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  1. TOGETHER WE'LL SAVE THEM : requirements

    1. [*=left]This is a semi-advanced -advanced role play. Three paragraphs minimum, please.
      [*=left]Photos (i.e models) required ; no anime or drawings for character representation.
      [*=left]No god modding or power playing whatsoever.


    • Superheros, sidekicks, villians - these are fictional characters that often provided
      emotional and humorous relief during times of hardship during the Great Depression, World Wars,
      and other times of hardship and strife in America and other countries across the globe. With their
      witty retorts and puns, heroes thwarted the rise of evil with fantastic abilities or incredible
      gadgets, and embedded a seed of hope into the minds of millions across the Earth, one that was
      insurmountably believable:

      ------Good always overcame evil.

      On January 11th, 1973, scattered meteor showers were predicted to hit the Earth at isolated areas
      of the globe, but the scientists hypothesized that the meteors would disintegrate before making
      any contact with the Earth. However, at 11:38 am PST, the meteors crashed into to ground -
      hitting major cities all across the globe. The wreckage resulting from the shower was disastrous -
      the death toll ranked up into the hundred thousands world wide. Those who did survive were
      exposed to an air-born toxin that entered their bloodstream through the oxygen in their lungs,
      mutating their genetic material unseen and unnoticed. While the Doomsday generation was
      unaware and unaffected of this phenomenon, The alteration and mutation of an extra
      chromosome in their genes would cause generations after to have a Ten thousand to one chance
      of being particularly different.

      Everyone is a carrier of this extra chromosome, but the genetic material does not necessarily
      react and become active. It has been noted that the material remains dormant until the carrier hits
      his or her final stages of teenage puberty, when it then becomes active and mutates on it's own -
      provided him or her with the ability to perform incredible feats or endure impossible odds that
      would have otherwise defied the forces of nature. These different humans have inevitably been
      given the derogatory nickname of mutant.

      Many mutants have used their - abilities - for their own personal gain, whether for fame, or more
      often leading them to a life of crime. This was the birth of the villains. Others just kept to
      themselves, and never actually used their powers, much like the normal civilians of the world who
      did have an active mutated chromosome. Some, however, retained their moral code and attempted
      to pursue a career in keeping the justice - fighting and capturing the villains. And thus was the
      birth of the Heroes.

      Most mutants, though, could not control their powers upon first mutation. Normal people were
      scared of them and performed radical movements in order to try to cure or purge them from
      society completely. The time between the appearance of the first mutant and now is paved with
      blood, regret, anger, and remorse. But time heals all wounds, and the mutants are now accepted
      as normal people of society-

      However, it is required that, upon the first appearance of the mutated chromosome proceeding
      puberty, a mutant must enroll in a special academy called Themis located in New York City
      (also in Europe, Sourth Africa and Japan), to learn to control their powers, and focus them into
      helpful or resourceful ways. The academy is primarily aimed at training potential mutants who
      wish to pursue stopping injustice - but there is a small program which allows students who simply
      want to learn to use and control their powers, but otherwise wish to remain uninvolved in the fight
      against the mutants who use their abilities for evil.
    ​​"Comic book heroes don't exist."Especially not in New York City.

    • Presently: The mafia has been the powerhouse of organized crime in the United States for decades, but recently it has taken a steep incline in power over the past few months. Every genre of crime has become increasingly more frequent - everything from petty crimes such as car-jacking and trafficking, to economic espionage, and assassinations. Curiously enough, the majority of the crimes have slowly become allocated to one specific group targeting rival gangs and competition. The gangs of New York are in an arm's race to gain power and eliminate all potential threats to their profits and business, and the citizens are continually being caught in the cross-fire. To-be heroes are being persuaded to the 'dark side', leaving Themis Academy to persue their own personal agendas and roles in the mafia wars raging in New York.
    • Current insight:The "alpha" mafia boss that controls the city, Michael Ashworth, has mysteriously vanished, leaving his throne to his son, Alexander Ashworth. However, this hero prodigy has no desire or intention of running a crime organization, and has plans to try to make the 'family business' a useful one for the good of the world. But, will the boy's attempts to bring the Ashworth dynasty from the pits of hell inevitably bring him down into the pit? Or will he be the hero that New York City is looking for?

    A HERO CAN SAVE US : faq

          • Preferably, no. Though, if you really insist and give me a good reason and if you know
            that you can handle more than one character. I would prefer it if everyone only had one character.
            Sure you can, but if you have a hero, you can only take a sidekick or a villian, and so on.


      • I'll assign numbers to all heroes & sidekicks, and randomize the numbers to decide who gets who later.


        • Neither. The characters in this rp attended high school prior to enrolling in Themis
          . It is not, however, a school for general education. The courses are specifically for
          controlling their powers, and learning other skills that will be helpful if they are pursuing a career
          as a hero only. The characters may choose to attend college outside of Themis if they want more education.


        • Every mutant is required to go to a school in order to learn to control their powers
          when their mutated chromosome activates. If they don't, they are flagged as dangerous, making
          them outcasts in society until they do attend a school. Most schools only aim to offer basic control
          courses, but Themis however, is a privately owned academy aimed at training students to
          become Heroes,
          brave mutants who wish to take down the mutants that use their
          abilities for their own personal gain and conquest.


        • I am considering adding a separate category of characters for those who wish to
          have a higher degree of education (Themis is expensive), but do not want to be a hero. Most
          students who attend Themis aspire to become heroes, but there are a small few who wish to take
          the courses, but would rather attend college and become doctors, engineers, etcetera.


        • No, not necessarily. When being admitted to Themis, they are subject to a psyche test - just in
          case. Themis will not and does not train villains, and they take every precaution to prevent any
          hero-in-training from becoming one. However, sometimes things don't always go right, and one
          or two slip past the system. Everyone and anyone who comes to Themis aspires to become a hero. They
          come with the intention of becoming a hero. Situations may occur otherwise that could lead them
          to the path of villainy.
    NEVER GIVE UP : application

    • character name:
    • 'hero' name:
    • Villian, hero, or sidekick:
    • age: [15-30]
    • abilities: [limit to three]
    • appearance:
    • strengths & weaknesses:
    • likes & dislikes:
    • brief history:
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  2. Interested. Will make character sheet as soon as I can get online.
  3. Interested. Will post character sheet as soon as I can. Love the requirement of 3 paragraphs. Some people just like to give a sentence max which irritates me.
  4. I have a question.

    Would I be allowed to create two "heroes", where one's only purpose was to die later on to create a situation for the other to turn villainous? They might have some interactions between them, but its likely that only one would have any sort of meaningful interactions with other characters.
  5. Fabulous! Can't wait to see the characters you guys have in mind!

    @LuluRS: Yeah, that's perfectly acceptable.I'm really not that strict about a majority of the rules like that, because obviously there are characters that interact with our characters that aren't owned by a roleplayer.

    But you'll find that I'm pretty lax about things like that. I just like to elaborate on particular requirements and questions because I like to hear myself talk (not really, I just like not having to leave out any details).

    Speaking of which, I'll have more details on the mafia ( mostly the hierarchy, for those who may be interested in being involved with it), location details, and then some once I get on my laptop and can get my hands on photoshop.
  6. Will it be okay if I'm an Ashworth?
  7. Yes! That'd be cool, in fact! The ashworth family is fairly large, so I imagine that there might be a few relatives in this rp.

    Here's my character, Alexander Ashworth, the son of the Mafia boss. c: He could have a sister, or a brother as well if anyone is interested in that.

    My character sheet is short because I'm lazy and am putting too much effort into my intro post. Don't be intimidated by my first thread post when I post it, because I always write too much for introductions.

    character name: Nicholas Ashworth
    'hero' name: Mercury
    Villian, hero, or sidekick: To-be Villian, presently a hero
    age: [15-30] Twenty-one
    abilities: [limit to three] shapeshifting, speed, bone manipulation
    appearance: Nicholas
    strengths: close combat, infiltration

    weaknesses: long range attacks, illness, deep water
    likes: comic books, cigarettes, adrenaline rushes, coffee, cars, women

    dislikes: storms, guns, unnecessary violence or conflict
    brief history: Born prematurely, Nicholas was expected to die at an early age. Miraculously, he outlived his expected lifespan, and despite his physical illnesses, he proves himself to be a formidable opponent in battle. Because his father is the leader of the mafia in New York, which ultimately resulted in the death of his mother, Nick was intent on steering away from his father's path, and decided to attend Themis Academy to become a hero. But, his stubbornness and ego prevent him from cooperating well with a sidekick - not only because he prefers to be in the spotlight, but because he's fearful of the possibility that his sidekick may be put in harm's way, or fatally injured, because of his own thoughtless actions.
  8. Character Name: Enar
    'Hero' Name: [Will think of it]
    Villian, hero, or sidekick: Sidekick
    Age: 20
    Abilities: Barrier that stops objects in close and middle range from comming towards her. Ability to create certain wind patterns resulting in tornadoes or twisters, flying, or wind attack. Flexibility
    female hero.jpg

    Strengths: all ranges of combat, deffence and offence
    Weaknesses: deep in water, close spaces (ex:elevator), no air room (don't know what is called), fire (sometimes, if it can't be controlled)
    Likes: reading, nature, animals, cook, food, train
    Dislikes: conceited people, knows-it-all, pink, smoking or drinking, being inside
    Brief History: Enar lived in a orphanage until she was 5 years old of age. The Themis Academy heard from her power when she as a kid knocked out one of the kids by sending a gush of air onto him. Since then, the academy has offer her a home where she could get an education until the age of 18 and then teach her how to use her powers for the good. Enar wasn't much of a hero kind of person and preferred being the one supporting the leading role. All she wants is to make the world a better place and put away the villains for good with the help of a partner.
  9. Character Name: Lucian Cezer
    Hero Name: Lyth

    Villain/Hero/Sidekick: Villain in the making

    Age: 19

    Abilities: Has the ability to turn his shadow in to a solid mass, which can be used to interact with the world. With higher concentration, Lucian is able to give mass to the shadows of inanimate objects, though they are severely more difficult to control, and have a tendency to lash out randomly if his focus is broken. And for short intervals, Lucian can enter into the shadows, or rather, make himself into a shadow, and move between them. This can only be done with a great amount of effort on his part, and only lasts for a minute at most, before he becomes to exhausted to hold himself in that form.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Strengths and Weaknesses: Strength - He can cause devastating physical attacks from a long distance away. Weakness - He's vulnerable if someone can get close to him, and using his powers is taxing on him body, and cannot be used indefinitely.

    Likes: Quiet spaces, family, anything small and fluffy.

    Dislikes: Loud noises, cold weather, animals that could squish him.

    Brief history: Lucian lived in a small, close knit family on the outskirts of a small city. While they weren't a family of fortune, they were happy, and could provide for all their needs. However, when Lucian and his sister were in high school, his sister's genetic mutations came into light. Now branded as a mutant, she was sent to Themis. It killed Lucian to lose his sister, and he began to show it in his schoolwork and personal life. His grades fell, and he lost contact with many of his friends. It would be a full year before Lucian's own mutations would make itself known, and in a rather violent way. During a particularly difficult test, his shadow stood up from the ground, and began to attack the students who had been the biggest ring leaders of the boy's misery. It wasn't until the area had been evacuated that his shadow returned to normal. A day later, he was sent to Themis, and reunited with his sister.


    Character Name: Étolié Cezer
    Hero Name: Illian

    Villian/Hero/Sidekick: Sidekick

    Age: 19

    Abilities: Illian has a small amount of manipulation over time. She can rewind or slow time in a small area. The area can be no bigger than a single person. This allows her to be somewhat of a healer, as she can rewind time around a wound. However, it has to be a fresh wound, as her abilities can only rewind time by 2 minutes. She can slow time for much longer, however.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Strengths: She's quick on her feet, able to help out many people in a short amount of time. Her powers also don't have a limit to how many times they can be used.

    Weaknesses: She is vulnerable to any form of attack, and she herself is physically weak.

    Likes: Quiet spaces, friends, family, nature.

    Dislikes: Animals, aggressive people, being on her own.

    Brief History: Étoilé lived with her brother and her parents in a small home on the outskirts of a small city. While the family was definitely not rich in any way, they were happy. The parents could provide for all their needs, and the two children understood that they were more well off than many others. Étoilé's mutations made itself known when she was in her teens. Harmlessly, she rewound time on a fallen pencil to raise it back to her desk. This branded her as a mutant, and she was sent away to Themis. It would be a year later before her brother came to join her.
  10. Awesome! Love you guys!

    The IC thread is up now, for anyone interested.
  11. character name: Billy Grieger
    'hero' name: Druid
    Villian, hero, or sidekick:Hero
    age: [15-30] 19
    abilities: [limit to three] (Billy's powers aren't yet fully realized and doesn't know what he can do yet. I want him to build as he goes but this is my idea)
    1. Billy has the ability to empathize with animals on an emotional level and build strong connections to where the animal's soul can eventually be drawn into his body (Max 5). This process could take a matter of moments or a while depending on the disposition of the animal. They will appear as a tattoo somewhere on his person and he takes on a minor trait of the animals, which is not up to him (I.E. Wolf could translate to slightly heightened sense of smell, a change in hair color, eyes of two different colors, ect...) This absorption represents the animals full loyalty to him.
    2. Billy can release the animal to act under his control as well as reabsorb them, but he has to be careful because if the animal dies he can never call it back. While the animal is out of his body he loses the tattoo and the physical trait. The animal will take the the form of its self in its best physical condition and he maintains a mental link with it. If Billy releases an animal and successfully calls it back in he can't call it back out to fight for him until it has recharged (This process roughly equals out to how long it was out is how long it has to stay back in) The only reason he would want to pull them back in is because it heals them. If he so chooses he can release an animal from its bond to him thus sever all connection. This would release the animal back in the condition he originally found it in. (basically if he wanted to reabsorb them again later he would have to start the process over.)
    3. Lastly Billy can shapeshift into any animal he has ever absorbed before no matter if they are currently with him or not. Say he has the wolf with him and it is out fighting for him he can transform into that wolf and fight with it. Or if the wolf was dead he can still be it because the animal has imprinted on his ability to shapeshift.


    strengths: Excellent strategist, animals are drawn to and love him, works well with others
    weaknesses: Isn't very confident in his abilities, knows little about his powers, doesn't know how to fight.

    likes: Loves animals (obviously), likes to spend time surrounded by nature, likes to sketch animals in their habitats
    dislikes: Billy hates that he can't communicate with people as well as he can with animals and oddly the color orange.

    Brief History: Billy grew up in a small suburban town and like most shy teenagers didn't have a very well adjusted social life during high school. At school he was often the target of a lot of hazing. At home though, he spent most of his time with the various animals he would save and care for in his home. Luckily his parents saw this as great ambition and hoped for him to follow into some sort of animal research, rescue, or field of care in his later years. They even took care to help Billy with the financial and required medical needs of the animals he rescued. Most were pretty normal and some were a little obscure; couple of cats, a turtle, two rodents, and even a wolf cub with two different colored eyes that Billy named Bandit. Billy graduated high school with relatively good standing and just moved into the local college majoring in Zoology. During his freshmen year, Bandit was hit by a truck while Billy was walking him to the vet. This was the first manifestation of Billy's powers. As Billy held his dying best friend in his arms, crying, something odd happened. Bandit lifted his head slightly and touched his nose to Billy's forehead. Bandit began to glow bright green and burst into a thousand green particles spiraling into Billy's chest. Billy had no idea what just happened and it freaked him out. As did his appearance when he saw that his eyes were now Bandit's eyes. Next thing he knew he was being recruited into Themis Academy. He has come to terms with what he is and, though he does not yet know what he can fully do, is determined to make himself into a great hero.
  12. Character Name: Flynn T. Stohn

    'Hero' Name: Night Ranger

    Villian, Hero, Side-Kick: Side-Kick

    Age: 19

    1. Telekinesis - move objects with his mind. Limited by training, currently trying to make self levitate by lifting shoes.

    2. Duplication - he can duplicate anything that has touched him before in an exact copy (created at the palm of his hand) or destroy any copies he has made. Limited only by training, focus, and memory, currently can duplicate anything up to the size of a backpack.

    3. Night vision - he can see in the dark, however since it is really just a heightened sense of sight, he is forced to wear sunglasses constantly. (aviators)



    Strengths: Military training from father, knows many martial arts styles, knives are his thing (throwing or in hand to hand), very physical character (can swim, parkour, fight, run, etc.), great memory (ends up being very helpful for duplication)

    Weaknesses: Eyes are sensitive to light, no confidence in relationships (hard to trust others), not much formal education (dropped out beginning of sophomore year of high school).

    Likes: Corn Nuts, training/exercise in general, rain, attention, blue

    Dislikes: Disorganization, people who think they are higher than others, purple,... pants.

    Brief History: He was the class clown for his little time in high school, he loved to play pranks on people for the enjoyment of others not so much for himself. Joined the Marines as soon as possible (following in father's footsteps). His first showing of his abilities was during a training exercise, when a knife went hurling toward his officer because of a clumsy recruit. He stopped it mid air with his telekinesis. and was immediately shipped to Themis Academy per the policy of the military. He left with a thank you / goodbye letter from his officer who was his first and only friend which he has on his person at all times. He duplicates corn nuts in his hand and eats them when thinking or mulling over anything. He doesn't aspire to be a hero because he knows they get the fame, which he does not want. However he likes helping others too much even if he cant trust them (reminds him of working with his dad, it's a sort of therapy for him). After the realization of his duplication power his daily routine has changed. He "makes" his own apparel and goes "shopping" every once in a while for a new style. Food is cooked by him out of the raw food he duplicates.
  13. I'm kind of sad, this RP isn't getting near as much play as I was hoping :(
  14. >.< Sorry! I haven't been active the past few days. School and stuff. But I will surely post today or tomorrow after school.
  15. I've been eyeing this thread with interest, but I haven't had time to think about it and make a character. If by the time I have free time, you guys haven't gotten to far, I'll try to join up (if you're open to that). ^^
  16. I'm interest in this RP. Still completing my character will post ASAP but we are having finals this week so give me sometime and I will have it done.
  17. LOL I'm definitely okay with it! Haha, that really is up to fishcakes though :/
  18. I can't wait for this to get up and running, I've never done roleplaying before except in person. so we finished disputes easily.
  19. Whoops. Sorry, got distracted with real life and being over worked to death. The sudden explosion of people kind of caught me by surprise since it had a slow start.

    If anyone wants to plot with me regarding relationships with Nicholas, i.e. Mercury, shoot me a pm. Preplanning 'ships = my crack inspiration.

    Would it be awful of me to ask that future post colors be left in default colors? The bright greens, blues and reds are murder on my eyes.
  20. No problem :D I was using green so I could distinguish my character a little more but I'll go back to white.