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    Hello there sweet community! I'm Lily. Nice to meet you. I'm bloody happy for having found my way to Iwaku. I adore the format and the design of the website, as well as the nice atmosphere around here. But most importantly; I LOVE ROLEPLAYING. There is way too much to tell about me, honestly. To make it short however: I'm a fairly normal gal from Germany, addicted to Fantasy based roleplays and crazy about romantic stories. I enjoy making new acquaintances and can get quite hyped up whenever I meet people who support the same OTP's as me. I'm a huge fan of the LOTR series, The Hobbit movies, The Vampire Diaries, Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter and much more. As for my roleplaying preferences, I'd recommend you to check out my profile page.

    Since I'm pretty bad at introductions like this, I'm gonna end my post at this point. Hopefully, I'll be able to make some legit RP pals on Iwaku sooner or later. Preferably sooner. See you around.
  2. Oh my Gods, is that....Tom Hiddleston?

    You, madam, are alright in my book! Haha.

    I mean, welcome to Iwaku! :D
  3. Hi Lily! Welcome to the community! <3 Vampire diaries is my new obsession. >>
  4. @Mythical Nica: [​IMG]
    Feel my fangirly-ness 8D Damn right! I just had to post this gif, asdfghjkl. Anywho, nice to meet you. And thanks a bunch!

    @LogicfromLogic: -sees your avatar and gif- Pardon me, I need to wipe away my nosebleed, thank you. -wipes- Ahem. Alright! Thanks a bunch to you too, and for the links! I made sure to check them all out (:

    @Diana: It is?! Are you watching the series? Or are you reading the books? To be honest, I for my part am not the biggest fan of the books. They were okay, and I read them all in respect for the author. Perhaps it was a mistake of mine for having started with the series (with which I fell madly in love with, ugh!), but yeah, I simply dislike how there is a complete different plotline, complete different/changed characters and in overall an ridiculously and exaggerated amount of rainbow faries who literally sprinkle you with their magical unicorn-fairy dust. Oh, and thanks for the welcome! ;D
  5. Hello there I am jrock and welcome! I see you like fantasy based but I am just wondering have you ever done an rp without basing it on another story? If you would like to do this please tell me as I would be happy to rp with you. Hopefully we can be pals. <^~^>
  6. @Lily I am watching the tv series! 8D So when I get around to reading the books, I guess I will be pleasantly surprised?
  7. @Diana: More or less? 8) Maybe it's just me. In any way, I'd love it if we could fangirl about it at some point, hoho.

    @Jrock841: Let me send you a quick pm (:

    @LogicfromLogic: -successfully joined-
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