Flycoren: Streaks of a Bloody Faith

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  1. Flycoren
    Streaks of a Bloody Faith

    Main Characters:
    Rhyden Hunter (Mana) - Ecchial
    Grey Walker (Mana) - Demoil
    Crow Kross (Elgin) - Hevanarchon
    Dalia Skylar(Elgin) - Crussido

    Other or Minor Characters:
    Scarlet Rua and Sparlas Mara
    Dorian Rua - Captain of the Elite Guards of Echowinds
    [SIZE=2][URL=""]Vaughn[/URL] - ???[/SIZE]

    This story is only partially related to that of the novel series of Flycoren Archives, but it will and should introduce anyone to a glimpse to the first generation of beings. So please enjoy and read as you feel like. I will be posting a glossary to this page as well, to at least help others understand different words used in this world.


    [SIZE=2]Flycoren- The world[/SIZE]
    [COLOR=#40e0d0]Ecchial - Elf
    Demoil - Demon
    Hevanarchon - Half Human[SIZE=2] half Elf
    [SIZE=2]Crussi[SIZE=2]do - Bird [SIZE=2]humanoid
    Darkian- Demon King
    [SIZE=2]Casbael - Heirarchy of temples and women who run[SIZE=2], and flo[SIZE=2]urish Flycoren
    Ange[SIZE=2]l[SIZE=2]li - A angel looking like mortal but is not imm[SIZE=2]ortal
    Archon - Human
    Silver Order - Elite class of eight men[SIZE=2]/women wizards
    Nojae - A war that lasted a 1000[SIZE=2] years
    Vena- [SIZE=2]One of the land masses, it is fa[SIZE=2]mous for being nearly covered in for[SIZE=2]est and [SIZE=2]the[SIZE=2] mass homeland for most ecchia[SIZE=2]ls
    Echo[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]fall[/SIZE]s - The Mother temple of all temples, it resides within Echo[SIZE=2]winds
    Echo magic - The natural magic that is p[SIZE=2]roduced in Flycoren
    Windin' - [SIZE=2][SIZE=2]Continent[/SIZE] south of [SIZE=2]Echowin[SIZE=2]ds[/SIZE]- nam[SIZE=2]ely grasslands [SIZE=2]with a h[SIZE=2]uge canyon through the middle of the [SIZE=2]lands.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/COLOR]
  2. Everything seemed to have a place within the confines of the temple, each person knew what they had to do that day without a single stressing thought; it almost appeared the vegetation that surrounded the east side of the immense building knew when to bloom and when to wilt. Everything was ran under a strict regiment that it was a rather intimidating for those who knew not this life.

    Guards patrolled the outer ring of the temple with vigour making the rest of the men in polished suits seem rather trifle. In turn it possibly was; no one dared to enter the temple with a vengeful mind due to Casbael's regal and swift history of wiping out any threats a hundred yards close to the perimeter of the head temple.

    Perching his hands against the smooth surface stone that surrounded the potted shrubbery; the raptor gaze that hung tight to his face remained unsettled. Though the feeling was mutual with the others who had the privilege to be in close proximity to him.

    Tapered ears lifted and fell with the idle chit chat that came from behind his backside; a pair of young maids were working their way through parts and bits of the temple content to be lost in their droll conversation as he could do little but let out an impatient sigh.

    It hadn't been more than a day ago that the temple had been bustling with the commotion and the stench of freshly spilt blood rippled against the cold white marbled floor... due to his own undoing. But now, one couldn't even fully tell that there had been a disturbance, and he was hardly one to worry about.

    Shaking his wrist attempting to make the shackle around his wrist move back and forth with little reprieve, his nose wrinkled to the disdain of the very thing that was holding him back. Tethered like a dog without a leash, this was the worst type of punishment he could have ever asked for and yet... he had been the one who had placed the seals around his wrists and neck, allowing the ancient runes to suck away the familiar feeling of demonic life that rested in his veins. It was nothing like he had ever experience in his life, not even when he suppressed the demoil blood had it felt this alien.

    But... it was for a purpose right?

    Peering back over his shoulder, the pressure of not knowing what fate was about to be dished out left him uneasy.

    It was nowhere in his right to go into the council chambers of the white witch that controlled the temples and the women who ran each of them either. It would only lead to further catastrophe to seal the purgatory doom on his head, let alone Rhye's.

    "For slaggin sakes; it shouldn't take all damn morning to decide whether or not I keep my head." Rubbing his hand over the opposite wrist it was hard to temper the steely frustration that was resting uncomfortably in his gut.
  3. Clamouring could be heard down the halls. It was the sound of pots and pans, dishes and idle chit chat which echoed throughout the vast temple halls. He listened intently with full intention to investigate. His boredom had turned to hunger, and he was going to satisfy it, no matter the cost.

    He leaned against a large marble pillar. feeling the smooth stone, he brought his hand up close to his face. Finally he adjusted the triangle frames of his glasses to narrow his sights on his target. Within the large archways of the kitchen a large buffet table held multiple different kinds of foods. Many of which he had no idea what they truly were. But that did little to concern him.

    Silver platters laden atop a silken maroon table cloth, from one end to another. It was a smorgasbord that no one in their right mind could pass up. Poultry, Cheese, Smoked meats, bread of all shapes. The finest of wine and ale alike. Not that he drank that sort of thing often. Then something glistened out of the corner of his eye. The king of all cakes. Layered in a fine sugary mist, held together by a creamy layer of hazelnut icing. He could feel the warmth in his cheeks as he smiled. Parting his messy blue hair out of his eyes he was ready to close in on his prey.

    "Are you sure...?" A female conscience piped up. Halting abruptly he looked over to her. She had been so quiet he almost forgot his accomplice. Quite frankly, he hardly knew her, but she wouldn't stop following him. So he had accepted it. At least until she started to get in the way of food.

    "It's fine! They make food for us. We are honoured guests, thanks to Rhye. We may as well enjoy it." Long brown hair stood in an unsteady motion. Biting her bottom lip he could tell she was in thought.

    "Oh alright... I am hungry. But you bring something back to me, okay?" He rubbed his chin as he looked at her. Her long brown hair fell over her shoulders while she looked past him into the kitchen. She didn't seem too sure.

    "I can do that." He finally spoke with confidence. Wandering out into the middle of the hallway he scanned about. It seemed rather quiet in the Temple. But he knew full well it was because of the commotion his new companions had caused a few days earlier. He had no idea what he had gotten mixed up into. But as hard as he tried to remember, there was no reason for him to be anywhere else. As he started to walk again he was interrupted. "Crow, Wait!" He turned to look at the girl. "How many times have I told you, that's not my, oh nevermind... what?" He folded his arms.

    "Can you bring some bread for me, I want bread..." She asked meekly. Rolling his eyes some he nodded. His long ears bobbed. "Okay, Okay." He waved. Sauntering into the kitchen he nonchalantly walked over to the table. Appearing to not care so much he looked around at all the servants working. He began to whistle as he eyed a loaf of bread. Reaching over ever so carefully he began to finger the food.

    "Is there something I can do for you, master?" Crow screeched loudly, a piece of bread flew well into the air. Bouncing off of his head he stared stunned at one of the servants that took notice to him.

    "Uh... err.. aaahhh..." Crow stuttered.

    "Have a plate, and take what you wish." The servant bowed before him. Crow raised an eyebrow.

    "Oh, of course... th- thank you, I guess." Crow bowed hastily.

    Walking back over to the girl with a plate full of food he sat down beside the marble pillar. She followed suit. He sighed, and then she sighed. Reaching to take his first bite, she did the same. Stopping he eyed her. She did the same.

    "Are you... mimicking me?" Crow asked.

    "N-no, I'm not mimicking... sorry." She put the food down and blushed.

    "You don't need to stop eating." He spoke softly. "I just... wish I could remember who you are." He munched a little of the ham he had stacked on the plate.

    "Dalia, I am Dalia."

    "Yeah I know that part... I'm saying, where I know you from- or rather you say you met me before yesterday. I can't say I remember..." He sat silently.
    "I can't remember anything beyond a couple days ago..." clenching a fistful of his pants, he eagerly pressed his memories. Nothing but a grey haze came forth.

    "I'm sorry..." she apologized.

    "Don't be!" Crow laughed awkwardly. "Just promise not to leave me again. I don't want to forget anymore!"

    "Okay!" She spoke eagerly. They both smiled for some time at each other. They may have met previously. But he could tell, their friendship was only just beginning.
  4. Pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers, it didn't take too long before he grew restless and tired of the outside world only to take recluse back inside the temple. Though it didn't appear that was a better option either, especially when what he assume was a cleaning staff stopped, sucked in a panicking breath and threw her cloth up into the air running away at the mere sight of him.

    If he knew he had that much of an impact, perhaps he could go pushing his way into the council taking that mother of Casbael down more than a couple pegs. But he already knew there would be a flaw in that.


    Gritting his teeth to the mere thought of that cretin; he furiously raked his fingers through the cusp of his crown. It was bad enough that yesterday that other demoil had attempted to sway Rhye with a slide of hands and quick tongue.

    Giving his head a shake to dislodge the thoughts from his skull, the tapered ears that cut along his skull moved slightly to the sound of someone yelling, bringing about his attention to the fact that he managed to wander all the way down towards the main kitchen of the temple. Unlike Vena's, Echowinds had more than one, but this was the largest one. With how many floors had been built to this ancient once upon a time shire, it really wasn't that surprising.

    Eyes lifted towards the lower vaulted ceiling taking in a careful consideration to the construction of such a immense structure, wondering how many years it took to get it to the specifications that it was. But that was promptly interrupted by the shuffling of quickened feet coming out from the arched doorway of the kitchen hall, the blue hair bouncing along with his hunt. His brow lifted wondering what sort of chaos the fellow was creating now, and without any supervision either.

    Then again... where had he been the last few days. Ever since all this bubbling turmoil came to the surface, Destyn hadn't been in sight. At least not that he could remember, then again he was mostly half cocked out of his mind. If it wasn't for this damnable shackles he would easily still be balancing on the edge of reason and blood lust.

    Tossing a glancing look over both shoulders as if he was looking to see if another was about to go and confront the hevanarchon, Grey huffed realizing that he might be the one to do such a thing.

    Keeping his own steps light with having to actually extrude enough, he was cursing along the entire way wondering how on earth was he suppose to function with the simple abilities of just an ecchial. All his life there was the demoil bloodline running through his veins and even when Carmon took the dark pleasure of forcing him into the ecchial heritage; there was the constant reminder that eventually he would be allowed to return to his normal glory.

    Sliding a cautious attention to that of the open doors of the kitchen hoping not to startle another woman or a gaggle of them, Grey hummed allowing his gaze to move from the kitchen, along the polished marbled floors and up to the pillar that some of the long brown hair and blue feathers were sticking out. He didn't think that the crussido girl was still around, that managed to surprise him.
    Still... if she was here tagging along to Destyn and with his habits, it wouldn't take long before the hevanarchon corrupted the innocent girl.
    'Can't have that now.' he thought to himself, listening to the turn of his boots allowing the heavy fall of the plated boots to echo through the hall this time about to give enough of a fear tactic to the pair of them.

    Rubbing his hands together, Grey tilted his chin downwards while a palm opened to fall to the crown of Destyn's hair while he was intrigued in conversation with the crussido. Tussling the lad's hair, Grey side stepped with a backwards slide to cross his arms back over the broad chest, lowering a look to them both, to the plate they had and back to lock dead on the red eyes behind the frames.
    "Looks like you're adjusting well to living off Rhye's title." Grey stabbed a finger to the plate, "Don't you ever stop eating?"

    Attempting to hold herself up while listening to the insistent babble that came streaming from her lips, it was amusing to her to see even that of Sparlas nodding off to his wife's rant. Nudging the elder man with a elbow, the blue gems that sparkled with a mischievous glint blinked wildly at her. Lifting a hand to rub his temple, it gave her some relief to see him in the same boat as her. The rarity that Sparlas would ever go against Scarlet was something one may have never seen. At least not in front of everyone, rather she could believe they had their exchange of heated words behind closed doors.

    Her hands slapped down hard to the smooth surface of the table effectively causing them both to jump, snapping her heads up to look at the sizzling gaze of the angelli woman.
    "What did I just say!" She demanded dragging her nails against the grain of the table as she exchanged a worried look with Sparlas.

    "Uh... something about Casbael honour?" she dared cautiously only to receive a murderous look that she was certain could have sent the Darkian running back to his hovel of a castle... wherever that was. "I wasn't listening!" Rhye admitted as she held out her hands in front of herself trying to keep anything Scarlet threw at her at bay.

    "Well I should expect this sort of behavior from you Rhyden, you were always the wild card of this temple. Nay what do I know? I've only been commanding Casbael since Nojae! But don't take my word for it, cause you are the Vena Guardian and you know best!" she snapped stabbing a skinny finger at her time and time again.

    "Are we starting this over again?" Rhye groaned flopping her forehead to thump on the table, "Can I be excused for this time?"

    Clapping his hand to her shoulder, Sparlas was chuckling while Scarlet began to speak so quickly that it couldn't be deciphered;
    "My love I think we have only been speaking in circles about all this, it may do us all well to get on with the point." he chimed gently, the edge of anger never reflecting in his voice though she wasn't that excited to continue on with this one sided conversation. Actually this wasn't a conversation, that would require banter between two or more bodies. This... this was Scarlet speaking at her and telling her how many ways she screwed up. Sparlas was along for the ride due to his interference to spare a life that could be of more use alive then dead. Silly man, what did he know about life and death. He had only been one of the elite men of the Silver Order perfecting ways to use Echo magic to remedy common ailments and plagues that ran in mortal skin.

    Slapping a hand to the flat of her chest, Scarlet scoffed openly;
    "This is a mockery of all that Casbael is! I gave the ruling to have his head torn from his body, you cannot sit there Sparlas so smugly thinking that three men's lives are worth his single one. And Rhyden; out of all the people to go defending that disgrace, you blatantly disobeyed my orders. What is worst, you convinced Dorian not to speak a word of it when that," she flicked her fingers towards the door- "Creature returned. Rather you managed to sneak through the temple seeking my husband's help only to temporary tame the beast. How many more lives must be at risk before you realize what the pair of you have done is tipping the scales into the favour of those bastard demoils. The scourge on our lands, a stain upon Flycoren rich tapestry!"

    "And here we go again about the rich tapestry," Sparlas sighed turning to look at her. "I think I could use a coffee what about you?"

    Making a face to the mere suggestion, Rhye shook her head as she lifted a finger to him;
    "Actually freedom may be better."

    "Excuse me! I am not finished!" Scarlet bellowed as Sparlas pushed back his chair sliding it across the floor, dragging his hand to rest upon the back of her own. "Sparlas?"

    "What is done is done. A guardian is capable of making their own decisions whether they follow the code laid out by Casbael is something entirely different. We have been crammed into this stuffy room for the majority of the morning my dear;" he motioned for her to stand up - the only man smart and stupid enough to go against Scarlet; "Grey has been quranitied for the time being and it will be up to Rhye now to decided whether or not he has the right to continue on with this path he is paving out with her guidance. I have faith in her ability otherwise Nero would have never chosen her a year ago. Us sitting here while you point out the fact that neither of us deemed it a worthy cause to tear that boy's life asunder is not making any validation to it. We can speak later but for the time being, we still have more pressing issues at hand."

    Left speechless for the first time this morning, Rhye let out a deep sigh of relief;
    "Grey is the first person that we know of that hasn't been corrupted into a writhing creature of the abyss and still has a functional consciousness. Rather than fret and worry what could or could not come of the future by his own hands, we should continue on with learning as much as we can about this plague that is unlike anything we have seen. Now," Reaching over the bend of his prior chair to scoop up the carved staff from its resting place, Sparlas smile gingerly; "The alchmist should be arriving within this evening and we can start doing some research to see why Grey was not affected within the same way as all those other misfortunate people, and in turn his blood could have the answer to quarrel this taint working on our lands."

    Leave it to Sparlas to answer all that needed to be addressed without once raising his voice to make the point that much more eager. Rather the poise he contained, it was no wonder why he was the consort to that of Scarlet, fire and water.

    Tucking her hands impatiently under her breasts, Scarlet gave a dismissing wave.
    "We will speak more on the matter when we understand more of what is happening."

    Stifling herself from dancing on the spot from being relieved, Sparlas gave her a wink only to usher her frantically to the door before the woman of white changed her mind.

    When those doors closed behind, Rhye couldn't contain herself from hugging the elder man only to hear him chuckling to her and patting her head.
    "Sparlas thank you,"

    "Think nothing of it, after how many years married to her, I know how to handle my wife with a diplomatic tone." he puffed out his chest a little, "And I was seriously getting tired of being pointed all, did I snore at all?" Sparlas suddenly looked worried to the fact that he had nodded off at a point creating a difficult challenge for her to lie and tease him that he had or just tell the truth. Sharing a warming laugh at his own expense, the butt of his staff tapped against the marbled floors as he laced a arm around the stretch of her back, clapping his hand to the opposite shoulder. "Anyways, shall we go see if we can find that chap and those other two that you have been toting around."

    "Destyn and Dalia?" she had forgotten mostly about Dalia as she was more of a recent addition to their growing grouping, before she had to concede. There was still so little known about this woman that made her appearance only days prior here at this very temple without so much as an answer why. "How is Dorian doing anyways?"

    Stretching a sucking breath, Sparlas rolled his jaw;
    "Bitter of course, the lad has never done well with defeat in any sense but with Grey honestly knocking him onto his hind end, it was a blow that has bruised his ego well. And having a strip torn off of him from Scarlet did little to help the healing of it." Sparlas tapped the end of her nose, "Have you not gotten that boy into enough trouble when you were an novice here?" he teased causing her to feigned innocence, "I'll handle him later. We may need to have him and Grey battle it out so he can at least feel like he had a noble defeat rather than a sad one."

    "Yeah convince Grey of that especially when he has been reduced to the status of ecchial," she quoted with her fingers, "That was all I heard this morning in the ro- er I wonder where they had gone off too?" she laughed nervously only to receive the raised brow of question to how she was responding, "You're not going to tell Scarlet are you?"

    Instantly he lifted his hands up defensively up in front of him;
    "I heard nothing, I know nothing, I seen nothing!"

    "You're going to let me rot for that one, aren't you?"

    "La la la!" Sparlas walked a few paces before her putting his hands over his ears, "Not listening!"


  5. Looking up with the crown of his hair all messed up, his eyes narrowed through the frames of his glasses as to who was pressing at him with a firm voice. It was the strange demoil companion of Rhye's. He seemed a completely different person compared to when they met in the forest.

    Though, if it hadn't had been for him, they would have all died back there. Taking note of the shackles around his neck and wrists Destyn smiled.

    "I'm not trying to take advantage of anything really... I was just hungry. Scarlet told me I could help myself to anything, so I'm feeding us. And it's not like Rhye is around to ask for us..." He raised an eyebrow as he looked over at Dalia.

    "We're all sitting ducks until she's done in there." He spoke softly as he returned to taking a bit out of a hunk of ham. He still wasn't sure how to talk with Grey. He seemed snappy all the time, and any conversation between the two only seemed awkward and complex. Scratching his brow he looked back up at Grey.

    "I don't think you've eaten in days, I can get you something." Red eyes flicked up to look Grey directly in the eye.

    "Come, sit with us Grey! The food is good!" Dalia offered a cookie. She smiled sincerely.
  6. Watching with the piercing gaze that came natural from himself, it wouldn't take much to see how Destyn noted his newly acquired binds and a good part of him wanted to make a comment about it. But what use would that give him, what was done was done no use in bringing up old arguments.

    Rather he kept surprisingly silent letting Destyn hold the conversation for the moment, knowing full well he wasn't remotely pleasant to the hevanarchon from their very first encounter.
    "Try being on my end of things, I'd much rather be a sitting duck than the potential next guillotine victim of the wondrous grace of the white witch." Grey rubbed his brow, "Rhye shouldn't be too much longer...then again, with Casbael everything comes when they are damn well ready and not the other way around."

    Ears moved to Destyn only to cause his brow to lift;
    "No I haven't, Rhye give you orders to keep a tab on me?" giving him a slower look over, Grey was promptly distracted by the cookie being offered to him. "Not a sweets sort of person." opening a hand to circle around he pulled in a bit of a longer breath, "I'll eat in time, still working off the primal aggression in my system. Give it about another three days before you offer me anything." he smirked somewhat though he already knew the truth of that lie; it wouldn't be much longer.
  7. Destyn shrugged. "Suit yourself..." Taking another bite of food he placed the remains onto the plate. Standing up he looked up at Grey. He was much taller than Destyn, and this was the closest he had stood to him since they met, so now he really noticed.

    Dalia looked up at him confused. "Where are you going Crow?" She asked. He looked down at her with some confusion.

    "I don't know if I'll ever adjust to you calling me that," He folded his arms. "And I don't know where I'm going. I haven't since I woke up in the forest. But maybe Grey can be our tour guide and show us around." Destyn looked over at Grey.

    "You seem to know where you're going, any time killing ideas?" Destyn smirked.
  8. Tsking his tongue as he chuckled in his chest, Grey put a single open eye to that of Destyn; "Crow is it? When did you manage to get so chummy? Or has it been during this time you've been playing a catch up game with the young crussido?"

    He dared to continue only to stop dead jaw before lifting his attention upwards to look at the roof, to the walls and back to Destyn. Putting the flats of his hands to his chest, he laughed out right.
    "First thing, do I look like a tour guide? Secondly, I am currently on lock down in this god forsaken hell hole of white, there is no place in this temple that I am not constantly being watched at least until Rhye returns. Thirdly," he opened his hands widely to gesture to the grand spectacle that was the temple, "You've been on your own for how long in here, why didn't you two go looking around?"

    "Ah there are simple answer to all of those," he stiffened as he turned a glowering eye to that of the man he was currently considering to be a familiar of the enemy, the elder that still appeared as if he was nothing more than in his early fourties; Sparlas. "But we'll just say, that they were instructed to wait for someone of experience to take them through the temple;" he grinned as Rhye stood at his side, her hands tucked into her pockets giving them all a careful look over. "I think the best tour guide is here, in fact she knows some of the secret passages myself and Scarlet don't, wouldn't that be right Grey?"

    "Uh well..." He flustered knowing full well what Sparlas was getting at, his original plan was to escape out of the temple but of course he had to address Rhye first about it. Clearly that plan lead to the newest one collared around his neck. Rubbing a hand to the back of his neck, Grey huffed before he looked lazily off out the open space that windows possibly could have sat.

    Chuckling to himself, Sparlas nudged her only getting her to move forward to scoop up a piece of meat to wave it at Destyn;
    "What's this Crow? I thought you were going to wait until we could go down to the lower ring of Echofalls before stuffing your face."

    "You were going to the lower ring?" Grey raised a brow bringing his attention back. Giving him a coy look through her peripheral, she nibbled on the rolled piece of meat shrugging nonchalantly, "Oh like hell I am staying in here a moment longer! I am not a bloody dog that has to be tethered up to the pillars."

    "Could have fooled me." Sparlas coughed causing the sealed demoil to throw up his hands, "Perhaps the pup needs to relieve himself then?"

    Sneering towards the man who was that of Casbael, Grey wrinkled his nose as a follow up while she finished eating so she could speak again.
    "We've got a bit of time to kill anyways before the alchemist shows up and starts to poke at you."

    "Oh joy..." his ears flatted into a straight line, well as straight as they could go as she looked to that of Dalia, lacing her hands behind her back and leaning forward.

    "Plus we need to get to know Dalia a little better, especially since she's coming with us now." Rhye held a gentle smile to her lips.
  9. "I was going to wait, but I had no idea how long you were going to take..." Destyn silenced up as Grey barked at the opportunity to leave the temple. As Rhye leaned over to look at Dalia, he watched the shy girl tense up and give an unsure smile as she looked straight into Rhye's eyes.

    As he observed the two he smiled slightly. He could only wonder how he had ended up in the position he was in. He knew these three out of a hole in a ground. And yet here he was, sitting and having lunch in a Casbael Temple, of all places.

    Destyn's eyes darted up and looked at Grey. That demoil. He was an oddity, it seemed. A half breed, just like him, but of demoil blood instead of archon. He wondered, if that had any connection to Grey being in the Temple. After all, it was the reason why Destyn wasn't aloud to leave the Temple yet. Not that he had anywhere else to go. It only furthered the mystery behind his past however. A half breed, the only one of his kind in any ones knowledge. Far from home.

    He struggled with the idea that he couldn't even remember who his family was, or where he lived. He couldn't even remember simple things like his childhood. What kind of food his mother made, what his own bed felt like at night. It was all a haze, and the more he pressed the memories, the more distant they felt. And yet, this Crussido girl at his side, she was one of those memories. She had yet to disclose how she knew him, all he knew was that she showed up on the Temple doorstep asking for "Crow"... Insisting that he was in there. He was Crow? Was he Crow in his previous life. Or did she have the wrong person?

    At this point, she was the only connection he may have. The only lead. If he was Crow... He had to know. His mind told him, from the moment that he woke that his name was Destyn Kross... the only memory he had. Why did he get to keep that memory? Of all things. He had to find out.

    He watched Rhye distance herself as she returned to Grey's side. He had gone off in a daze and didn't catch what she had said to Grey.

    "Very well, that sounds good to me." Sparlas laced his hands together. "I will let you take charge from here Rhye. We will discuss some other matters when you return." With a bow he disappeared down the hall.


    Pulling his robes tight he took in a deep breath as he approached the large wooden doors of the council room, where his other half waited for him. This Temple hadn't seen this much disturbance in years. Blood had not been shed within the walls for centuries. It was understandable as to why she was so upset. The Demoil had tarnished a record worthy of noting. It probably didn't help that he was a kin to the Kenisha family. It seemed whenever they found themselves in the midst of the Temple something went down.

    Sighing heavily he applied pressure to the bridge of his nose between his pointer finger and thumb. Pressing hard against the door he entered the grande room. His wife sat in her usual spot. A large velvet laced chair in the very center. Her look of impatience was obvious. She sat with her legs crossed, her long silken robe draping along the floor waving about as she swung her leg in a pendulum motion.

    Sparlas joined her side, pulling up one of the smaller wooden chairs. The green cushion gave way to his contour as he slouched down into it. He could only smile at her as she observed him in silence. He had already been sitting for hours listen to her rant. He wasn't exactly ready for more, but he knew this was the life of the Casbael's right hand. Scratching under his chin, he sat up slightly and leaned over to Scarlet.

    "That went fairly well..." He spoke optimistically.

    "Don't patronize Sparlas, it doesn't suit you." she snorted placing her face into her hand. Sparlas only smiled.

    "Well, we can't do much until the Alchemist arrives. The messenger hawk stated he would attend a council tonight. So let them be until then. We have other matters to tend do... namely the hevanarchon's fate..." He raised a brow to her as she looked up.

    "Lily is missing, and he gets found mysteriously in the forest south of Rollin' Hills." He brushed his long black hair out of his face as Scarlet looked into his eyes.
    Her wings flexed as she sat upright. Slowly she stood up and leaned on one of the many long tables that stretched the perimeter of the room.

    "Within my own lands, I kept my gaze from them for too long. I thought them to be well hidden, and that was my folly. Destyn has no memories of who he is, but am I to meddle in telling him who he is? The truth is grim, and I have no real answers as to how it happened. That is why Rhye is here." Scarlet's voice almost cracked. He wasn't sure if it was because she was upset or if she was finally losing her voice from yelling all morning. He still felt the need to approach her and comfort her thoughts.

    "None of us expected this. Any of this. Least of all Rhye or Grey... They have found themselves neck deep--"

    "That's my fault for being too caught up in smaller issues..." Scarlet interrupted.

    "If you would let me finish..." Sparlas spoke softly. "But that hasn't stopped them. If anyone has a strong enough will, it's them. They have proven this once already. I have faith in them, and you should to. She is fast becoming the strongest guardian, and it's because she has the ability and foresight to go against the grain and succeed at it. This may trouble you, but she could be the very solution to all of this." Scarlet looked over her shoulder at the wizard.

    "What are you suggesting?" She raised her eyebrow. Sparlas nonchalantly shrugged.

    "She deems the demoil she totes around to be safe and nothing to worry about. What's another companion by her side?" Scarlet turned to face Sparlas now.

    "You mean, you want Rhye to baby sit Destyn? She can hardly defend her own rear end, let alone an orphaned Hevanarchon. It's pure folly!" She threw her arms up in the air.

    "But it is it coincidence that it was her who found him in the forest? There appears to be more going on than meets the eye. Let Rhye help him discover who he is." That statement sent Scarlet into a frenzy.

    "That's fantastic! Let's breed another ill contempt, rebellious, hard headed--"

    "reliable, strong, caring individual..." Sparlas interrupted. He folded his arms as he smirked.

    "I swear, the way you defend that girl some days, she's like your spoiled little child." Scarlet scrunched up her nose.

    "She's ours." Sparlas grinned. Scarlet only rolled her eyes as she shoved the old man before her.

    "Since when does the Mother of Casbael takes advice from anyone?" She retorted. Her long red hair falling over her smooth cheek. Sparlas came right up to her and looked down into her eyes.

    "Since she fell in love with a fool of a wizard." His wrinkled face creased with another smile. Brushing the hair out of her face his attempt at being smooth was foiled when she brought her hand up and messed up his hair.

    "Nice try Romeo. We have other work to do first." She laughed. "We will talk to Destyn separately when he returns." She walked passed Sparlas. "Then, I will make my decision." Sparlas parted his hair out of his face to look at his wife.

    "After all these years, you still play hard to get." he pouted slightly.

    "I have to, otherwise I would be overrun by you constantly." She gave a coy smile.
  10. It must have seemed like the parent was finally giving into the child's demands that they wanted to be left alone to create their own chaos in a whole new meaning as Sparlas seemed to leave her in command. What command and of these three? That was asking for a whole new level of disaster though to escape the confines of the temple was something she wasn't about to give up either.

    Tossing a look upwards to the looming figure that was the demoil half breed, his gaze had been locked firm to Sparlas, watching the elder man move up through the hallway that himself and her had just come from. Only meaning he was going back for his second round of dealing with Scarlet and she was vouching out of that faster than one could ever dare imagine. Anymore yelling and accusations being pointed at herself and she might as well should have thrown in her title.

    "Good riddance." Grey grunted with a snort, his step never faltering as the lumbering weight of the tallest member of their amassing group turned on his soles to face in the opposite direction of the way they had been watching Sparlas go.

    Nimble fingers dared to check the two slots of where her daggers usually rested before mid slide she realized that in fact there was nothing there. They had been removed upon arrival in the temple during the start of the week alongside Grey's Katzblager and Destyn's crossbow. The only thing that had been found with him when they came stumbling upon him close to the remnants of what she could figure was a village at one point. Though it was so decayed that it was hard to imagine it ever standing and holding the presence of life. Yet they had found Destyn, didn't that at least mean there had been life there more recently that what the relics of the town showed?

    Lost in thought to the moment, the firm nudge to her side nearly caused her to miss a step as Grey seemed rather amused with himself at causing her to do such a thing. Scowling upwards to the demoil, she could only offer a unimpressed view to him. Though she hardly even thought about the fact that they had already begun to walk through the temple towards the great foyer that would lead out towards the grand splendor of the city.
    "Glad to see your so amused." her nose wrinkled while arms came up to cross under her breasts, "After all that I have had to go through for your sake too."

    "Spare me." eyes rolled though she did not miss the clear indication of his actions, as his fingers slipped around to grab tight to the golden black collar that had been laced around his neck; "I don't see you going through much, guardian."

    "You got yourself into that fairly," Rhye stabbed her finger towards him, "That is your problem and your price to pay. Now if only I could use that collar and bindings in a way that you would behave more so, then we'd be in business."

    "Try it and you're going to end up on the wrong side of that their banister." while it was a clear threat that held no mercy of a joke in it, Rhye lifted her chin upwards scoffing openly at his daring feat of words. She knew better than to actually believe him, but to others that was left up to mystery. "Where the hell are we going anyways?"

    Hair shook as she raked her nails through the cusp of her multi toned crown - feeling the grit of dust and grime that stuck to the strands, Rhye grimaced openly to receive a quirked brow from Grey with little vocalized words;
    "The lower ring of Echofalls is where all the marketeers set up shop, from your basic blacksmiths, to a bookseller, fortune telling -" Grey huffed.

    "Yeah I don't need to deal with any seers, thank you."

    Deep lips quirked at the corners, allowing a single vibrant green eye to narrow as her brow perched;
    "Did Katherine find you at a point or have you just heard horror stories that you are afraid of what future you could have in store?" sliding forward on the polished floor, hands outstretched as if to paint a picture before their eyes, "Oh no there falls the jewel of the Casbael mission, the temples are crashing and burning under the cruel reign of one half breed mongrel!" Rhye bellowed out as she fell to her knees, slapping her hands to the floor; "Why! Oh why did that damnable guardian woman let that bastard into the temples? Why!?" Flicking her hair out of her face to look up at him, Grey was rocking his jaw, "You don't think?"

    She yelped only to flail wildly when he stooped down to grab the hem of her pants reaming her off the ground,
    "Talk about overkill..." he glared at her as he lifted with ease still, leaving her to feel like she was some sort of luggage to be carried, the hem of her pants twisted right around so she was looking at that of Destyn and Dalia.

    Huffing realizing that he was no way going to release her anytime soon, Rhye put the flat of her palm to her chin while she looked at the pair of them.
    "Isn't what I had in mind for an escort, I doubt this is anyway to be treating the woman who saved your life!" arms shot out in both directions flailing violently again; "Grey put me down right now!"

    He chuckled lightly to himself really only to serve the purpose of ignore her wishes and tussling her weight up to his shoulder, hanging her waist over the roll of the clavicle as if she was some sort of freshly purchased rack of lamb being brought home for cooking.
    "Now it just looks like you hunted me!"

    "I'm still thinking about it."

    Breathing in deeply only to let it out again through her nose, Rhye could only raise her brow to that of Destyn and Dalia all the while she began to move her index finger to point between them;
    "You two are my witness's to see how this brute treats me." she gasped while her face turned a shade of vivid red, he whistled nonchalantly as if nothing had happened but her rear stung momentarily from the swat she had received. "That's it your going in a time out when we get down to the lower ring!"

    He spoke nothing to her, her cheeks flushed before she dared to retrieve her attention back to that of Dalia and Destyn;
    "Anyways-" she reached back with an hand to pull on the tape of his ear to make a point finally getting a curse of a response though she kept her vision on the pair behind; "Since I am being excused from using my own mobility and my attention is more so on you two; we haven't really found out why you are here Dalia."

    "Oh she's getting into the guardian facade now, quit pulling on my ears!" he bounced her hard on his shoulders, nearly taking the wind out of her while the few people that had been congregated out about the opening doorways of the foyer were watching, Rhye kept her focus to that of Dalia. She hadn't found out why this crussido had come or why she knew that Destyn was going to be here.

    It was rather unusual that much was sure. And with all the timing of everything, it only seemed that much more important and useless all at once.
  11. Dalia Blushed as she followed closely beside Destyn. Rhye's gaze and curiosity only made her face burn something fierce. Her feet felt the warm ground beneath her as they left the Temple and into the outer edges of the large building. She fumbled for words as she looked over to Destyn, who seemed just as curious as the rest of them. Swallowing hard she looked up at Rhye, who had given up the very idea of walking under her own power.

    "Well... I was told to come here..." Rhye and Destyn only seemed to look at her with confusion. "I've never been to the temple before, but I flew here to find Crow, he told me that he would be here." Destyn just looked to Rhye and shrugged.

    "I don't remember, honest." He spoke softly. Walking along the streets the group seemed to get weird looks. It probably had a lot to do with a Guardian being slung over a demoil's shoulder.

    "He was going to face the white eyed Demoil, and he didn't want me to follow. He told me to run away. I didn't want to, but he made me. He told me of this place, and to meet him here. So I did. I had to wait a long time, but he finally came. I promised I would wait for Crow." She crossed her arms insecurely. Afraid they wouldn't believe her. Destyn smiled.

    "The white eyed Demoil?..." Destyn brought his hand to his forehead. The name nagged at his mind, but he couldn't pull anything from it. "I want to say... I... Nope sorry, it rings a bell, but I have no idea why." Destyn combed his hand through his hair.

    "And... Why do you call me Crow? I mean, when I awoke, my name stuck with me, Destyn Kross... Not this Crow you keep calling me." Dalia looked at him, staring into his red eyes. A lump in her throat formed as she studied his lost face. Looking away she his herself from him slightly. The pain, the memory was almost too much for her.

    "You saved me, saved me from the bad demoil. Much like my brother. You are the only one who took care of me when you found me. You are my brother now. Crow. You said it yourself. But you... wouldn't remember that." She whined a little as she slowed her pace.

    Destyn felt himself blush lightly. He looked up at Rhys with shame, as if it was his own fault for not being able to remember. He dearly wish he could. He didn't know what to say as they continued on in silence.
  12. Keeping the hold on the guardian as if she was his prisoner of war being taken away as they finally made it out of that god forsaken hell hole of white and marble, Grey made little motion to put an word in edge wise to the pair of newly momentary baggage as they were exchanging banter back and forth. Though with the mention of a white eyed demoil, he damn near started to laugh.

    A white eyed demoil? The very thing was insane, there were no demoils in present time that had that eye colour. He would know, he had enough contact with plaguing existence's that forged in Flycoren. But with how serious it seemed to be, he remained vigilant in where they were walking too, and allowing Rhye to monitor the situation. Though one man stopped hard in the street looking up to him with Rhye slung over his shoulder- guardian's weren't hard to pick out in a crowd anyways, this wasn't helping- as he gave a bit of a half assed salute to the man with a hey and kept walking. Though one could tell the man was pointing after them making a hurried speech to any that were close at hand.

    Combing back the tendrils of her bangs that kept falling into her face with how she was being carried, Rhye frowned deeply. She knew that Destyn had no memory and this was already eating away at him to know that Dalia had come looking for him with a past he had nothing of and now this was presented. It was sure enough to drive one mad.

    "Alright now let's take a moment to think this over first;" her hands moved as if it was smoothing out a sheet upon a bed, "Well now at least it makes sense to why you are calling him Crow," she pulled in a slower breath; "Something with a white eyed demoil is seeming to be at the center of all this." she was mulling it over in her mind.

    "Ain't no such thing as a white eyed demoil." Grey chimed in finally, "Walking demoil expert here, at your service."

    "And your service is not required," Rhye retorted promptly, the vivid green eyes trailing back to the pair. "Clearly Dalia, you know a lot more than we do about everything that is going on and perhaps in turn something that can unlock Crow's memory." Grey chuckled as she called him Crow as well. "I also think that perhaps if we can mimic in any way shape or form prior thoughts, or actions that may have occurred;" her tone turned stern when Grey chuckled as if she was trying to overlook his outburst; "It could crack your mind as well; but hell what do I know, I'm grasping at straws now."

  13. Destyn nodded towards Rhye's observations. "I suppose. Anything is worth a shot at this point. I really have tried everything I know to jog my memory. All that's left is to jump off a cliff and land on my head. And I'll be real honest here, that's not going to happen." He looked at Dalia, attempting to cheer her up. She seemed to show signs of a small smirk.

    "I'm sorry I don't remember. But if it makes you feel better, you can keep calling me Crow, I don't mind. And if I said I'm your brother, then so be it, that's what I'll be." He was grasping at air when it came to any of these words. They felt empty, as if they never existed. But what was he supposed to believe at this point? Dalia seemed like a really nice person, and she hadn't left his side once. She took away much of the loneliness he had been feeling.

    Dalia smiled at him. "You really don't mind... I mean, that I stay with you?" She seemed to perk up towards him.

    "Sure! But you'll have to teach me all that you know about me, okay?" Dalia squealed and leapt over to him, hugging him tightly. Destyn choked as she strangled the life out of him,

    "I am a good teacher, I will teach you all about you!" She spoke excitedly. Destyn brought his hands up to her arms that were wrapped around his neck. Gasping for air he blushed at the fact that she was hanging off him. Once she finally loosed her grasp he pulled for air. Chuckling lightly he placed his hand lightly on his throat.

    "Okay..." He heaved. "I'm glad we got that figured out, but I need air next time you do that." She laughed lightly placing a hand on her head.

    "Sorry..." She smiled.

    As they worked their way through the city, the gradual change of buildings became evident. From elegance and grand architecture, down to the wooden and cloth huts, held together by sticks and any other scrap material that was lying around. Very few buildings were made from stone or brick. Even the pathways became soft silt dirt. The earth was a very light red hue, and was almost like flour. Strange vegetation overtook much of the path, grasses and ferns grew lush in any of the unworn areas. Thick trees lumbered over the paths, leaving large patches of shade.

    Looking up at the tree, white light filtered through the small open patches of the tree. The flashes and glimmer of light only made him think further on the topic of the white eyed Demoil Dalia had mentioned earlier. Could such a thing exist? Grey vouched for nay, and he himself was a Demoil. Him of all people should know, shouldn't he?

    Destyn so desperately wanted to know, he pulled at the very idea until it frayed into a haze of nothing, just like everything else he tried to pull out of the deep cavern of time. Wincing he gave himself a slight headache. Placing his hand on his forehead he sighed heavily.

    "Are you okay, Crow?" Dalia questioned quietly.

    "Huh? Oh, yeah, it's just warm out today, I think I just need some water or something." He smiled as sincerely as possible. Looking towards Rhye he titled his head in thought. "So where we off to exactly, it looks to me like we're about as far away from the Temple as we can possibly get without setting up camp for the night. And we've been walking for quite some time." He smirked. "Is there a good place to eat around here, like you promised?" Destyn placed a hand on his stomach, the thought of water brought on hunger pains. All the walking had worn off any previous consumption of food.
  14. She felt like she had been a bit of an intrusion upon Dalia and Destyn who was about to pick up the old unfamiliar alias of his previous past; Crow. Wiggling at her own discomfort to the scene unfolding, it didn't take much before she had managed to free herself from being on her belly to actually retrieving her footing to touch that of the ground.

    Exchanging a look with her; Rhye knew that whatever was going on between Crow and Dalia; Grey had more than his fair share of sarcastic comments for a filler conversation. But he was attempting with an actual success to behave, though it was perhaps more obvious than he wanted it to be, that it was proving difficult now.

    Silence began to overtake the grouping in a hum of the bustling cityscape, slowly dwindling into the venture that was more common with a less than flourishing hamlet that rested on the crest of Windin' rather than Echofalls. She knew this city inside, out, backwards forwards sideways and right ways! Spending enough time here as an novice was one thing, but sneaking out in the depths of the pitches' night to attain her training as a sin; well that as another thing all together.

    Rubbing fingers to the cusp of her ear; she barely paid any heed to the fact that they had managed to meander all the way down to the lower ring of the Echofalls; until Crow beckoned her attention. Surprise registered quickly over her face allowing a slight pucker to the red lips all the while her gaze lifted to take in the simpler pleasure of the buildings around her, or in this case huts and cabins.

    "Didn't you just eat?" Grey pointed towards the vision of the temple lurking behind them; "Twenty minute walk and you are damn near wasting away." She raised a brow to him wondering when his own ecchial hunger was going to hit, she seen it once and it was a sight that she never thought one should see. Going from being entirely discreet about being mortal that needed to eat, to a damn creature that somehow had enough manners not to eat the table as well. His tapered ears twitched seeming to know that she was giving him the once over, as he poked her square in the forehead, "Don't you say a damn thing."

    "Didn't say it, thought it." Rubbing her palm to the assaulted spot of her crown, Rhye craned her neck back to look about. "Honestly I needed to escape from Scarlet's ever reaching talons and demeaning summons hence why we came out this far; but-" arms opened wide in a grand gesture to expand towards the horizon that was around them before her body turned right around to point towards the humble looking merchant tent; though she was pointing beyond it. "Around the fellow's wares there, should be a volley of shops that offer a variation of meals. Usually people come around the high noon to get some home cook bits and pieces and then they take it towards the green space a little further down to eat it." hands retracted inside before her lips turned in a slight smirk; "I think you and Grey might have to fight each other for it all."

    Cursing in the demonic tongue she had come accustom too - didn't mean she understood any of it still - Grey crossed his arms over his chest allowing a darker look to pause on her as if he was blatantly telling her it was his fault that his ecchial side was starting to rear its head... as it were.

    Lifting a finger to touch the bottom of her lip, Rhye hummed a gentle laugh;
    "We'll be summoned if worse case comes that the alchemist arrives early, as till then; I doubt that Grey or myself are willing to go back into the temple so soon." Grunting in agreement to her, Grey motioned with a sweeping hand forward.

    "Just wish I had my sword so it could get a promised sharpening, that I recall I was offered before all this slaggin hell came rushing in." Rhye shrugged as hands clapped against her empty scabbards making it known that she didn't have her weapons either, "Point made."

    The clapping against her waist jogged her memory as she turned abruptly to face that of Crow. Rustling into the one near the bottom, Rhye tilted her chin upwards as she produced the smooth glimmering silver stone from the depths of it all. Polished beyond mere comprehension; Rhye reached out to retrieve Crow's hand to put the stone in the palm.
    "With your appetite already at large and my wallet so short; this is going to take care of you and Dalia for a couple days. Sparlas gave it to me a few days back before all the commotion started," she shot a look to Grey.

    "Sure blame me, Dorian had a part of it too!" Defending himself, she could only huff; "Always blaming the one who already has the short end of the stick!"

    "If you are going to rant at me, I ain't going to feed you." Rhye returned her focus to Crow and Dalia; "Hey Crow ever think of buying a demoil, there just the perfect companion, they keep and keep and keep. Do me a favor and take him off my hands, or something!" sliding a foot back, she could hear him growling under his breath before she would grin somewhat, as hands clapped together. "Well help yourselves, perhaps we can sit and figure some things out then. Mainly with you two;" she pointed to them both.

    "Oh so I won't be employed to watch over three brats instead of one spoiled guardian?"

    "Think it's me watching over you," Rhye sighed; her fingers pressing to her brow with a mild hum. "From what I understand; Scarlet is going to be taking charge over Crow and Dalia while you and I go back out and attempt to track that beast that ripped you asunder."

    Walking a bit to get them to move, Grey tucked a thumb through a belt loop;
    "Don't know what sounds better; staying here and having Scarlet dissect me or going back out there and finding that creature for round two!"
  15. Crow graciously accepted the stone. It wasn't a regular form of currency, but he had seen Rhye use it a couple times since they came into town, and no one seemed to question it's value, so he wasn't about to. Examining the smooth stone while Grey and Rhye bickered back and forth, his thumb and forefinger rubbed the smooth object. But he felt himself nodding as Rhye mentioned figuring out where they were going from there.

    "Alright. I don't mind figuring out what I need to be doing now. I mean... us, I suppose." He looked at Dalia and smiled. As he looked in her direction something in the distance caught his eye. It smelled of meat over a well smoked fire and it appeared to be coming from the hut in his sights. Light smoke billowed up into the blue sky. Crow could feel his mouth watering. The hut seemed like a simple place, but the food smelled divine. They had several tables just sitting under a cloth shade propped up by two sticks. Under the hut a large grill was stationed with flames bursting up every time the cook threw something onto the flame.

    "Let's go there!" Crow pointed with excitement. Looking towards Rhye and Grey he could only grin.

    As they sat down to relax for a meal Crow took in a breath. Looking over towards Dalia, he knew that she probably wouldn't want anything that was sold here. She didn't seem to pipe up and whine about it though. Looking around he saw several merchants selling produce. Without a word he stood up and walked away from the table. Dalia looked to him in confusion, and just shrugged at Rhye.

    It wasn't until several minutes later at his return that she understood what he had gone off to do. Placing a linen sack onto the table several fruitlike objects rolled out onto the round table.

    "Figured you'd like these better. Though I'm not sure what kind of fruits you like..." Crow admitted bashfully.

    "This will do! You didn't have to do that though, I'm not that hungry."
    Dalia brought up one of the round fruit to her mouth and took a small bite.

    "Still, I feel bad when the rest of us are eating and you're just stuck watching us." Crow shrugged. "I figured something was better than nothing."

    "Thanks." She spoke softly.

    Pushing his glassed up onto the bridge of his nose he looked toward Rhye. He still wasn't sure about Grey, and quite honestly wasn't super convinced he wanted Crow to even be around, but Rhye he felt like he could trust. Her aura just screamed trustworthy, and he was glad of all people to find in the middle of a forest was a Guardian, even if he didn't even know what that was until more recently.

    "So Rhye, now what... I mean, I guess now that we're safe, what am I to do now? I'm not even sure where I live, if I even have a home. Do you think Scarlet has plans that involve me? Or am I to find my own way..." Crow felt apprehensive at the idea of trying to figure this whole thing out on his own. He had no idea where he would go, how he would feed himself, find shelter. He had no clues.

    "I wish having Dalia here would jog all that back for me, but I guess I'm not that lucky." Big brown eyes looked over at him. "Though I have to admit," He looked into her eyes. "the familiarity of her chews me to the bone. But it feels like my mind if just playing tricks on me." He hummed with frustration. Looking back at Rhye he shrugged.

    "I mean, I don't want to push my troubles on you. You have enough on your plate, really. But I appreciate you doing this much for us."

    "Thanks Rhye!" Dalia agreed as she took another bite of her fruit.
  16. Having followed his nose to the scent that filtered through the air in a wafting weave that easily snatched up one's sense of smell with a trained accuracy, Grey was eyeing Crow before he roll a single shoulder and decided that perhaps the kid was picking a decent place.

    Still looking down at the stuff purchased or in Rhye's case, more so given because she was a guardian - unlike Crow she didn't have to pull out the familiar stone that rested inside her pack. Hers was not silver like the one handed over to the curious duo but a splendid shade of gold with the winged insignia of Casbael embellished into the centre. Here in lead temple confines, she reeked of Guardian. Almost everyone knew that she was one and were willing to lay down on the ground for her to walk on so she wouldn't get her boots dirty from the soil. But that didn't mean he was overly adjusted to seeing the cooked meal before his palette, and a great part of him was repulsed by it.

    Though receiving the sharp elbow to his ribs from the fiery crowned woman, she managed to look properly innocent of any acts with her chin tucked neatly into the palm of her hand while picking somewhat at the lighter choice of cuisine. Wrinkling his nose at her for the very statement she was making non-verbally, he only turned his attention upwards when Crow decided to show a more gentleman pose in front of the crussido.

    Sucking in a slower breath he for went the nagging thought at the back of his head about eating and decided to oblige it all. It allowed him to keep any snippy comments silent and watch Rhye handle the situation in a fashion that wasn't so accustom to her.

    Worrying her bottom lip with the gentle tips of her fingers, the acute tone of her shoulders rose and fell in a calm melody to the questions and mulling that Crow began to offer at her. Though he damn near choked when Crow brought up the idea that perhaps Scarlet had plans that would involve him. That was always a sure thing, Scarlet had little plots for everyone that came into her reach and would use them to their fullest extent. That, he learnt ages ago and it was certainly a lesson he would not soon forget.

    "Well," her tone was tranquil while he squinted his gaze to her- he knew what she was doing. Going into the prim proper facade that guardians used when they had to address issues they really knew nothing about or even how to handle with a shred of grace. "In all honest truth Crow," she used his nickname loosely at the moment, "It isn't even my place to tell you whether or not Scarlet has any ideas or motives for you or even Dalia. I can't even dare say that I could point you in the correct direction." her hands expanded in a wide array before her body, spanning over the table before they retracted promptly back to tuck down at her sides; "I can only making my own personal rulings back in Vena and we are a long way from there, so right now all I can offer is you making a personal request of Scarlet for a meeting to figure out what sort of part you may play in Casbael or even in Flycoren."

    "Sure send him into the lion's den." Grey raised his brow, "Are you looking for him to be killed, cause that is all that is going to happen."

    Brows furrowed together, tongue tsked as she leaned against the table; "Don't pay any heed to him, he is just still bitter about Casbael in general." he nodded easily alongside her comment. "And really you don't have to offer up any sort of appreciation Crow. I am doing my duty and it wouldn't have looked well on my record to know that we left you out in the middle of the Demise Forest with not a single clue to who or why you were there." The corners of her lips curved upwards to that of Dalia when the crussido joined in on giving Rhye the formality that reeked of gratitude before a heavy sigh expanded from her chest, causing him to hum somewhat to her. "As I've said, you two are clearly here together for a reason but you can't expect that your memories are going to come flooding back the moment you start to clip at those sealed thoughts Crow."

    Grey remained oddly silent for the time being which did have Rhye daring a cautious look to him, "Everything happens for a reason, just what that reason is is the mystery. Until then Crow and Dalia, it is best to start perhaps planning out what you two may want to do." Vivid jewels of irises peeked through her peripheral, "I will have to return to my temple eventually but for now, what has been deemed on my shoulders is going back out into the plague lands and attempting to bring back that creature."

    "We will return to the temple-" Grey corrected promptly while he shook his head huffing a heavy cynical laugh, "While I may not often agree with Rhye in her diplomatic speeches, she's got a point. The only way you are going to unlock anything about yourself Crow is now setting out a course to start looking for ways to return it and not just relying on Dalia either. You've probably met others in your previous travels that could enlighten you to your prior self."

    "You agree with me?" Rhye leaned back wearily.

    "It doesn't happen often, but it's one of those rare times."

    Eyes narrowed, "Yeah I think it's just your ecchial side coming out..."

  17. Crow chuckled lightly under his throat at Grey. "I guess... my fate is wide open right now. Asking myself, who I want to me isn't a light debate." Clasping his hands he sighed lightly. "But it's all I can do now." looking up towards the cloth shade he felt a light breeze go by. "Who am I to be?" He thought to himself. His thoughts were cut off as more food was brought to the table.
    "Well, I'll think on that, in the mean time, it's time for food!" He smiled widely. Filling his face with a shish kabob of assorted smoked meats.

    Dalia rubbed the side of her face as she watched Crow fill his face. She looked at Rhye with wonderment. "So, you're from Vena, is that across the ocean? How did you end up all the way over here?" She tilted her head slightly. "Of all people, why are you hunting monsters in the tainted forest?"
  18. Nodding together in unison to his quip deeming that it was a subject to be put aside for the moment until at least he managed to speak to Scarlet, Grey paused raising his brow before putting a hand to his face watching Crow become that of a snake. "Don't choke now." he uttered pushing the plate aside as he wasn't sure he wanted to join in the scene quite yet.

    "Born and raised there, across the great ocean" Rhye laughed nervously causing him to give a slight roll of his eyes, he knew that was a subject best left untouched. The name Hunter had an all too colourful history in Vena and it dogged her everywhere. He could understand why Rhye tried to escape it almost daily. "Uh well... It's an interesting story." Rhye tapped her finger tips together, her gaze straying away from the group of them wondering if it was really the best time to indulge in such a story. "Mainly I'll blame Grey for us being here and hunting that creature in the forest,"

    He had started to nod, stopped and gawked at her. Slapping a hand to his own chest, he leaned inwards, "My fault! How!"

    "Your family."

    "Oh low blow peaches." Grey shook his finger at her, his mouth quirked open only finding it to be silence by her continued on comment-

    "And the fact that you were the one who picked the fight with me in the bar the first night," she lifted her fingers beginning to count down on them, "My brother hired you as a merc to take me to the base, you damn near killed me when those forest demoils attacked, shoving me into the river brook only to be washed up how far down, and finally-" Rhye reached forward to stab a finger right in the center of his face, "Your damn stupid god awful plague carrying bestial abomination of a sibling trying to kill you while attempting to plague my temple, so over all," Swirling a finger about in a wrap up it up way; "Your fault."

    Snorting at the guardian, Grey clapped a hand to his face as he rested his elbow against the table.
  19. Grey paused raising his brow before putting a hand to his face watching Crow become that of a snake. "Don't choke now."

    Crow, with his mouth much too full to even make a sound, only waved off Grey's concern. With a grin he continued to converge with his food. His ears flicking in tune to Rhye's voice as she hummed her history for Dalia. Shivers ran fiercely down his spine as Rhye became more boisterous. She could get really scary when she was adamant about something.

    Dalia didn't seemed bothered by it in the least however. She sat beside him, giggling away. Crow looked at her, and smiled. She may have been shy, but her smile was contagious.

    "I see, so that's how it is." She spoke with contentment, almost as if she understood something deeper than the rest of them. Folding her hands, she appeared to be done eating already. "Casbael must really trust you." She spoke softly.

    The sun cast a warm haze over the table that they sat. Crow had finally finished eating, and his belly taught with food, he whined quietly holding his belly with his hands. Dalia seemed to ignore his over exertion as they sat at the table in silence. It felt a little awkward, at least in his mind. Here were these four unlikely candidates, now all interwoven by some string of fate. He hated that his memories got in the way of not remembering Dalia, but the reality was, she was now a stranger to him. So here they all were, with little to talk about, and little to work with.

    Just as the awkwardness peaked, and Crow about to break the silence with anything, a being walked up to their table. Crow sat up quickly, and looked towards the person who arrived with purpose. Dalia also followed suit. A cloaked being stood before them

    "Rhyden Hunter, of the Vena Temple." It was a woman's voice. She seemed unafraid by the rest of the company. Her arm extended, proceeding to hand Rhye an envelope.
    "My master wishes you to read this. Please respond accordingly. Thank you." With a bow, and a flip of her cloak she whisped out of sight down the crowded streets. Crow raised an eyebrow as he sat on the edge of his seat.

    "That was weird." He said with a low voice, just in case she was still listening. "What does it say Rhye?" Crow questioned.
  20. Huffing out a heavy breath watching the scene placing her chin into her palm, Rhye could only let the smile touch her lips. Grey shook his head, fingers pressed to the side of his temple disbelieving that Crow could just as easily wave off all the food he was consuming with so little effort. Keeping a gaze on Grey, she stifled her laugh knowing rightfully he was a bit disturbed to how mortal men ate. Not like his usual habits were any better.

    Thankful slightly for the turn of conversation, Grey had let his gaze close brooding on her determined words, letting them sink in and curdling as she put the whole blame to rest on his shoulders. While she was truthfully kidding, she made no point in saying so. She knew in her head and her heart she should be ashamed for saying such things but she was still terribly bitter at him for leaving the temple in the first place. It was her crass way at getting back at him, which seemed to go right over the half breed's head.

    "Casbael must really trust you."

    Grey snorted as he lifted a hand to cover his face as he started to laugh at Dalia's once honest comment causing her to knit her brows. "Yeah trust her, that's what you could call it. Or rather Casbael is using Rhye like a little toy doll in their game of life and pawns. Trust has nothing to really do with it, just obedience common to that of a dog." he lifted his brow allowing the sunlight to glint against the unusual brilliance of his blue gems.

    Sucking a breath in through her teeth, Rhye held a cruel crooked smirk on her lips. "Yeah well if I am a doll, you're a pawn. I recall you being sucked into this by nothing more than a demanding letter. Whose a dog now?" Rhye muttered low. She might not have been looking at Grey, but she could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

    Silence overtook them again, the breeze picking up some trying to wipe the rising heat of awkward filler conversation away alongside that of Crow's over eating. She felt the discomfiture nipping at her heels but rather she was content in it all. It wasn't often when she was able to bask in the complete silence of the air around, basking in the sunlight sucking in the rays it gave away free and letting the complexities of her mind waft way into nothing.

    Eyes slid shut expanding out the breath of air that revered the pleased nature she was extruding; that is until she heard Grey grunt upon the arrival of the woman. Tapered ears moved upwards in unison to pull her gaze open to stare at the woman in the cloak. Tilting her chin upwards, Rhye narrowed a single eye over this woman; she was not a Casbael novice in the least. The finely tailored cloak told her that, with its embellished deep mauve colour and the sewn faux leather pockets, she made an all knowing hum taking up the letter handed to her.

    Paying little heed, Rhye turned her back towards the grouping sliding her finger through the blank wax seal; "That was weird. what does it say Rhye?" her ear flicked to register that she had heard him but said nothing to respond with quite yet.

    "Well we know it wouldn't be a love letter," Grey cracked off, "No one is that foolish."

    "Someone is," her gaze shot to her peripheral to glare at the demoil. It wasn't much to go on but with how quick his tongue silenced and Grey cleared his throat, she got the point across to him. Rubbing the rich pulp of the paper against her thumb and index, Rhye lifted her gaze upwards towards the way the woman had left. "Curious." she spoke loud and clear.

    Grey's mentality turned from his typical standoffish sarcasm into a rigid concern that befitted more of a diplomat than a demoil. "It didn't come from Casbael," he pointed out, "What's it about Rhye?"

    Turning right around in her seat, Rhye grinned gently setting the paper down as the smooth lines and loops of the high sel brandished over the page. "Seems the Alchemist has requested a private meeting before standing in front of the Mother of Casbael. Just when I thought things were starting to calm down." tapping her finger repeatedly to the note, Rhye stared off in the direction the woman had come. 'Is it seriously him?' she thought silently.

    "You're making me edgy." Grey warned with a tone that she rarely heard; fear.
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