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  1. A little about me: I'm 19, from the United Kingdom. I currently attend University and I have a lot of time free in-between lecturers, so I'd love to have a fun rp!

    Plot: It's sorta strange but I dunno, could be cute and fluffy and angsty. There are three characters in the rp. Two girls are in a romantic relationship, and my character doesn't know them at the beginning.
    My character comes from a very unpleasant home, but she's someone who's always been rather innocent and oblivious. Maybe your two characters find mine on the street after her family throw her out, and decide to take her in. Even though they're the same age, your characters sort of parent mine and my character truly ends up seeing them in that way. Maybe my character's traumatic experiences make her regress a little, so she is exceedingly innocent and childlike. So if there is romance, there won't be sexy-times involved with my charrie. I'm not sure about other plot and such! Honestly I'm welcome to ideas.

    Length: A small paragraph? Longer if you're inspired

    Pm or thread?: Pm for sure!

    Mature scenes: Maybe, but not a lot at all (which is why it isn't in the libertine section). There's just the potential for it. So, I only rp with people who are over 18.

    Replies: I know this is a tough ask and I know everyone gets busy, but I'm looking for speed-of-light replies right now. Very quick. The quicker, the better. I can usually have a reply out in ten minutes, and obviously when I'm busy it'll take a while longer (But I promise to warn you whenever possible).

    What I'm looking for: Someone nice who isn't afraid to have a chat in-between rp'ing. I promise, I don't bite ^^

    Contact me if you're interested xxxx

    My character: http://innercircle.sunglasshut.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/elizabeth-olsen-fashion-shoot1.jpg
  2. (Still open)