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    It's been over two full centuries since Ed and Al had their adventure. In that time, a cultural reformation sealed away much of the historical record of the events that really transpired. Under Mustangs leadership many documents were falsified or destroyed to insure order and in an attempt to prevent history from repeating itself in Amestria. Technology has advanced to our level of modern technology-- the progress slowed by the micromanaging government.

    Sadly, humans are greedy-- and eventually along the way someone managed to summon yet another 'dwarf in a flask', though this time on a different area of the map. History has repeated itself in Creta, the country to the south west, where just like the people of the city of Xerses went 'missing'. The city vanished about one hundred years after the events of brotherhood. This city, like Xerses in the East, has all but been forgotten.

    Our story will take place over the great sea in one of the unnamed nations; we're accepting any ideas! As I said, it has been about 200 years between Ed's time and our roleplay. Modern time technology with perhaps a flash of an old fashioned feel. So, rather than only steam trains, wire phones and morse code, our characters will have access to our mid 1970's technology.

    The next major world heroes!
    1.GM Angellass: Asher Void The Nobel Shadow Alchemist, Sloth/ Neulin
    2.Aka~Kitsune: Samantha Hordel, Lust/ Victor Knight
    3.Gladis: Tristan Jaeger
    4. Nocturne997: Envy/ Zed Vienna
    5. Bolour Kardia: Deliora Akisu - Metallica., Greed/Reiko Yama
    6. Undying Curiosity: William Cambell
    7. Jhuton:Pride/ Gremory Lione
    8. Akashi:Wrath/ Noah
    9.Co-GM Nevvy: Gluttony/ Candy Walker

    We will be playing on an entirely different nation. Your ideas and input will help form the Where on this post. A second war of extermination has started-- think world war two, concentration camps and everything. Alchemy is not widely known and practiced here, though it does occur in rare instances. Alchihistory is unknown-- pretty much not even looked into in anyway, unless you are playing a character form Xing-- which you are more than welcome to do!


    Who are the target people of this war?
    What is our country named?
    What geographical infrastructure does our nation have?
    Anything else you have in mind.

    • You may play an alchemist, though none of our characters, to start at least, will have viewed the truth. All Alchemists must use a circle at the start of our role play in order to preform alchemy.
    • DO NOT GOD MODE. If you get tossed into a gas chamber, or plunked into ice cold water, you better hold your breath, or your character will need CPR.
    • You can die in this roleplay-- and if you do so you may make a new character to introduce.
    • If you are going to try and kill a character, discuss it here first-- no killing other players characters without their permission!
    • If you know Alchemy or Alchistory, you must choose an area of study. Do you work with stone matter? How about fire, water, or air? What area of research is your character interested in and how is their alchemy effected by it?
    • Be fun. If you want your character to be super awesome with photographic memory and amazing mathematics skills, cool. But you better have a good flaw in mind as well to make them realistic.
    • Make a Character Bio.
    Here is a basic format, though you can use your own:

    Perks: (Alchemy, automail, photographic memory ect)
    Flaws: (Athmatic, automail, trick knee, ect)
    Area of focus (Alchemist or Alchistorian):
    BG story:
    Personal items:
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  2. Name: Asher Void; Nobel Shadow Alchemist

    Age: 25

    Appearance: 6 foot tall, long black hair, blue eyes. He often wears a hat.

    Perks: Alchemy, Automail spine, Linguist.

    Flaws: Automail spine, sever fish allergy, limited neck mobility.

    Personality: Asher is a casual man, with a soft spot for any damsel in distress. To those who don't know him he might seem careless, but to those who do, he is a very cautious man who chooses his words carefully before speaking.

    Area of Alchemic focus: He researches the physicality of light and absence of it. Pretty much black Astral-physics, which he uses in his alchemy. Black holes, lasers, ect.

    BG story: Asher had his spine broken in three places as a teenager in a train wreck that ought to have killed him. Instead, he survived, having his spine removed and replaced with Automail. It is visible and rests half out of his skin, thus leaving it vulnerable and liable to be damaged-- which could at any point it's broken, leave his limbs useless. He wears a hat to cover the top of his head, where the false spine attaches to his skull, looking like three metal prongs along his hair. His title comes from these prongs, that make his shadow look as though he were wearing a crown.
    Personal items: Black book/ diary, a necklace with a single freshwater pearl.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Samantha Hordel


    ♧Waist length blonde hair
    ♧ yellow eyes
    ♧ Curveous figure

    ♧Excellent memory
    ♧Physicslly Fit.
    ♧Medical knowledge/skills (Alchemy and without)

    ♧Headaches - related to her nmemory.
    ♧ Fear of fire.
    ♧ Low tolerance for pain.
    ♧Weak to Children

    Kind | selfless | Lack of attention | Naive | Rarely serious | Hard to anger | Smiley | Tends to walk head first into thinks ..literally | Easily fooled.

    Specific Alchemy:
    ♧ Samantha focuses more on healing based alchemy than offensive ones. This is partly to do with her passive nature but also because it was something her parents were working on and such is engraved in her mind. Samantha is highly interested in using the human body and so is studying through the memories she has to try create a way to develop more alchemy arrays to help heal along with ways to use materials in the body for defensive and possible offensive purposes. Sam can get a little over board with her studies into bio alchemy. At the moment she is still drawing up arrays in her book to heal or create more ways to heal. Currently she is contemplating what she could do with gases but it is most likely she will be distracted...

    Back story:
    Samantha was the first and only child born to Tia and Mark Hordel, two alchemists who continued to study Alchemy vigorously. Samantha followed after her parents, finding interest in the subject but was not allowed to practice it until years later. Her parents research was developing well and so became desirable. With her ability to remember things she witnessed, heard or just had seen wthout fail her parents had her slowly begin to read through all the books they had, ones they owned or created. By the time she was fifteen her parents had been attacked by an alchemist and while her mother died her father vanished. After mourning the girl brightened up as she decided to look for her father along with practicing alchemy to continue after her parents. Despite all this she remained happy and peppy. Over the years she has travelled to many places to collect more information on both alchemy and her father. In the last few years she has spent a lot of time helping towns at random, though a lot of the time she got hurt in doing so. Mostly when she walked into walls and such. She has become a well known doctor both with using Alchemy and without.

    Personal items:
    ♧Charms on her braceletts/Necklaces - Healing alchemy arrays/each one for specific Injuries or issues.
    ♧ Alchemy book - Red leather Outside
    ♧ Red ruby rock - small/Important to her
    ♧ Sketch book
    ♧ Purse
    ♧Key chain charm - small fox.
    ♧ Medical Kit​
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  4. Awesome! Welcome. ^_^ I can't wait to see her history.
  5. Hehe thanks ^^ still working on details :3
  6. Done I think ^^
  7. I love it! Did you have any ideas to help form our plot?
  8. Hum not at the moment but im thinking..
  9. Shouldn't we describe the alchemy a bit so it doesn't get out of hand?
  10. That sounds fair, but what do you mean exactly? What sort of alchemy our characters focus in?
  11. Prettymuch. It prevents mass carbon copy and forces a degree of specialization as is with all alchemists. Most have only certain areas that they can apply to real combat. The stricter variants I've seen have the RPers actually explain the main alchemy roughly so that people aren't tossing around a bunch of stuff.

    Noob: My character makes tanks out of thin air!

    Person A: Cool. Explain how.

    Noob: Uh...

    Tanks out of thin air is a bit of an extreme example but you get the idea. I don't think that would really be necessary unless someone tries to do something too dumb like that but not listing specialization of alchemy at the least opens margins for those who think they can specialize in everything or be Roy Mustang, Armstrong, Ed, and Kimbley all standing on top of each other which someone would then have to clean up, a mess that a line of text in each sheet can head off.
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  12. Could I rp as a homunculous? I wouldn't use their powers just their characteristics like arrogance or jealousy. And I wouldn't god mode either.You can see from my pro pic and signature that i'm a megafan of pride. And every rp needs a villain anyway.
  13. Of course, please feel free to make a homunculus.

    Also, I see your point. I will add in a specialization to the bio area and into the rules as well. Thank you for bringing it up!
  14. Strike the Blood - 11 - Large 13.jpg
    Name: Deliora Akisu - Metallica
    Age: 21
    Build: Slender/Athletic
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 148 (10 lbs from her automail)
    Perks: Expert Alchemist, automail arm, fast learner/reader, slight medical training, history nerd.

    Flaws: Cant swim, very fearful of water/drowning, hates bugs, her automail arm, children & animals are her "weakness".

    Personality: Sweet, caring, friendly, quiet, thoughtful, brave, strong, witty, sarcastic (sometimes), stubborn.

    Area of focus (Alchemist or Alchistorian): Metal Alchemist, works mostly with stone/metal matter.

    BG story: Nobody knows who Deliora's parents are, she was left on a orphanage doorstep at the age of 1 with a letter containing her name, age, and race but thats it. Her right arm was missing, it looked to of been amputated. Since then she has been bouncing from foster home to foster home, always willing to learn new things she had her nose stuffed into books for most of her childhood. When she wasnt researching though she would play outside to keep her body fit and strong. She was small as a child so she was often a victim of bullying but she didnt let it get her down, in fact it just made her stronger.

    At the age of 10 she was adopted by a nice couple, they took care of her and treated her like their own daughter. They even got her an automail arm at age 12, after constant begging/nagging of course. They soon learned Del had a natural talent for alchemy though they were hesitant to let her learn/practice it. Knowing the dangers of the rare skill but they eventually gave in, not that they had much choice since she did it without them knowing for a whole year before. Del had more of a "affinity" for metal/stone alchemy, she engraved a alchemy circle on the palm of her automail hand so that she could transform it whenever she pretty much wanted. At age 16 her adopted parents will killed in a suspicious car accident, since then she has been living on her own doing odd jobs to pay the bills.

    Personal items: A dagger thats very important to her
    A silver necklace
    Black leather gloves she constantly wears
    A small med kit

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  15. May I join? Though I probably would't be able to get my form up until tomorrow
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  16. Of course. ^_^

    If you have posted before now, you can consider yourself to have a spot in this role play. I will be working on the first post and have it up by Monday. By then, please have your bio's here! Anyone else who would like to join, message me. I may be making a second similar RP depending on the amount of overflow.
  17. [​IMG]

    Tristan Jaeger


    Extremely Precise Shot
    Skilled in Combat
    Quick and Nimble

    Emotionally Damaged
    Half Deaf on his Left Ear
    Distrusting by Nature
    His left shoulder is somewhat weaker due a old gun wound

    Tristan doesn't believe in holding back to spare other people's feelings. He says what he thinks, does what he wants and generally makes sure to be straight to the point. He cares little for what other people think of him, and rarely holds back when it comes to voicing his opinions. At the same time he can have manners when it is required of him, and actually has a rather charming side. Not that most ever get to see that, considering the fact that Tristan doesn't easily trust people. Perhaps that is his greatest flaw. He generally tries to detach himself from everyone else, and sees people as walking structures of flesh, rather than actual people. It makes killing easy, but making friends an impossibility. If you want his respect, you need to earn it. Even if he knows how to follow orders, Tristan is somewhat of a lone wolf, walking alone.

    BG story:
    Originally, Tristan was known by the name 72. He can only barely remember his life before he was taken away from his family, and his birth name has long since been forgotten. Born in the nation of Sonata, Tristan spent most of his childhood as a child soldier. He witnessed terrors a child should never have to witness, experienced traumas that would scar him for the rest of his life, and almost completely lost hearing in his left ear (his right one is damaged as well, but far from as badly) in an incident. His gruesome childhood that gave him both physical and mental scars which would probably never mend was what shaped him into the person he is today.

    72's twelfth birthday eventually came around, and the same day his troupe suffered complete and utter defeat. Dead. Everyone he had called friends were gone, bleeding, splattered across the ground. Even those still breathing but with no chance of survival were dead to 72. Even if sights similiar to this had become part of the child's everyday, being the only last survivor was still quite a shock to Tristan. Trembling in fear he wandered through the field of slaughter, soaked in blood and clutching a gun. That's when he bumped into Mira Jaeger, a seasoned lieutenant from an 'enemy' backup troupe. For one reason or another, she took pity on the child, and decided to take him in.

    That is more or less how he ended up here. Mira gave him the name Tristan, and raised him as though he were her own. Since she was unable to have children of her own, it was the optimal solution for her and her. Shortly before Tristan's sixteenth birthday, however, she passed away, leaving him to his own devices. Tristan left his home and went on a journey, aspiring to become and even eventually becoming a hitman. That is where he stands today still.

    He is not an alchemist, and has no alchemical talent whatsoever (because I thought we needed a character like that). This bio is also really bad, because it's in the middle of the night and I rushed it. I'll probably fix it up later, and reveal details during the course of the RP. X3

    Personal items:
    Silver Cross Pendant
    Two Handguns
    A knife hidden away

  18. I am interested in joining. I would like to play a Homunculi, probably one similar to Envy from the show [Minus...giant disgusting dog monster form.] of course I wouldn't mind playing a regular Alchemist too, the Homunculus is just my preference.
  19. Can you reserve me a spot? I have a alchemist character I've been wanting to play, I just have to toy with his bio a little bit.
  20. I am just wondering, is a spot open? I was thinking of playing a villain. You can ask one of the heroes on your list how I play as a villain. (I'm quite good at it).
    Anyways, I would like it if I could play as a Homunculi? Wrath, more specifically, since Pride is taken?
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