ivan yet. What did the radicals want? Were they going to be taken as hostages? If Ed was unable to get out of this it would do a lot to ruin what little reputation he'd managed to salvage from everyone's predisposed beliefs about his age and maturity.

    Edward grimaced before biting the man's hand. He was slightly disgusted but hoped he'd bit down hard enough to get the man to recoil so he could call for help. Ed also attempted to stomp on the man's foot but with the military issue boots Ed doubted that would do much of anything. He was outnumbered and so long as they kept his hands apart like they were, he was substantially overpowered.
  20. ''Argh! T-the little brat!'' The soldier screamed in pain as blood dripped from his hand ''Ngh! Quickly! Bind the boy!''

    The man was forced to let go of Edward's mouth but almost immediately after a cloth was pulled over Ed's mouth, silencing him all the same. The soldiers quickly proceeded to bind his hands and feet so the boy would be restrained more permanently.

    ''Now be a good little hostage and work along'' A gun was aimed at Edward ''I think we can let your brother enter now''
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