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  1. Hey guys, currently my other thread failed and i'm currently dead with RP's. Meaning i lessen my RP ways and wanted to make it back alive again. Or something like that.

    Actually i'm used to playing female roles, but i could try to be a guy. But i'm not saying i'd have a perfect role as a guy, i might make him shy or maybe a little feminine. Although i'm gonna try my best to act as one.

    I'm looking for a romance type RP like the following :

    [/]Demon x Angel
    [/]Vampire x Werewolf
    [/]Nerd x Popular
    [/]Good boy/girl x Bad boy/girl
    [/]Enemy x Enemy
    [/]Emo x Social Butterfly
    [/]Romeo/ Juliet scenario (forbidden love)
    [/]Suicidal x Immortal (as in one suicidal and the other somehow cant die)
    [/]Boy/girl x Crossdresser
    [/]Laid-back x Serious
    [/]Royalty x Poor
    [/]Innocent x Murderer
    [/]Deathly Afraid x Incredibly Obsessed With (like one person is crazy about one innocent one)
    [/]Human x Ghost

    If you have any suggestion i would love to hear it, i don't really judge people that much by their RP ways, and hopefully no one would judge me as well. I'm a moderate-literature roleplayer. I usually do 1-3 paragraphs but I am also able to write longer but I can't do book-length ones. I'll try to match my reply length with yours, but it might take a bit longer to respond if it's super-literate
  2. Hmm.....SuicidalxImmortal or HumanxGhost seems like one to get into.