Fluffy 1x1 with Patty

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  1. Lissa was sitting in front of her computer screen, grinning as she played her favorite war game. It was a little odd for a girl like herself to be playing a game of such violent nature, but she was enjoying it anyway. She was dressed relaxed as well, her hair in a set of loose pigtails, her body covered by a bright blue sports bra and her shorts a black running material. To her left was a half empty glass of coke, and her right was a bowl of buttered popcorn. It was indeed a game day paradise.
  2. Haru knocked on the door. His girlfriend and him decided to room together after graduation so since they hadnt even kissed yet he was cautious not to walk in on her dressing. He instead walked in to her playing her game."Youre so cute Lissa."
  3. Lissa had heard the knocks of her boyfriend, and she looked at the door with a smile, taking his compliment in stride. "Well thank you, but it having popcorn bits stuck to my stomach really that cute?" She questions, laughing as she did in deed brush some pale bits of her snack away from her skin.