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  1. The engagement of Rosalie Barton to Prince Wilford III was to be announced in one weeks times. Rosa thought she might just jump out her window. Of course she would never do something so extreme as kill herself but part of her thought she might if she had to marry a man like Wilford. He was at least ten years her senior, and not to mention a disgusting rude man. He was the air to his throne which meant he had great power, and with his power he could help her and her family's kingdom.

    Eastormel had been in quiet a downfall lately. The past seven years had been hard on her father after her mother died, but Rosa couldn't understand why anyone would ruin a whole country over a dead spouse, but then Rosa had never been in love so maybe she just couldn't understand. Her father was constantly drinking and cursing at her if she ever showed her face around him, so she was confined to walking the castle at night or early morning if she was quiet to sneak around. Rosa only ever ventured to two places though, other then her tower, the gardens and the library. She loved most reading in the gardens when she could sneak to them. For it wasn't' just her father who detested her presence but her elder sister as well. Tabitha helped her father try to keep this kingdom together, and they were both ruthless evil people in Rosa's mind.

    When they were younger they got along, but as Tabitha grew and Rosa stayed more beautiful then her, a hate bubbled in her sister's belly. William, her eldest sibling and brother, however adored Rosa for always and forever. But he was not home at present. He was away on a self learning journey, or so he called it. Rosa so wished she could go be with him; there was nothing more that she wanted then to be on an adventure far away from home.

    She often dreamed of where she would go, but nothing seemed to fulfill her dream quiet like the idea of soaring on a dragon. Their Kingdom's army had a dragon, so maybe that's why she wished for it so much. She had never met the knight who rode upon the dragon, but she had never met any one from the army they had. Small and pathetic it was, she was told by Tabitha once when she was found in the library reading about the stars.

    Rosa sighed as she sat at her window sill looking down at the garden she wished she could be in right at that moment, but something of a meeting or so was going on in the main hall that her father was attending and if he saw her dallying about in the gardens he would surely scream and yell. So she settled for sitting in her open window her auburn hair blowing in the soft winter breeze a blanket around her shoulders as she looked down and wondered about what plants would grow come spring.
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  2. Ricard tapped his foot somewhat, standing beside the King in his full dragon armour. Such a sight it was, to see one of the last defences the kingdom had against attack. Luckily, the rider had plenty of surprises up his sleeves, well, if he had any. He had served the King for more than five years, and even after almost being courted with Tabitha, Ricard remained as the only person capable of taking on an army and winning, thanks to his dragon and skills.

    The meeting was underway; attacks from the north, the direction which William had gone on his journey, had intensified to an almost uncontrollable state. Many of the morale deprived soldiers complained, not wishing Ricard to take the lead yet again, as was always the case these day. The rider defended his position, saying that it was paramount to all future endeavours. Nonetheless, the meeting was over as soon as it began, the King growing tired of such trivialities.

    Fortunately, the meeting went on long enough for the Lady Rosa to attend, not that many noticed her arrival. Ricard noticed however, his gaze turning towards the maiden before going straight ahead, utter loyalty to the crown as it seemed. A sigh escaped his lips, before he made his way down one of the passages toward the stables where his dragon was kept.

    Temperance was usually chained to the ground, to prevent him from flying away, but Ricard could call him from miles away with a simple whistle. Though, the crown did not allow him to keep his dragon free, which stirred a few... interesting situations come the morning, the usual routine of the dragon stretching its wings and generally being free to roam.

    The rider reached the stables, only to find Temperance and pet his nose, the dragon responding kindly and affectionately. "There, there... My beloved." He'd whisper, as if not to spark some kind of vile controversy. The higher ups of the kingdom seemed to wish that Ricard would leave, but without him, they were screwed offensively.

    Once he had fed thee dragon, Ricard escaped to the castle gardens; his favourite place to relax. He still wore full armour, even here, as the threat of invasion was ever present in the modern day.
  3. Rosa had successfully passed unnoticed with one of her favorite poetry books. She had read it more than a hundred times with the spine bent out of shape. She had been sitting on her favorite rock, book open in her lap, dressed in a soft pink gown that was flat against her body with a shall around her shoulders. The winter air had been getting colder, and they would surely get snow this year. Rosa loved snow more then her love for flowers this time around. She usually couldn't wait to see the flowers, but this year when the flowers came it meant Wilford III would be coming to visit his future bride more often until the wedding came when she would have to go meet live with him.

    She was sitting there trying to forget what summer would bring when she heard someone approach. Out of pure shock she squealed quietly and hid behind the large rock she had been siting on. Why she was hiding she didn't quite know, but no one had ever been to the gardens while she had been in there at the same time, so why now? He heart was racing as she held the book close to her chest. Maybe they were just taking a breather. Then her heart stopped. It was probably someone from the meeting earlier. What if her fathers sees her or hears of her being out her. Oh gods, she was going to have to run the first chance she got. So much for fresh air for herself.

    She hid for a moment then decided to peek only to see a knight clad in armor, but she didn't understand why. They weren't under attack were they? Wouldn't be a big surprise to her if they were. Everything else had gone to crap. She hadn't received a letter from William in so long, what if he had gotten hurt? She shook that though right out of his head. Knowing him he had just gotten involved with some low born woman and now had to deal with it. He was such a womanizer, and well known to be. She ducked down behind the rock again. She hoped this knight wouldn't be here long, she couldn't see his face but he looked slightly intimidating standing fully dressed in armor. Her heart still beating fast she smiled getting a rush of excitement form all this sneaking around.
  4. A few moments later, Ricard looked around somewhat, even gazing near where Rosa was hiding, but didn't seem to notice her as he knelt down properly on both knees, and examined one of the flowers which seemed to stick out quite a lot. This flower, as it seemed, was the favourite of the rider, and he'd often pick them while he's out and about to place upon his dragon's saddle, a sophisticated piece of equipment to say the least. Regardless, he leaned forward and smelt it, the aroma alluring and divine to the senses.

    Removing the mouthpiece of the helm he wore, Ricard did seem to have an unusually feminine jawline. From the side, which Rosa could properly see, it was as if this rider were a little less manly as they seemed to put on, but in a moment, he sighed and spoke aloud.
    "... Lady Rosa, I know you're there." He spoke loud enough for the girl to hear, his voice seeming out of place with a jawline like that. The lips too-- they seemed too girly for a man, but the voice offset the entire person. No woman could sound so deep, and no man could look so elegant. Regardless of this, he gazed in Rosa's direction, a smile upon his features, though everything apart from his jaw and a bit of his neck was visible aside from the armour.

    "I mean not to pry, but I must ask, why are you out here? I thought the King would tell you to stay within the tower..." He approached, slowly, but his stride for some reason seemed casual, too casual to be alarming. The way he walked even, this was no ordinary man, he had the stride of someone who knew how to walk the walk. "... Which, if these words may not hear His ears, is a little harsh. I...

    I apologise, Your Highness," Ricard recognised one of the simplest faults in his own mannerisms; failing to introduce himself. "I am Ricard d'Flara, dragon rider of Eastormel, at your service." He knelt keenly, his gaze level with the ground as he closed his eyes under his helm.
  5. Rosa squeeled when he spoke to her, oddly liking that he did not have a face full of hair, ahead rather thought that made men look way older than they should. At first all she could do was nod in his direction then she peeked around the rock to see if she could see into the castle, she couldn't.

    " You are well met, sir Ricard, but I implore you to stand about your business as though I am not here, less i be seen." She smiled and placed a thin finger to her lips in a 'shhh' for the moment. He had been correct in saying her father wouldn't want her out her. She relaxed against the rock and starred at Ricard.

    He was strange, but in a way she liked that. His odd kindness and the way he held himself. By his mouth she'd say he is very young, but that was just a guess.

    Nothing her own advice she played with a piece of her hair and whispered to him. "You're the dragon rider right?" She had a wonderful fascination with dragons, and their failing excuse had a knight riding dragon keeping them together. She found that amazing on his part and wanted to know more.
  6. Ricard seemed to move closer, crouching down somewhat as he looked to the side. "I'd rather be accused of seeing things than give away your position, milady. I won't let you be found." His voice, while deep and offsetting, was awfully smooth and could lull even a barbarian into submission.

    Standing up once more, the rider then looked around, sighting not a single guard within the immediate vicinity, as he made his way through the bushes and met Rosa face to face, behind the rock she hid behind. "In fact, I'd much rather hide with you than reveal you to your father. I know how he is... It's sad, in a way." With a nod, he sat himself down, arms behind him to support his tall frame.

    "I am the dragon rider, and well, I ride the dragon. He is my beloved, so to speak. Th-the dragon I mean." He chuckled lightly, now allowing himself the opportunity to whisper. None were to find them here, lest they looked hard enough.
  7. The giggled and smiled thinking how nice that would be, to have such a dear friend. Rosa put down her book and looked at the armored man wondering why he was so covered, maybe he had a deformity. There were many things it could be but she didn't ask. people had their secrets and she wasn't one to pry. She was however not scared to ask other things about the dragon and he. She didn't want to burden him though so she stuck to a more entertaining subject possibly.

    "what are you doing here un the gardens." she whispered even though they may not be ffound she wanted to jeep her voice low. " I've never seen anyone here in the gardens before." she want tying to make him uncomfortable she just wanted to know why someone might love this place just as she did. She pulled her legs up to her chest and hugged her legs waiting to hear his answer in hopes for a good conversation.
  8. "Oh! Well, I'm usually here when I can be, it's one of the best spots within the castle. I'm certainly surprised to see you here, milady." Ricard smiled again, as he leaned his back against the rock. "My favourite flowers, the Eastormel Daisy and the Eastormel Lilly, both reside in this garden. I'd be a fool not to visit, lest I wanted them to be less than cared for." The rider soon looked up at the sky, a sigh escaping those elegant lips.

    "May I ask why you're out here? It's only fair~"
  9. Rosa giggled and smiled having fun talking to him. She leaned in to whisper low. "I come here to be with the flowers and lay in the sun." She smiled again and pointed down to her poetry book. "I also like to read here. It makes me feel as though I'm somewhere else.." Rosa had been coming here to read a lot lately. Everything was getting to lonely and hard for her. As their kingdom crumbled they held less and less events, which meant less opportunities for Rosa to leave her tower. She could escape to this garden, but there was no where else she could see, no one she could see. A few maids might chat with her to be nice in hopes that if she were to have the odd chance to succeed the throne they might have her favor. Rosa knew that this was their motive, but she didn't mind, she wouldn't be mean or cruel to any one no matter what they'd been through for she never wanted that sort of treatment that she got.

    She looked up at the knight wishing to see his eyes but couldn't because of the helm he wore. She wondered if she were to wear a set of armor like that might it protect her from their cruel words and actions. She hated how her father ignored her and her sister shunned her. It made her feel invisible and not alive, but here was this kind person sitting with her, hiding so she didn't get caught. And why? Just to talk to her, or so she told herself because that's what she wanted to believe. She wanted there to be someone who would sit and talk about 'nothings' with her.
  10. Ricard simply smiled some more, his gaze level with Rosa as she spoke, those eyes of his never seen by the other in fears of the repercussions which could end his career as a dragon rider. His curiosity was sparked by her interest in books, as he too liked to read up on a variety of different topics, most of which were close to his heart. A fair man was he, always wishing to obtain knowledge which could help him in the future, as it was not known. With a simple sigh, he placed his gauntlets behind his head.

    "Milady, mayhaps we could... Meet here, more often. It would please my fiery heart to meet such an elusive woman out here, almost in the open, the thrill of getting caught excites me..." The rider blushed, though only some of the redness was visible due to the way his helmet was designed. "But alas, I'm afraid I must go and feed my dragon again; he gets awfully hungry, even if he has eaten lately." Ricard said in a regretful manner, looking down to his side as he then leaned forward, enough to be on all fours before the princess. Then, he picked up her hand and kissed it, ever so softly, his lips proving that these were no ordinary lips.

    A single lock of brown hair was visible between his helmet and pauldron, a shiny lock which revealed a little more about the mystery of the almost always armour clad dragon rider. He quickly looked around to see if anyone was coming, before taking his leave-- not without another subtle peck to the fingers of the ignored princess.

    'I... Hope to meet her again. Please, God, allow me but another visit' He thought to himself, before he walked along as casually as he could, soon being out of Rosa's sight.
  11. Rosa smiled and nodded at his question. She would love to meet him here more often, she would like that very very much. She blushed as he kissed her hand and watched as the lock of hair shown wanting very much to touch it but resisted the urge to. She watched him walk away, and smiled as her face grew darker. Her heart had never beat so fast before and she was loving this feeling of excitement and danger. She would come here tomorrow in hopes that he would be here, but the gardens suddenly felt lonely without his presence so she left it quietly and practically ran back to her tower the largest smile on her face. It was a wonderful morning indeed.

    Maybe if he could not make it to the gardens tomorrow she would right a letter of all the books she loved most and leave it next to the rock, which would soon become her favorite rock for other reasons. Her heart still racing she plopped onto her bed holding her book close to her heart and wishing with all her might to be able to see him once more.

    ~A few hours later~

    Now prepared for lunch, Rosa stood in front of her full length mirror looking at the afternoon dress she had put on. It was a pale green with soft flowers embroidered on the bottom hem with a pale pink ribbon underneath her bodice. She would be attending lunch with her sister. They had gotten word from the north about her brother William, and she was eager to know the new of him, but there was a melancholic feeling in her gut she couldn't place, a fear of the worse. She swallowed it down and left the room in her tower. The flight of stairs wasn't a long one for her bedroom on the tower only stood six floors above ground level. She walked with a slight hurried step towards the east wing where her elder sister resided. They would be having tea and cakes, along with other things in her bedroom so to speak but not to anger the king.

    A maid met her at the door and let her in. Tabitha was a tall woman, with straight black hair like their father's and a slightly large nose. She wasn't a ugly hag, but Rosa's beauty far out matched her own. Tabitha turned her lip but said nothing else as she motioned for her to sit on the other side of the small table. Rosa did so as the same maid brought them their tea. She couldn't wait any longer.

    "You said a letter came from brother?" Rosa twisted her hands in her lap hoping he was safe. Tabitha lifted her head as if looking down upon Rosa for her worry. She pointed to the cakes on the table.

    "Eat first child." Tabitha always called Rosa a child, although she was not, Rosa assumed it made her feel better about herself even though she was only four years older then her. "Then I shall read you the letter." Rage built up in Rosa, she had waited months and months for that letter, and it wasn't even brought to her.

    "You'll read it now, Tabitha, or else." The anger showed on her face, for the first time in a long time, and Tabitha blinked and curled her lip again at her, not an action that made her look prettier.

    "No man will ever want you like that Rosalie, Your husband will find dislike in you." She sighed however and pulled the letter off the table and began to read.

    ' September 4, William Johnson Barton, Son of King Barton of Eastormel, died of unknown disease. He was found in his tent lying on his back dead. The other soldiers burned his body, so to keep the disease from spreading and are bringing the ashes back to the Eastormel castle to remain with his family.
    High General Smith.'

    Rosa blinked for a very long time, asked Tabitha to read it again, before she began her endless rain of tears and weeping. She put her hands over her face and cried in silence as her sister watched her for once with pity on her face through the rest of the afternoon. Rosa's heart was broken.

  12. Ricard strolled through the stables, thinking deeply about his current life. The way he lived now, while luxurious, was filled with a deep regret, and lies spanning years of his life. Within his own private quarters, within the opposite tower to Rosa's, he took off all of his armour. What was underneath was astounding, and the extent of his lies seeped deep into his very soul. A female body, with wooden inserts to hide his curves, and while this was as true as he could show, at least to himself, his voice was very much authentic. Ricard trained himself over the course of his teenage years, to be able to speak like a proper knight. He wasn't a true noble, rather, adopted by one of the knights, until he met Temperance.

    Taming the beast singlehandedly, the rider would soon become the most powerful person in the kingdom, having enough power to even take the castle he faithfully resided in. In all of his years, he never considered doing such a thing, even when his mind tried to tempt him.

    A sigh escaped his lips, as he bathed, still wearing his eye covering helm just in case one were to walk in on him. The wooden inserts lay with his armour, and his naturally feminine form was divine to the touch, even to himself. There were few times where he could happily be this way, without having to lie about who he was and what he was. Soon he was clean, and he dried himself off discreetly.

    Unknown to him, the one he had met earlier that day was grieving the loss of her dear brother, and with that, Ricard was ever the fool.
  13. After she was done with her tears in her sisters chambers, Rosa whipped her face and walked solemnly back to her tower, forgetting to go by the gardens first. Her feet dragged as he head hung low her eyes red and puffy. Her hopes were that William would be returning to her, but now that wasn't the case. He was dead. Tears formed again in her eyes and she hurried back to the safety of her tower chamber, holding the folds of her dress so she may run better as tears fell down her face. How could this have happened? He was a strong healthy man, she just didn't get it.

    She ran up the spiraled steps to her tower and flung herself onto her bed. William was the only bit of family she had left who ha cared about her, he would always send her things on his journeys along with his letters, Rosa had a chest full of them. She got up off her bed and flopped on her knees in front of the chest. She opened it as it made a loud creaking sound, and there on one side were all his letters beautifully written an tied with ribbon. on the other side were his many gifts. Usually he sent her little trinkets, but he had sent her a few rare cloths to use to make clothing or gloves, but she never found the courage to cut up the cloths scared if she tired she would only ruin them. She picked through the items in the chest when she lost track of time. She glance at the clock in her room hanging on the wall, an item William had sent her, she realized that it was getting close to sunset. That's when she remembered she was to meet Ricard in the garden. She rushed to her window and looked outside to see if he was indeed waiting for her. She hoped not. She would feel awful
  14. Unfortunately, the rider was waiting there, seated upon a bench which had been there for decades, usually as a lover's seat if one were to be specific. The gardens were magnificent, if only a little unkept, some of the plants growing further than they should, some dying due to the weather. Regardless, Ricard enjoyed it here, with or without company. He had his full armour back on, and a light blush under his complete helm was out of view to everyone, luckily, considering he was thinking about Rosa.

    The rider would wait for a long time, at least, until most people had gone to sleep. He wished to see her again, even if he did not know what had happened that day.
  15. Rosa saw him clad in his armor sitting on the bench waiting for her she screamed in shock and worry got away from the window grabbing her dress and racing down the stairs her auburn hair fling out of the perfect form it had made to become a slight mess that seemed cute. She ran all the way to the garden tripping only a fee times but never falling completely until she reached the bench running so fast she almost couldn't stop herself as she grabbed on to one if the metal bar arm rests to stop herself almost falling into him. she was panting heavily her face red with exhaust her eyes still a little puffy she stood there holding her chest dressed in the green dress she wore to meet her sister trying to calm her breath to speak. "Williams dead." she gulped. "My sister received s letter stating so this morning. He died and they're bringing back his ashes." she began grabbing on about stupid details ahead could think of, anything to keepbthe tears in her eyes from falling. She almost made it through her sentence then the tears finally fell and she plopped beside him on the bench to cry softly
  16. Ricard's eyes widened at the news, and once Rosa was crying, he couldn't help but stand up. "Milady, we must go to the secret area, we cannot be seen together." He spoke so suddenly, so... Abruptly, though he had her best interests in mind. If she were caught out here, she'd be in deep trouble with her father - a situation he didn't want at all. "Come, it'll do you some good..."

    He sighed lightly, once again removing the mouthpiece of his helm, placing it on a small indent in his armour, the piece clicking in perfectly. He grasped her hand lightly, not being able to grasp it as hard as he wished to, and simply led the princess along to their place behind the large rock. "Milady, I... I'm not sure what to tell you. I guess... All I can offer you is a place to cry, but..." He looked to the side, being embarrassed and frustrated that he couldn't show her what he really was - a woman. It hurt within his chest, but for now, he could not care about himself.
  17. Rosa nodded and squeezed his hand as tight as the armor would let him and rubbed her eyes dry and weekly smiles up at him. "I'm sorry it just is such a shock to me that I forgot about my promise..were you waiting long?" She felt terrible but just being in his company would help her feel better, she had no clue if he ever knew her brother though. If he didn't maybe she would be spared the pain of talking about it.

    "I'm sorry Ricard. " She whispered his name softly forgetting to add sir as a proper lady should but she just needed the comfort of his name on her lips. It made her feel better just as did holding his hand. Her cheeks held some red in them but it wouldn't be clear if it was from a blush or her tears. She smiled gently at their hands, the simple action calming her somewhat.
  18. Nodding, he stood up and led her to their area, a soft sigh escaping his lips as he sat down against the rock once more. The news of William dying struck a chord, as Ricard had fought in a few battles with him, and seemed to be affected also. "I'm sorry, for not being there with your brother. I should not have been here." He shook his head, looking down to the side somewhat.

    The rider soon released Rosa's hand, gazing toward her somewhat. "I only wish I could do... More, y'know..." He sighed heavily, looking directly ahead.
  19. She smiled at his generosity, glad that someone cared. Her sister had seemed so robotic about the whole thing, not once did she cry while Rosa was in her presence. Rosa clutched her dress sad to let go of his hand. She knew it was improper of an action, but she felt like she needed human interaction or else she would break. She looked up at him her eyes starting to dry but were still red. "Will you stay with me for a little longer?" She knew that would be a request she didn't have a right to ask. He had already waited long enough, and he had spoken last time that his dragon needed to be feed constantly. "Or perhaps I could see your dragon, if you need to tend to him.." She didn't know if that would be too pushy. Ricard might be to blame if she's seen outside her tower with him, so if he refused she would not take it to heart. But she definitely didn't want to go back to her tower. A place that only reminded her of the brother she had lost.
  20. "I fed Temperance before coming here, I made sure of that. I just hope those who try to handle him don't... Well, get both myself and him in trouble." Ricard shrugged it off, nodding a little before he turned to face the princess.
    "I'm willing to stay with you for a while longer. The night is fresh; as am I." His smile seemed so lovely, a gentleness was seen upon it as he placed both of his armoured hands on one of Rosa's. "We need some form of distraction, anyways, it's unhealthy to just... Wallow in the recent events."
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