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  1. Hey everyone. How are you all doing today?

    Well I had this idea for a rp based on the animes Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Achemist Brotherhood. I joined in an FMA rp a little while back and it had frequent posting in it for a while but then the participating rpers in the roleplay stopped posting in it.
    So yeah, I've been wanting to do another one for some time and so here is the OOC for my FMA RP.

    OC FMA characters (your original fma based characters) are allowed. I've got a couple of my own OCs I'll be RPing as in the RP.

    Character Sheet for the ones who want to do OC characters.

    Alchemy Type:

    Or if any of the roleplayers want to be any of the canon charcters (characters from the FMA/FMAB anime shows) then you can and I'll post a list up of the characters in the OOC here for you to choose the character you want to Roleplay. Just post a request of the character from the FMA/FMAB animes you want to be and I'll add you to the list.

    Protagonist Characters:

    Maes Hughes:
    Gracia Hughes:
    Roy Mustang:
    Kain Fuery:
    Vato Falmen:
    Heymans Breda:
    Jean Havoc:
    Riza Hawkeye:
    Alex Armstong:
    Olivier Armstrong:
    Major Miles:
    Shou Tucker:
    Edward Elric:
    Alphonse Elric:
    Van Hohenheim:
    Izumi Curtis:
    Sig Curtis:
    Winry Rockbell:
    Lieutenant Yoki:
    Tim Marcoh:
    Solf J Kimblee:
    Mei Chang:
    Ling Yao:
    Lan Fan:
    Selim Bradley:
    Russell Tringham:
    Fletcher Tringham:
    Madam Christmas:

    Antagonist Characters:

    Pride/King Bradley:
    Lust: ChaosMage

    Or if any of you want to play both OC characters and a canon character that's fine too. Just let me know.

    But yeah let's rp and have fun.^^

    Here's the IC thread link.
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  2. OC Character
    Description: Slightly taller than Edward Elric. Short black Hair. Black Eyes. Blue or black short sleeve jacket, green or red shirt, blue or black pants. Non slip black shoes.
    Name: Shane Mustang
    Age: 18 years old
    Alchemy Type: Water
    Background: Shane Mustang is the son of Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye. He was born shortly after Roy and Riza entered into the military.
    Due to misleading circumstances, Riza had no idea she was even pregnant with Shane when she was, much less that Roy was Shane's father. It was the misleading circumstances that also led Riza to think something else was wrong with her when she was hospitalized after going into labor, in which she informed her boss and took a leave of absence from the battlefield, and Roy took her to the emergency room that was near the base. Due to complications while in labor, Riza had to be put under, and so she wasn't awake while she was delivering Shane, the doctors doing a C section to get Shane out of her as fast as they could. After that day/night, Riza had to be absent from work on sick leave for a month to recover.
    Somehow Pride/King Bradley got wind of the truth about Riza's pregnancy and Roy being the father of Riza's child. Sense they were in a relationship way long before they joined the military, and Roy and Riza had conceived Shane while Roy was still in flame alchemy training under Riza's father, Bradley had no way to say that Riza being pregnant with Roy's child was against the rules. Still King Bradley didn't want Roy and Riza to be informed of Shane due to him needing them on his forces, so Bradley sent word to the doctors at the hospital Roy had transported Riza too, and told them not to tell Riza and Roy that Riza had given birth and to instead tell them something else was wrong with her. Bradley did call Madam Christmas after that though and informed her of her great nephew being born, to which Madam Christmas was able to get custody of Shane and raise him up. Bradley however, to keep an eye on Shane and keep record as Shane progressed further in his alchemy training, sent Envy out to Shane's living location to look in on him secretly every so often (once a month to twice a month tops), and after Shane turned 10, Bradley gave an additional order to Envy, not only to look in on him, but to now spar with Shane once a month as well.
    Roy's best friend and Riza's friend as well, Maes Hughes, had gotten informed of Shane by accident, due to walking past Bradley's office on his way out to catch a train to go to Eastern command to meet up and talk with Roy reguarding some information about an enemy attack that had just recently happened, and overhearing Bradley talking to someone about Shane, not knowing who it was Bradley was having the conversation with. Maes nearly lost his breath in shock over what he had just heard, knowing Riza and Roy had never even hinted while near him about even thinking of kids much less being together. He decides to keep what he had just found out to himself though for the time being, and instead of going straight to meet Roy over at Eastern command, goes over to where Shane was living first, Shane only being 4 years old at the time he and Hughes meet one another. Once he hears that Shane wants to start doing something to help out his mother and father with their work, Maes has a talk with Shane's great aunt, Madam Christmas, and gets permission from her to take Shane with him on the weekends, and Maes Hughes starts to instruct Shane on how to do research and records over investigations, Shane, only being 4 years of age, being too young to enter onto the battlefield.
    Shane, having learned all he could from Maes Hughes's tutoring him, on how to do research and to type up records on investigations while growing up, and after turning 11 starting to help out in doing investigations himself as well, applying everything he had learned from Hughes while doing them, had met up and made friends with Edward and Alphonse Elric, when he and Edward were 6 and Alphonse was 5. He had assisted Edward with his studies on through the next 5 years while Edward and Alphonse were under the teachings of alchemy through Izumi Curtis, and after Edward joined the military at 12 years of age, Shane continued to assist him with many areas of investigative and research work on whatever Edward needed from him at the time, all while putting forth his best efforts to help his father Roy Mustang, and his mother Riza Hawkeye as much and as best he could.
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  3. OC Character
    Description: Edward Elric's height. Short blonde hair, Russell Tringham's hairstyle but Harold's hair is slightly shorter. Brown eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, with just about any other solid color tank top over it, and jean or khaki shorts most of the time. Sneakers or Tennis shoes.
    Name: Harold Armstrong
    Age: 17 years old
    Alchemy type: Agricultural
    Background: Harold had lost the parents who gave birth to him during the ending battles of the war between the Amestrian soldiers, the state alchemists, and the Ishvalans, in which while Harold and his parents were on a family trip, he and his mother and father were caught in a crossfire, Harold's mother and father being killed, and Harold being severly injured. After, being rescued from the debris upon the battlefield after the war had ended, and recovering in one of the hospitals, Harold sense then had lived, learning and applying survival skills to make it through his childhood, puberty, and early adolescent years. Harold started his alchemy training at age 7, and developed a talent in doing agricultural alchemy, in which he started doing agricultural type jobs at the age of 10, applying his alchemy to things such as farming and other nature based type work to earn a somewhat minor living, or at least some spending money, in which most of it he put away and saved, getting his lodging and meals from the individuals he worked for.
    Harold, through connections through working jobs with his alchemy, had met and became friends with Russell and Fletcher Tringham. Harold started hanging out with Russell and Fletcher and helping them after that with Agriculture based work.
    Harold, through a couple of other connections, had made friends with Alphonse Elric throughout the years as he was growing up, first through pin pal like contact such as writing letters, then face to face meetings and hanging out with Alphonse in person after Harold and Alphonse had turned 12. He sense, helped Alphonse out from time to time with different activities here and there, and vice versa.
    Harold, through Alphonse, had also learned about the military and about Alex Louis Armstrong, to which Harold had, after liking and starting to idolize what he had heard about Alex from Alphonse, (the parts in Alphonse's explanations and descriptions about Alex being a strong, loyal, and serious guy), done research and looking into the entire Armstrong family records, and after reading about Alex's older sister Olivier Mira Armstrong, Harold started to idolize her as well.
    Harold due to this, hopes to someday meet Alex and Olivier Armstrong, and with their approval to get adopted into the Armstrong family.
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  4. (previous FMA character, let me know if this is acceptable or if something needs to be changed)

    Character name: Tori Elric

    Bloodline: Ed and Winry Elric

    Gender: female

    Age: 16

    Alchemist Status: 2nd year State Alchemist

    History: Grew up like any kid except had a father with a lot of history to live up to. She studied and worked hard to try and become a state alchemist at age 12 like her father, achieved it at age 14. When she achieved state alchemist her father gave her a replica of his jacket which she use to ‘borrow’ all the time.

    Now she is 16 and half way through her second year as a state alchemist. She is called the Celestial Alchemist because during her exam and her teachers noted her alchemy gives off a strange almost heavenly blue-white light that always seems to be in some sort of shape as feathery angel wings.

    Of course she has never seen this and thought it was a poor excuse of a name, as many people are cause to think of her as a gentle alchemist with ‘pretty’ alchemy and they always underestimate her and misjudge her character, she is definitely her father’s daughter.

    She also has her mother’s knowledge of automail as she had been trained and groomed to take over her mother’s shop, it had been a rather harsh blow to her mother when she realized her daughter didn’t want to take over the shop. Her mother still tried to convince her to give up alchemy as a career and do something automail.

    Weapons/Tools: Transmutantion circle necklace in silver with angel wings on either side a gift from her mother, she can do alchemy like her father without it but he pushed her to use her necklace and keep her skill private.

    (necklace....*plays da da daaaa music* will play a part later!
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  5. Accepted.
    Great character too. I love Winry and Ed's couple.
  6. ^_^ cool. just let me know when we are starting
  7. okay I will ^_^
  8. Hey everyone. Well I was hoping to get more character entries before I started the IC RP thread for my FMA RP, but I decided to go ahead and start it today.
    Everything about how to sign up your characters, or request to be one of the canon characters, or to do both kinds of characters, is here up in the first post.

    And I'm about to edit the first post and add the link to the IC roleplay to it as well now.
    So yeah. I hope a lot of RPers come and join in.^^
    And I hope all of you are having a fantastic weekend so far.^^
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  9. (I know it's a lot to read but had to really think about this character. If there's something I missed or if there are any questions feel free to ask n_n)


    Name: Azelia Zintheran

    Age: 16

    Alchemy Type: Azelia has learned healing alchemy but only to a certain extent. She can heal large wounds but they take her awhile but she can do small wounds no problem. On her own she can use wind alchemy but mainly during hand to hand combat. Lastly due to experimentation she knows breech Alchemy but it’s more of a curse than a gift. She can only go small distances, like through a wall. Anything farther away only creates physical problems depending on the distance. If she wanted to go halfway across the city she will be nauseous, light headed and can cause blackouts. If she went any further it can result in long term unconsciousness. So she really doesn’t use it unless it’s an emergency.

    Background: Azelia was born in New Optain but was always traveling with her mother. She never knew her father but has heard stories of him being a good man and that life together wasn’t meant to be. As a child Azelia wanted to be the apple of her mother’s eye but it seemed that research was important. While her mother worked she learned alchemy and learned wind and healing by the age of 13. Azelia wanted to know if she could heal her eyes against light since having very light eye color resulted in Photophobia. She mainly covered her eyes with a sheer cloth and many believed she was blind.

    With the philosopher stone being well known and talked about Azelia’s mother decided it was best to research it and see its potential. Years went by and so far the research wasn’t great since philosopher stones needed human souls to be produced. Azelia’s mother didn’t want to do that, but if it meant seeing the power it can produce than it was necessary. Yet there was another problem, she couldn’t go around murdering people. A solution came to her and that solution was Lust herself. Father had made an offer, use this stone and continue your research. Payment will be the successful experimented patients. Her mother needed someone weak, someone feeble, someone that they would be obedient. Azelia fit the bill since she would do just about anything for her mother's attention.

    After a few trial and errors she was able to give Azelia the ability to breech, but there were some complications. Because of those complications Azelia was worthless to her mother. Until she gained a new stone will she ever consider Azelia useful. It broke her heart to pieces and for the first time she tried to escape. Using her forbidden ability Azelia escaped home and continued to run from her mother’s clutches. While being in Central she ran into Major Hughes, and wanted to take her back to where she came from. But Azelia begged not to take her back to her mother. Hughes noticed scars and believed abuse was an issue. After running her mother’s name he asked to go and check on the scientist and make sure things were alright. By time he actually got there the house was abandoned, and only bits of research were left. Once he studied the pages he figured it had to do with something of the little girl. Maes allowed Azelia to stay at their home while he and Mustang figured out what to do. As much as she wanted to stay she couldn’t, not knowing what they would do with her. Father sent Lust to bring her back seeing as her ability was useful and just needed some to control her. Azelia ran off after the attack was made on the house. Now she tries to hide from those who are looking for her while trying to gain answers about her horrid mother.
  10. I like your character Sairen^^
    I already did the first post in the IC roleplay thread for this RP so you can reply to it whenever you're ready^^
    The link to the IC thread is in the first post on this thread.
  11. I am pulling out because of my schedule, I just wont be able to handle another RP.

    You guys are welcome to use my CS

  12. if you're still accepting...i wouldn't mind throwing a character into the ring. Please let me know and I'll make a CS.
  13. Yes of course.^^ I'm still accepting.^^
  14. Description:Tall, athletic build, smooth long black hair, sandy hazel eyes, usually wears a long black trenchcoat with a unknown coat of arms on it.
    Name: Celore Zelani
    Alchemy Type: obliteration & weaponcraft
    Personality: ruthless, determined once he sets his mind to it,
    Background: Celore wasn't always the way he turned out to be these days. When he was younger, he was weak and frail from constant malnutrition. His family were poor and could hardly support themselves. Still, Lust found him wandering the streets one day and sensed he had major potential. She brought him to King Bradley in the early night a few nights later and he saw the same thing. The next day, King Bradley took him and his family in and his training as a state alchemist began. He quickly rose through the ranks and became one of the most notorious of the alchemists the government had at their disposal. Whispers among the other alchemists about his cruel tactics and heartless demeanor started after his first assignment and haven't stopped since. Having been a state alchemist for 19 years, Celore was fed up with the government. No matter what they did, they always seemed to be run by someone incompetent, lazy or corrupt. Still, they had access to some of the best research material the world had to offer. King Bradley never ran out of people he wanted Celore to hunt down and that was probably the only reason he hadn't gone rogue yet. was only a matter of time.


    His coat of arms symbol


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  15. I was also wondering of I could control Lust as well since she has history with Celore. I'll wait for your approval before posting. :)
  16. You want to be Lust? Okay sure.^^ I'll add you to the list.
  17. I'll have Lust and my OC. I'll pop over to the IC thread and post then...if that's alright. :)
  18. Sure.^^
    And I like your OC Chaos. He looks cool.^^
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  19. ok, I decided to stick around but I am changing my char's age
  20. Where is everyone located in the RP right now?