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  1. Hey!
    So my other post isn't getting that much response.
    That's fine, I'm not really the kind of person to worry about that.
    I'm just going to make another thread with a different kind of rp :p
    Here are some pairings that I'm looking to do.
    In my head they are a bit on the fluffy side, something fun, and something mindlessly cute.

    Without any further notes, here they are!

    The list:
    1. Visually impaired(blind) x normal person (guy or girl.)
    2. Normal guy x blind girl (yep, there's two sides to it)
    3. fwb who have alot more feelings than they show.(plot in mind)
    4. poor/simple/unpopular guy x rich/popular girl
    5. morning diner, breakfast mixed up (plot in mind)
    6. apartment conplex fire alarm goes off(plot in mind)
    7. male nurse x patient (plot in mind)

    Pm me if interested
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  2. still looking
  3. always looking
  4. always looking
  5. still looking
  6. I might be interested in 6 or 7
  7. always looking :)
  8. I did pm.you
  9. I'm interested, pm me
  10. I'm interested! i would love to write with you :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.