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  1. Priscilla Cater - codename Eve, Rank: Major.

    Havoc read the profile he was holding on. An expressionless blonde woman's picture was attached to the profile.
    His face frowned as he let out a small groan.

    "Major, Cater. Mmm..."

    He lowered the file and looked front.
    The same expressionless face was looking at him.
    He sighed again as he cursed Colonel Roy Mustang, who gave him this kind of work. This must be another of that unofficial fight between the Fullmetal and the Colonel.

    "What is it, Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc?"

    Her grayish blue eyes shot straight to Havoc as he desperately longed for a cigarette.
    However, he felt thankful to his companions who advised him to not bring a cigar infront of the Major. He would have died just from the tacit eyes of the Major if he was holding a cigar now.

    "Order from the Colonel: assist Major... Edward Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist."

    Yes, I said it. Good job, Jean Havoc.

    "Major Elric? Alchemist?"

    At the shrill voice of Havoc shivered. He thought of a golden haired girl whose smile was full of warmth and kindness. He couldn't believe that those two are same beings.

    Jean Havoc was actually familiar with Major Cater.
    She was then, just a second lieutenant like himself. She had a great talent in alchemy, so even at a comparably young age to other state alchemists, she was scouted as one. At the farewell party, she even shed some tears at saying goodbye. As people of same age and rank, they were friends who were close enough to congratulate each other when the other gets a promotion. Although their friendship never developed something more (Havoc's preference was woman of bigger... breast. But he never told Cater.), they were able to send and receive mails some time.

    'Although even those mails became scarce.'

    The time that even those scarce mails disappeared was 2 years ago. He lost contact, and suddenly, she appeared infront of him, as a cold hearted major. But he heard that she lost her alchemy ability, and does not like alchemists - state or not - very much.

    "Really.. What happened to you, Priscilla?"

    Getting a cigarette from his pocket, he lighted it. He was already out of the Major's office. Although Cater showed some great discomfort at having to working with an alchemist, she did not say anything anymore. Without a word, he was dismissed.

    "And she doesn't seem to recognize me anymore.. Why do all women I met hate me??"

    Priscilla never came to him more than a friend, but she was still a woman. Havoc inhaled his cigar deeply.
    He did try to approach Cater, but all he got was a cold glare and a warning that don't speak to her unless it's related to work. She was even more icy to him than usual.

    "I really need some consultation."

    Feeling more depressed than ever (His old friend ignores him and she is somewhat changed completely. He is going to be the messenger between the icy Major Cater and the fiery Fullmetal Alchemist, and most importantly, he has no girlfriend! None!), Havoc proceeded to the militia caferteria where he could find some friends. His shoulders were drooping.
  2. The cafeteria was bustling with life, comrades, coworkers, friends, enlisted and state alchemists alike sitting together and enjoying food over conversation. Amongst the sea of blue clad soldiers sat an uniformed blond boy, munching away at his bread roll, softened with the bowl of stew. He sat alone, though content. How long had it been since he got his brother's body back, yet he still sat with the military as a state alchemist, it was a good source of income, and with Mustang climbing the ranks to Fuhrer faster than ever before the Amestris military was becoming a nicer place to be.

    When the Lieutenant walked in through the door it wasn't long before he was flagged down by Lieutenant Colonel Maverick, who sat idly by with a cup of coffee, her military issue jacket hung over the back of her chair and chin perched on her hand, "What's up Lieutenant? You're looking sadder than usual. Busty girl turn you down again?" she asked, absently sipping her coffee.
  3. "Aaaah! How could you stake my heart like that!"

    Overacting, Havoc held his chest, as if heart attack came to him. His cigar dangled on his mouth, looking precarious.
    Sighing down, he sat infront of Lieutenant Colonel Maverick, and sighed very deeply again.

    "Actually, that's not the problem. Well, yes, it is a big problem that I am always turned down by girls, females! But that's not the main problem today."

    Thinking of his friend's cold face, his brow crumpled with concerns.

    "It's... friendship problem."

    Inhaling the cigarette, Havoc continued.

    "I have, no rather, had a friend. And we haven't met for a long time. Around 5 years? Although we did keep contact for 3 years, I lost her contact about 2 years, and now!"

    His cigarette fell from his mouth, and he irritatingly picked another one.

    "She is a wholly different person, and I have to convey that damned Colonel's message to Fullmetal!"

    Starting with his friend's story, he ended with cursing the Colonel and Fullmetal. His story seems incorigible and confusing, but he didn't care. He just had to let it out and tell somebody.

    Feeling more relieved and unburdened, Havoc smiled his usual trademark. He felt as he is back to his laid-back self.
    He just didn't realize that Fullmetal was in the same cafeteria he just shouted out.
  4. In the vast sea of blue Edward lifted his head, vaguely hearing his name over the cacophony of conversations.

    Sipping her coffee with a raised eyebrow she nodded thoughtfully, "Sounds rough." she commented. Gently she set the cup of coffee down on the table, "However weird that is, it's not entirely strange. You don't exactly know what she's been through these last few years. A lot could have happened. Maybe she's trying to distance herself from her past for some reason. You never know."

    Leaning onto the table she looked at the lieutenant, "However I can't help you with message to Fullmetal. If you're expecting hand holding, you're not going to find it here, but I can accompany if you need the moral support. I'm not going to tell him for you, it's still your assignment after all."
  5. Getting a serious face, Havoc nodded. Yes. There may, no, ARE something happening to her.

    'If she doesn't say it, I'll have to look for it myself.'

    Before the two years, she was so sweet that she didn't look like a soldier at all. He actually wondered why she became a soldier in the first place. But now, she looked just like a robot, following the orders emotionlessly. Ah~ It was surely relieving to tell someone his problems. But at the mention of Fullmetal, Havoc's face darkened.

    "...but I can accompany if you need the moral support. I'm not going to tell him for you, it's still your assignment after all."

    Havoc was surprised and delighted at this sentence.

    "Really? I would be thankful if you do!"

    He wasn't expecting this. Many people were either afraid or jealous of Fullmetal. As an easy-going guy, Havoc and a few others were the only exceptions. So he was only expecting some consultations and consolation, but when Maverick offered to go with him, he was very surprised.

    "Of course, it's my job to deliver the message. But I would surely be thankful if you do so."

    Havoc said with a lighter face. So Maverick didn't hate Elric, huh?
    With determined attitude, he stood up. He was going to finish his task soon, and investigate what happened to Cater.

    "It's better to get the task done as soon as possible. Let's go find Fullmetal."


    Priscilla Cater was still in her office.

    "...and tell the lieutenant to report about how much we have to repair the city. Since it is an ancient one, many precious artifacts or remnants may be there."

    "Yes, mam!"

    Hearing the door closing, Cater put down her pen, and glanced at the coffee on her desk.
    The brown fluid swirled as she lifted it.

    {-Priscilla! Priscilla!}
    {I don't want to die!}
    {Let me go, let me go!}

    Tangled and broken peices of memories filled in her head. She closed her eyes and put the cup down.
    The office was silent and rays of sunlight shone through the window peacefully.
    The coffee did not lessen at all. Cater covered her head.
  6. Kendra rose from her seat, picking up her jacket from the back of the chair, and swinging it over her shoulder, "luckily I think he's somewhere nearby." she mumbled looking through the crowd. The kid wasn't hard to find, he stuck out like a vibrant thumb among the great sea of officers. Turned to the lieutenant she pointed at him, "There's your man, lieutenant. Come on." she said leading the way.

    It was a straight shot to Fullmetal, and Kendra stood beside the blond lieutenant, rooting him on in spirit. "Lieutenant Colonel Maverick, Lieutenant Havoc, what's going on?" he asked, a little bewildered by their presence, though he was sensing that whatever they were going to tell him it wasn't going to be pleasant.
  7. "A..ha..ha.. Good morning, Major Elric."

    Unprepared for the sudden confrontation, Havoc made a face that said 'I really don't want to do this.'

    "Well, I'm here to convey an order from the Colonel."

    But thinking it is better to get bad things done fast, he spat out the words."

    "You are to team up with Major Cater in carrying out the military missions."
    Please. Whoever exists in the sky. Let that kid have no tantrum today.

    Havoc actually liked, and admired Major Elric quite much. But if it comes to his notorious fight with the Colonel... Havoc didn't want to be the shrimp between two whales fighting.
  8. "What." Edward said with a flat out scowl, "I don't think so!" he protested.

    "Elric, I'm afraid you'll just have to deal with it. The orders are direct from Mustang, and you know how he gets with people not listening to orders." Kendra replied, standing with her hands on her hips.

    Edward sunk into his chair, "Damn it." he groaned, "If I don't have a choice, then when do I have to start working with her?" he grumbled.
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