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  1. She walked threw the hot Egypt desert, her water had run out and she felt that every second took her closer to death. Would the Gods just let her die there? What would they care about an escaped slave girl anyways? If she went back now then she would be killed, there was nothing to go back to. Either she found a city or she would die in the desert, turning back was no option.

    Tiye had been walking for days threw the desert since she escaped from Giza. Maybe if she were able to get to Alexandria, but without water it would be hard. If she didn't find a oasis with water soon then she would certainly die. But she would refuse death as long as possible. After all, she had to return to Giza to save her mother. She wouldn't let her mother be imprisoned like that, what if they would decide to murder her? She would most certainly survive and eventually return to Giza so that she could save her mother.

    But Tiye soon felt her knees giving up under her weight, she fell to the ground. Even though she weren't able to stand up anymore she still didn't give up, she started to crawl. She crawled as far as she could, but then the sun forced her to lie down completely and soon she had passed out.

    Soon she started to dream, no it was memories. She worked as a slave outside during the hot days, but she wanted to do more with her life. She weren't going to be satisfied with working her ass off for the pharaoh, Egypt or anyone. She didn't even want the Gods to decide how she were going to live her life. So she ran away. She left her home in the middle of the night, her brother had refused to go with her since he couldn't believe that they ever would be able to be free. But Tiye promised him that she would come back for him and then they would get their mother together.

    The memories started to fade and then it was only darkness surrounding her. Would she die like this?

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  2. Bes stared along the horizon as he snapped the whip so the horse pulling the chariot would speed up, the harsh sun beating down. After some distance was traveled, he pulled the reign to make the horse slow to a stop and signaled for those who traveled with him to do the same. He reached for his water, swallowing down quite a bit. The sun is quite harsh and hot today. Something must not be well for Ra to be punishing with the sun the way it is, Bes thought. After taking another swallow of water, he turned to the men who traveled with him, two servants and a friend from when he was a child.

    "Let's be on our way again, best try to be away from Ra's fury as soon as possible," he said, his voice booming as he snapped the whip, signalling the horse to move once again.

    "Bes you must have lost it to want to travel in this heat, we should have waited until Nut rose and swallowed Ra before leaving Giza," Amun, Bes' friend complained.

    "You may have a point old friend, but traveling today means getting back to Alexandria quicker, not to mention you should really stop complaining. When the gods come to take you to the afterlife..." Bes stopped speaking and pulled the reigns harshly to get the horse to stop immediately. His normally harsh eyes softened when he climbed off his chariot and knelt by a woman crumpled up on the ground.

    His eyes scanned the woman, recognizing the clothing of a slave. Who would leave a woman in the middle of the desert for the gods to take? Even if she is a slave, it's not quite right...

    Bes scooped the woman into his arms and looked at the men. "We're taking her back to Alexandria with us."
  3. When Tiye woke up she noticed that she weren't laying in the sand anymore, her vision were blurry so she couldn't really see what it was she were lying on. It was something really soft, had she died? She had never lied on something so soft before. Had she come to the land of the two fields? Why couldn't she hear the heavenly Nile river? But she shouldn't be allowed to board Ra's boat that would take her there. She died right after she had run away from her life as a slave, why would Osiris think that her heart was pure enough to get into the land of the two fields?

    Her eyes started to get used to the light and she started to see a room. She also started to notice that her body hurt and her throat was dry. Something she wouldn't feel if she were dead. So she were still alive. Tiye didn't know if it was a relief or a curse. She knew that she had to stay alive but at the same time she didn't want to.

    "Where am I?" She asked without even knowing if anyone were in the room, she noticed how dry her voice sounded.
  4. The moment when the girl came to, Bes was in the room. Before he had had a servant in with her, but now he was giving the servant a much needed break. The second she spoke, he got to his feet and walked over to her side. Excitement filled him, for he was happy she had finally opened her eyes. He adjusted the way he stood so he stood slightly lower, making it easier to see into the girl's eyes. A smile went across his lips, one that told her he was kind and that she could trust him. With every fiber of his being, he hoped she wouldn't be mad for his bringing her here to his home. In fact, Bes hoped she would see the good and see that he had saved her from Ra's fury that day.

    With a light touch and gentle hand, he reached over and brushed hair off of her face before he answered her question.

    "You are safe here, in my home which lays in Alexandria," he said. "My men and I found you laying on the desert, waiting for Osiris to judge you for which field of the two you should be taken to. I couldn't see leaving such a young, innocent, beautiful being to be left for judgement under the eye of Ra so I brought you here." He reached for the water that he made sure would be there when the girl woke. There many fine drinks he could give her, but h knew the thing she needed the most was water. Bes slid an arm behind her shoulders, figuring she would be weak from thirst and near death. "here let me help you sit up so you can drink," he said.
  5. Tiye got surprised when he told her that she were in Alexandria. Someone had actually cared to save a slave from the desert and she had even been lucky enough to get to Alexandria. She could have expected help from someone who had lived in slavery or some nomads, but for the look of his home he didn't seem to be any of those.

    She was a bit hesitant before she drank the water. Usually she got dirty water and only got to drink when they told them that it was okay. Also the amount were just a handful, it mostly made you survive but didn't make the thirst go away. Tiye had never seen such clean water as the water he had brought to her, without even noticing it she had drunk more water in a minute than she ever had for half a week.

    "You are a bit weird, saving a slave and letting it sleep in a bed in your home. Anyone else would have just let me die out there. One slave more or less doesn't make a difference." She maybe wished that it would be different, but reality spoke for itself. People who didn't have a home, and people who lived in slavery weren't worth anything.
  6. Bes kept his eyes on the woman while she drank, curious to know of her story. Why had she been walking by herself without water on such a hot day? Where had she been planning to go? Eventually, he figured he would get the chance ask those questions and more, but now was not the time. Now he just needed to watch her and make sure she was okay. Due to his being a general, he had gotten used to keeping people safe and being a protector, which was rather good considering his name's meaning.

    Once her water was gone, her tug the jug from her and placed it beside him. She had drunk it quite fast, but he had a feeling after everything she was probably thirsty still even. In a few moments he would be sure she got more water and that she also got food. Another thing Bes would make sure this beauty would get was decent clothes, better than the ones she had now. He continued to think of things that were far better, things that were nice, that he could give her. When she spoke, her words pulled him out of his thoughts and his lips curved upward.

    "I do not see myself as weird for helping someone who desperately needed it. A life is a life no matter the status or the life they live and I don't see it any differently. In my eyes, it was worth saving a beauty such as yourself from death. Had it been a pharaoh in your place, well... I'm not quite as sure I would have done the same," he said. Bes was slightly unconventional compared to others, especially for a general. He simply saw things differently than most.

    A moment later, another man walked into the room. "Bes, the servants told me you were in with the girl so I came to find you."

    Bes looked up toward his friend, his smile growing. "Ah, this is my friend Amun, ignore anything he says for he's quite foolish," he said.

    "I am not foolish, you are the one who is foolish Bes. And I'm surprised that our sleeping beauty has awaken."

    "Do me a favor old friend, please fill this jug with more water," Bes said, handing the jug to Amn. Amun smiled and nodded, leaving the room.
  7. Tiye had never heard someone speak like that about a slave. People had told her all her life that she only are a tool to be used by others, she doesn't have her own will, she is no one and nothing. Not even worthy of the little food and water she got. So why did this man care so much?

    A man walked into the room and started to talk to her savior. So the man that had saved her were named Bes. The man that had walked into the room didn't treat her as a slave either, even though he only said some words about her. She did a small bow towards Amun when the man that had saved her told the other mans name. Calling each other fools like that and just shrug it off, the way they acted were so different from the place she had been in for so long. They must be good friends to talk like that to each other.

    Amun left the room and only Tiye and Bes were left in there. "Thank you..." She said after a little while, "for saving my life." That was a line she never thought that she would use. After all, no one would ever think of saving a slave, not even another slave. If an accident would have happened while she were working and were about to die then everyone would just walk passed her without caring. Mostly because they would be afraid of getting beheaded for not doing their work. One slave more or less didn't matter after all.

    "I'm Tiye." She then continued when she realized that she knew the two men's names but they didn't know hers. But most people didn't even care about a slaves name, they only shouted slave when they wanted her to do something. A name weren't necessary. But this man weren't like the others, saying slave didn't seem to fit the character he had shown to her.