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  1. {August 25th, 1833.}

    Flynn, on the highest floor of Flynn Investigation Co, worked by lamp light on the finishing touches of his letter. It was that time again that a new set of investigators were to come and replace the old. This happened every time, and every time he felt even sadder about the whole ordeal. Though, it was necesarry for everything that he, and the heads at Tol, worked for.

    He dipped his pen in ink, and stared at what he'd written so far. On the side of his desk was another paper, the letter he delivered to the previous investigators. The letters were basically identical. Flynn wasn't one for words or one for public speaking as he hadn't been out of his room in a very, very long time. Despite having no one to watch him, he could feel the eyes of the press eagerly peering over his work and judging him. Flynn had to get something out tonight.

    Flynn rephrased a few things taking his patent white ink to the paper. He changed some adjectives and nouns, and eventually the paper had a new tone to it. Flynn was mostly content with it and pulled his drawer out retrieving his stamp. He folded the paper and slipped it into his priority envelope along with some air ship tickets, and closed the flap with the New Victorian seal. A large gear with NV in the very middle.

    It represented how everything in New Victoria worked as a whole, and everyone was a little gear; a part of a large machine. Flynn used to think he understood what that machine was, but he wasn't so sure anymore.

    As soon as it hit paper, he felt as though he'd signed a contract. These people who he would trust to protect the city would have a big task. He had observed them for so long, but even after all this time doubt still loomed in him. One investigator was especially young, only 19 of age. Was he silly for choosing someone so young? Flynn didn't have an answer.

    The night drew on. The sound of thunder clapped and bright flashes illuminated his room through the drapes. The shadows of knick knacks and bottle air ships danced for a moment in the light. Flynn stamped the final letter, gathered them all together, and slid them into a chute to the lower floor.

    Exhausted, he leaned back into his chair putting a weary hand to his face. The gears turned in clock over his dresser, and deep down he couldn't help but feel despair for his future, and for his investigators.

    {August 26th 1833}

    The envelopes worked their way through the mail system and found their way to three very lucky individuals.

    Cyrus, whom Flynn had picked him first to be on the new team. The man was a suggestion from the heads in Tol, although it was more of an order to have him on the team. A new type of soldier to be disguised as an 'interrogator', though Flynn knew of his potential. Flynn still wasn't sure how he'd explain it to everyone else, but briefing would hopefully go smoothly.

    The next person was Mizore Ruko. A deadly assassin. Not much of an investigator, but Flynn wouldn't argue with having someone on the team to look after everyone else. After what happened in '24, he couldn't risk losing another person to an investigation. It simply was too heartbreaking. Flynn trusted them to accept the offer despite the possibility of their disposition not being one for authority. A risk he was willing to take.

    Finally, Dr. Edward Berkeley, who Flynn was thrilled to have on the team. If they would accept, which they would most likely. Dr. Edward Berkeley was an elegant man, a gentleman, and a brillant. The person Flynn specifically wanted to have as the lead investigator. Flynn had only seen pictures and heard rumors about him, but he sounded enthusiastic, with discover and wonder burning in his eyes. An excellent edition to the team.

    The letters delivered themselves to the team wherever they were. Now, Flynn only had to wait for them to come to New Victoria through the Air Ships. Flynn ordered a carriage to be outside awaiting their arrival with directions straight to the Flynn Investigation & Co HQ.

    The faster they arrived the better. For as cliché as it was, time was running out.


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  2. Cyrus was ecstatic to learn he was going to work for Flynn Co. There is never much opportunity for spark users, so a position like this is beyond great. He hastily made his way to where the air ships were to pick all of the new investigators up. Eventually when he made it, he decided to cool down his excitement, for the reason that he did not want to seem like a rookie. Quickly he made it to the pick up spot, and saw that no one else was there. He sighed deeply, and felt stupid for thinking he would have been late. Cyrus sat down, and watched his clock tick down the time, hoping that someone else would arrive here soon. He was very eager to meet his new comrades. Although he did have a bad feeling, not cause he was scared around new people, but because he was a spark user. He did not want the others to think of him as a freak, or perhaps a power hungry monster. He took a few deep breaths, and was going to keep the information away from them for the time being.
  3. [Cyrus]

    The streets bustled with people clad in their mechanical wear. Little gears ticked and turned on their hats and clothing. All for show, of course. Just looking up and down the street it was obvious that New Victoria really flaunted their technology. The chatter was lively among the people passing by despite the mildly in-climate weather which threatened rain at any moment.

    As you waited, you were surprised to see mechanical horse carriage drawing pass. The horses were the least bit lively, but you couldn't help but feel infatuated by their working parts as they smoothly clattered down the cobblestone street. People in the carriage stared at you with a look of, 'who are you?'. Guess they aren't used to fellows like yourself. One of these carriage stopped in front of you. Inside was a man with a tall hat and a trench coat. He pulled some levers and turned some knobs. The horses came to a stop and steam shot out from the inner workings of them.

    The man stepped out and walked around the car. His walk very proper along with his look. You were greeted with a finely trimmed mustache and a smile.

    "Hello. Cyrus, I presume?" He said putting a hand over his stomach and bowed. "I'm Henry. Henry Rodgings. Your chaperone for the evening. It's a pleasure to meet you." He put his hand out to shake your hand. He wore white gloves that had almost no dirt or grime on them.
  4. When the carriage stopped, Cyrus felt a little nervous. He maybe thought his new comrades were late, and he was going to be the only new recruit. Eventually a dashing man came out, and bowed graciously at Cyrus. Cyrus put his hand on the back of his neck, and slightly blushed. He was slightly embarrassed by having a man bow to him in public. "Hello Henry. It is a pleasure to meet you as well." Cyrus said with very enthusiastic tone. Cyrus than saw Henry put out his hand for a handshake. The gloves were so clean, and white he would have felt bad for making them dirty with this hands. Although he did not want to be rude, and decline such an offer. Cyrus put out his hand, and shook Henry's. Cyrus than decided to inform Henry with some information. "The others have not arrived yet, will they still be arriving?" Cyrus had a very hopeful tone. He was not sure if he was ready to tackle these future jobs, at a gigantic organization by himself.
  5. [Cyrus]

    "Oh yes. There should be two more people arriving shortly. You're quite on time! I commend you for that." Henry chortled. "It's actually refreshing to see youth being responsible and on time. Too bad we don't give accolades for attendance." The aging man smiled. Thunder boombed and Henry looked to the bruisded, dark clouds above. "My, this weather is quite unfortuitous. I had hoped to give you all a grand tour but I suppose it would be best we head straight to the HQ. Once the others arrive, of course. What's your job? Do you know yet? Or has Flynn not filled you in on your position?"
  6. Cyrus was relived to hear the other two were still coming, as well Cyrus felt quit honored to be complimented by Henry. He always enjoyed praise, it always gave him a slight boost of happiness. Cyrus heard the clouds, and even though Henry was not happy, Cyrus loved rain. Cyrus loved the water when it would hit his skin, he felt as if nothing could stop him. Rain was always good when Cyrus had jobs, the water falling from the sky just gave him more possibilities with his spark abilities. Although Cyrus was disappointed to not get a tour, he wanted to see some of the sights. Although as soon as Henry asked about Cyrus's job, Cyrus shot straight up. Cyrus got somewhat nervous. "Interrogator." He said with a quick, answer. He had hoped Henry had no idea of his real job.
  7. [Cyrus]

    "Interrogator! Oh my, how ghastly!" Henry's eyes widened and he broke he posture a bit, but quickly realigned himself. "I can't remember the last time we had an interrogator. I mean by no offense of course, I just find that job... barbaric. I hope you understand." Henry smiled trying to catch his words. He looked like he was about to get interrogated. "I guess I don't blame Flynn for hiring one. We've... needed one in the past. And when we haven't had one, well, things didn't go so well." His eyes turned a bit sorrowful, but he brought himself back. "Enough of my ranting. You probably don't want to hear this old buffoon chatter. Let's wait for the others."
  8. After spending two weeks on a nightmarishly slow airship, Ruko resembled the most grateful under-fed person on the planet. As she set her feet on solid ground after what had felt like a lifetime of watching tiny forests pass below them, she was too preoccupied with thanking various gods to immediately notice the stark contrast in scenery. When she did finally recover from her mild airsickness, she was at a loss for words. Every building she could see was impressive, nothing like the predominantly wood and stone buildings she was used to. It was also incredibly noisy. She imagined that even at night, mechanical instruments would likely by grinding away at whatever task they were built for. She wandered slowly to the exterior of the skydock, unable to keep her eyes from wandering, tracing every pattern in the elaborate architecture.
    She had definitely made a good decision accepting the invitation. The media in her original location had started to pick up patterns to her work, or to be more precise, patterns she didn't want them to pick up, and she realised that it probably wouldn't have been much longer before Mizore Ruko, the quiet student with a peculiar interest in world politics was linked with The Midnight Fox, the mythical assassin who burns a firey mark over the heart of each victim. Not to mention that as the supply of high ranking people diminished, she found it more and more difficult to fund her projects. She viewed this new Flynn Corporation chapter of her life as effectively a fresh start. A new place, where nobody knew who she was, and the only thing that reached them from her town was the occasional trade mission and perhaps rumour of political unease.
    As she had been daydreaming, she failed to notice the people standing against the crowd. She assumed that everyone would be moving, so she was certainly surprised when she ended up walking straight into someone. She apologised to the suited man in what she thought was the native language, before noticing the monstrosity that stood behind him. It appeared to resemble a horse, but it was constructed almost entirely of metal, and steam was erupting from vents in it's side.
  9. [Ruko]

    Henry turned his head and spotted a peculiar looking girl. From Flynn's description, it looked like Ruko! One of the new investigators. "Excuse me, madame!" He yelled over to the girl. "Are you looking for the carriage?" He stepped over to great her. Keeping his fine posture as he walked over casually.
  10. Running. Running. That was the first priority on Arabella's mind. "They're after me...they're after me" those were the words played on repeat like a broken disc echoing through Arabella's thick headed skull. She glanced backwards hastily, tossing her glossy white and black hair over her shoulders in an effort to secure her position and reassure herself of the effectiveness of her escape from her previous dangers. Through her periphery, a young man, woman, and elderly gentlemen where talking of sorts in the distance, at first she paid no heed to their presence. All that mattered now was the situation, the moment, the plan. In her hasty action of watching her back, she didn't realize how important and how fateful this "crashing" encounter would be. In a colliding of bodies and intermingled limbs, she finds herself parallel to the ground atop of the young man. Lost in his sea of blue lagoon pools, embarrassment swells in a rosy fashion resting upon her alabaster cheeks.
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  11. [Arabelle & Cyrus & Ruko]

    A rushing girl brushed past Henry. Clearly in a panic. Henry brushed himself off and continued to Ruko, however, before he reached the girl he heard something crash and turned his head in time to see the girl on top of Cyrus! Both dazzed. "Oh no! Cyrus are you alright?" Henry yelled turning around and walking over to the two tangled bodies. He put a hand to his face and sighed. "Is everyone okay?" He asked looking around. People had their eyes on the scene, and Henry couldn't help but blush at the ordeal.
  12. Carriage... It had taken her a while to decipher the letter, as it was written in both a language and a lettering system she was only half familiar with. At the time she had read the word as ka-ri-ah-geh, so it took her a few seconds to realise what this carriage thing was. She turned to look at the man. She realised that he was about as stereotypical of this place as the guidebooks on the airship had said. "Yes, I'm looking for a carriage." is what she was going to say, until a rampaging beast suddenly decided to interrupt her by trampling the second, younger man.
  13. Cyrus relaxed seeing how Henry believed him, although it was not the best reception to receive. Henry than yelled at a peculiar woman, she was obviously not from Victoria as well. Probably one of his comrades Cyrus thought. Cyrus decided to let Henry talk to her, he will talk with this Ruko later. Cyrus than heard a particular sound. After a few seconds of standing he heard someone running, it got closer to him at a alarming rate. Cyrus than looked at where the sound was coming from, and saw a woman running, and she collided with him, causing her to lie on top of Cyrus. Cryus, in a daze, was slightly hurt. All he could hear was some mumbling that came from Henry, but Cyrus could not decipher what he was saying. After a few seconds, Cyrus noticed she was looking into his eyes. Cyrus felt somewhat uncomfortable. He eventually pushed the girl off with some force. Cyrus tried to get up, he was a little dizzy, but he was able to get on his feet. Cyrus than entered a defensive stance, just in case this girl would come at him again. "What do you think you're doing?" He asked in an angry tone. After taking a good look, Cyrus could tell she was a beautiful woman. Although Cyrus knew looks can be deceiving, and did not let his guard down.
  14. "Ummmm..uh" Arabella struggled with her words as she slowly rose to her feet. She was still dazed from the encounter. "I'm sorry sir...I-I- didn't see you...there...". She could feel the rising heat swell upon her youthful cheeks. Then suddenly, the feeling of her legs gave out, as her consciousness was eclipsed by a sudden darkness. Blank. All she could last remember was the echoing thud of her body plummeting against the concrete.
  15. [Cyrus & Arabella & Ruko]

    Henry kneeled down the the fallen girl, who he had watched peculiarly just moments ago. What happened to her? "Someone! Help me get her into the carriage! I think shes terribly I'll..." Henry felt her cheek and forehead. Hot to the touch. What had come over her in such a short time? What had she been running from? Henry turned his head back and saw Ruko still standing there. He didn't say anything but continued to focus his attention on the girl. "Oh this is a disaster..." He pulled out a white hankercheif from his pocket and dapped at her face. So peaceful... yet so troubled.
  16. Ruko had a concerned expression on her face. Though she did not know for certain, she had an itching feeling that this klutz was probably going to be working with her. She had no idea why someone whose only redeeming feature was their reputation would actively choose this kind of person to represent them. She also realised that conversation would probably be a little more awkward even than it already was with the language difference now that they would be projecting their voices to one another over what may as well be a corpse, for now. "I was told to meet several other people somewhere around here, by a carriage. I assume this must be you, given I can see no other horse-box."
  17. [Ruko]

    "H-horse-box?" Henry looked back, his eyes questioning. Did she just call their technological wonder a 'horse-box'? Oh, it was no matter to him. This girl was the bigger issue not the misinformation or lack of respect. "Well, if I'm in my right mind, you're Ruko, right? Flynn mailed a letter to you to come all this way. I'm the one who's picking you up." Henry turned away again and put his attention back on the girl. "We're waiting for one more person, but I'm afraid we're going to have to fit this young girl in there with us. I hope we have room..." He turned his head to the carriage and groaned. This was definitely not how he had planned things.
  18. The food had arrived, a nice simple salad with a side of toothpicks. Edward stared out of the window, London was since long gone, and he considered his decision. "Was this a rash decision in the hopes of chasing after some youthful fantasy?" Dr. Berkeley knew this was nothing more than a sort of diagnostic check being run by the sanity gears inside his head, he dismissed it as being needless thoughts that will only slow down the rest of the gears inside his mind.

    Someone sat next to Doctor Berkeley. A young man dressed in a suit. The man took off his hat, pulled a cigar from his coat pocket and pulled out his lighter. It was a hell of a thing. It was a dragon with a grip, a crank, a whole bunch of clockwork, with a mouth that would spew fire. Edward eyed the man's actions with a sort of curiosity, it had been a long while since he had seen a clockwork lighter. The smoker cranked the little level on the side, but alas, no fire spewed from the elaborate dragon head. The man tried again, but there was no luck this time either. The Doctor knew what was wrong.

    Speaking up, Edward said, "Allow me." As the man offered the lighter, Doctor Berkeley took it and inspected the crank.

    "I take it you know a bit about clockwork, mister?" The young man inquired about the Doctor's name.

    "Doctor Edward Berkeley." Edward smiled, "And I do." finding the problem, he took a toothpick and cleared out a piece of gunk clogging up one of the gears. "That should tick and tock. Will I have the pleasure of learning your name?"

    "Harrison Ment." Harrison took back his lighter, cranked the switch, and made fire. If we had been tens of centuries in the past, it would have been a miracle. "What are you a doctor of Doctor Berkeley?"



    Their conversation went on for quite awhile, almost till the end of the adventure. Harrison Ment split off from the interesting conversations about the up and coming ideas of Behaviorism to try his hand at wooing a mistress. Edward predicted that he would not be very successful as the body language of the woman clearly indicated that she was on her way to New Victoria for an overdue meeting of a lover.

    Arriving at the dock, Doctor Berkeley quickly departed and crossed into the streets of New Victoria. The city reminded him of a mixture of Bristol and London, with a lot less sea, and a lot more personality. That's to say, people running into each other, airships in and out at fearfully close passings, pompously dressed men wrestling teens, and overall a flair for the dramatic.

    Edward looked up at the rain clouds and donned his bowler hat from under his shoulder. It was then that Doctor Edward realized that the coach in front of him with the crazy kids and 'gentlemen' was scheduled for him.

    Doctor Berkeley advanced towards the carriage, muttering a comment to himself "Almost a step into the past." arriving at the car, he greeted those present.
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  19. [Dr. Berkeley]

    Henry heard a quiet greeting from behind him and he turned his head away from the fallen girl. Upon laying his eyes on the well dressed man, he immediately knew who it was and his eyes widened like bolts. "Dr. Berkeley! Oh heavens I have been so excited to meet you! I've read your journals on psychology, and I must say I'm a big fan of your work." Henry shifted his body, but didn't get off the ground. "I would greet you more formally, but I'm afraid we haven't the time right now. We must be off to Flynn. I'm Flynn, by-the-by, and I'll be escorting you." Henry gestured to the group. "This is Ruko and Cyrus. And this poor Madame, well, I'm not sure..." He trailed off as his eyes gazed back over to the sleeping girl.
  20. "I see." Edward nodded to Ruko and Cyrus, introducing himself as Doctor Berkeley. As Flynn pointed to the unconscious girl, Doctor Berkeley's eyes went over her. Edward's first thoughts were, 'Don't worry I'm a Doctor' which reminded him of a funny story of an old professor. The professor was full of jokes about psychology, philosophy, and teaching. Edward decided to move on from his thoughts. Turning towards Henry, the man who introduced himself as Flynn, "Say, are you the Flynn, or do you simply share the title?"
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