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  1. I'm going to say now, I'm new, have no clue how to be all official sounding, and am generally a clueless spazz. And I love magical girls. So uh....ploooott....

    The world we know has always had it's fair share of problems, and we have learned how to deal with them as a people. But there are problem that arise beneath the surface, ones made from magic and chaos....
    This is where you come in. Magical Girls, also known as The Flowers of Hope, are an elite, young, and courageous group, who use their powers that have been bestowed upon them to defeat evil beasts named "Blight", creatures of many a different shape and size.
    But is what the Flowers fight for really good?
    And are all of the Blight truly evil?
    Who are the real people to trust, when morals begin to blur?

    Well, that was...slightly pathetic... I hope it attracts a few people, at least.
    Anyway, rules....uh....Not many. No Mary-sues, which is a given....uh....that's it...I don't mind anything's all good in my books.

    So uh....character sheets...

    Age: (Between 13 and 18)
    Grade and School: (Not all Magical Girls attend the same school)
    Powers: (What they can do, if they use a weapon, and what kind of backlash the power may have)
    Appearance: (Now, I don't mind if you draw it, find pictures on ~The Google~, or use a doll maker. Do what makes you comfortable. But I want a 'normal' attire and a 'Magical' attire. Preferably themed. Candy, colors, XD )
    Welp...I'm done XD
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  2. I suppose I should watch Madoka Magica.... *sigh* but the art... ah, whatever. Joining. Cuz... cuz yes.

    Name: Roselyn Carter
    Age: 15
    Grade and School: sophomore, and... um... the school they go to?
    Personality: Carefree, sassy, sarcastic, friendly, if she's mean, she's either joking or there's a good reason.
    Likes: Cats, other animals, sweets, anime, and books.
    Dislikes: younger people, authority, and birds... *shudder*
    Fears: Being alone
    Backstory: Lived with her aunt since she was young, got most of what she wanted, but was never really popular... She wanted to fit in, but couldn't really get the hang of people.
    Screenshot 2014-09-08 at 8.56.37 AM.png Screenshot 2014-09-08 at 8.51.20 AM.png
  3. Some suggestion, I think adding how characters use their power into CS will help us know them a lot better.

    Anyway, reserving.
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  4. Ah! Good idea! I wrote this late at night so...It isn't as polished as I want, but trust me...I'll work on this right away!
  5. Name:
    Sonya McClain


    Grade and School:
    Senior at Lillyway Prep (girls only prep school)

    Sonya, at first glance is a bit on the stern and stand offish side. She's always playing by the rules and she's never late. She's also always doing something it seems, working on homework, or filling out scholarship papers, and the like or reading. Under the exterior she can be quite sweet and once her shell is cracked she become loyal to a near fault. However, she also gets quite bossy. Although a rare occurrence, she can let her hair down and have fun. She's only likely to do this with someone she feels completely comfy around. She always puts her all in what she does. She does consider herself bisexual, however she's always a bit awkward around anyone she has a crush on and she's never actually been in a relationship.

    Chocolate, stuffed animals, reading, MMO's, secretly: dancing

    Snakes, coffee, roller coasters(mainly because shes never been on one before),

    Snakes, being a failure, having a child with a heart problem like her sister, drowning

    Powers: She has the power to slow, and even sometimes stop, time around her. When someone sees her while her power is in effect, it looks simply like she has sped up, they won't notice that time has slowed unless they are privy to the nature of her powers.

    Weapon: The chain of her pocket watch extends and becomes a whip-chain like weapon.

    Backlash: When she slows time, it increases her appetite. When she stops it, or shares the effects of her time control with someone else, she gets increasingly exhausted and hungry the longer she maintains it.

    KEY ITEM: A pocket watch that is always moving at a rapid rate.
    Show Spoiler

    Sonya is from a middle class family. She's has one younger sibling who was born with a massive heart defect and is often times sick. When she was 16 her parents told her that her little sister didn't have long to live. This gave her a wish to stop time. One day while she was browsing through an antique shop, she stumbled across her pocket watch. She knew she had to have it. When she took it up to the counter, the storekeeper didn't recall ever having it in his inventory. But he did eventually sell it to her. Her sister died a year and a half later. And two months after that she discovered she now had powers and her watch transformed her into a magical girl. She's never really cared for what other people though of her, and she's retreated more into herself since her sister's passing.

    Sonya stands tall for a girl at an even six feet in height. She has long, curly brown hair that she usually keeps restrained in braids or a bun. Her eyes are a blue grey in color.Normally, she is seen in her school uniform which is composed of a crisp white shirt, a black blazer that has the school emblem of a Lilly, a knee length plaid skirt made up of different shades of white, grey, and black stripes, a pair of simple black leggings, and black shoes. She always has her pocket watch on her.

    In her transformed state, the hair that she usually keeps retrained is let free and and hangs down to her lower mid back in a cascade of curls. Darker makeup than what she would normally wear replaces whatever she is wearing. A victorian-esque, black and red outfit appears. Her pocket watch is displayed at her hip.
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  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Kisura Shimigi
    Age: 16

    Grade and School: Grade 12 at Himioka's School For Exceptional Students
    Personality: Shy around new people, but outspoken and zealous around friends. Knowledgeable, and a complete bookworm. Doesn't prefer center of attention, but will take credit where it is due. Follower, not a leader.

    Likes: Books, uniforms, big words, boys, and study groups.
    Dislikes: Trying new things, street clothing, dances, and public restrooms.
    Fears: Forgetting how to read, losing her prized copy of her father's poetry collection, losing a friend.

    Powers: Her powers revolve around books/paper. Her armor is made out of book covers, and weapons are made out of folds of paper which give quite a nasty cut. (Picture doesn't really match, but what can you do.)

    Backstory:Kisura was way ahead of her classmates when it came to school. She lived a very studious life, and though it didn't leave much time to be sociable, she didn't really mind studying all day for tests that weren't going to happen for months later. Due to her hard work and dedication, she was bumped up several grades. At the top of her class, Kisura felt invincible. Modestly invincible of course. One day, however, some of the other kids in her class gave her an exceptionally hard time. Like most bullies do, they drove Kisura out of the class and into the girls bathroom. Kisura remained there for some time, trying her best to keep her sobs quiet and muffled. In hopes to cheer herself up, she pulled out her father's poetry collection from her bag. "Roses are sweet, but lifes gifts are sweeter." Was the title. Her father had passed many years before, and it was hard for her to read the book. However, she noticed one poem that she hadn't seen before. It wasn't even idicated in the index. It read, "Now that I'm gone, I understand your tears. Nows that I'm gone, I understand your fears. It's troublesome to go on, that much I know, and I'm terribly sorry it was my time to go. To silence your sobs, please, understand me, make a wish on the world's behalf. For you, and for me." Kisura did as her father's writing told her. She shut her eyes tight and wished to change the world like her father changed hers. When she opened her eyes the poem was no longer on the page. Not long later, she discovered her powers and swore to make good use of them.

    Hope you don't mind I used Hitomi from Madoka Magica.
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  7. Yes! Finally!

  8. (In the process of finding/drawing pictures!)

    Name: Alva Hjort
    Age: 17
    School: Senior and goes to... I don't know yet.
    Gender: female
    Trinket: A small fox shaped pendant in black in red on a golden fine-spun chain bracelet.

    Appearance: ----- Regular:This normal slim and rather boyish looking schoolgirl looks ,with white blond hair that reaches to her waist, blue-green eyes and pale skin, like she just came in from Snowland. Her pale colour scheme makes her self-conscious and shy around those she doesn't know. Alva dresses to fit in but her pale hair is always noticed. Her comfiest outfit is a soft sweater with red-brown fox heads and some skinny jeans in dark colours. She is from Sweden, so even in Winter she can be found in light clothing but even she isn't impervious to the cold. Her school uniform is always tidy but she often fusses over it. She is about 5'7, with a small nose and average European eyes. Her pendant always lies in her left wrist, as she is left handed and wants it always within reach. She is very slim, with a very small chest and small hips.

    ----- Transformed: Once transformed, she gains orange fox ears in a headband-like form and a 2 orange fluffy tails form out the back of her dress. Her dress is a simple layered skirt dress, with a tube-top like bodice similar to a gothic style dress. The dress is in yellow-orange, white and blue. The shoulders are bare but white sleeves loop around the upper arms and connects to the main section. The main part of the dress is blue, with white edges and the main tube-top section being yellow-orange. She has white knee length socks and small black shoes. Her eyes become slightly slanted and sly looking, while she gains whiskers on her cheeks. Her hair grows longer and forms two long pigtails topped with white bows, as well as gaining some red and orange-y streaks. Her hands for claws and she has a few foxy traits. She seems to develop more but still retains her slim and lean physique.

    Personality: Alva Hjort is a very strong and able girl, having taken care of her disabled mother since she was 7. She is very money-conscious, as well as quiet and shy among strangers. She never seemed to fit in a particular niche but hopes the move to this new town from Sweden will help her. She feels very self-conscious and was always quiet, inciting bullying against her. However, she is very cunning and sly, as well as being smart with both education and street smarts. She is a very giving and generous person but finds herself giving up too much to make others happy, maybe showing that she has a slight inferiority complex and lower self esteem.

    Magical Abilities: Fox step: Using fox-like flexibility and stealth, she can use this ability to jump and stalk an enemy while not giving away her position. She can also jump higher and land better using this ability.

    Fox traits: She gains many fox-like traits, such as enhanced hearing, smell and night vision. She also cannot see the colour blue when transformed. She also gains fox like flexibility and agility.

    Foxfire: Alva can summon small blue flames that look like will'o wisps that can be thrown or held in hand as a weapon. She can create up to 10 at a time and when they disperse she can create more. However, if she makes too many, colour begins to fade out of her trinket and her clothes, like she is running out of 'battery', if you will.

    Shapeshift: Under dire circumstances, she can transform into a fox form to escape an enemy or to help others. However, if she is in the form too long, she cannot transform back until the next new moon.

    Background: Alva Hjort was a normal child, until at age 7 her family was torn into shreds by her father. Her father attempted to murder his wife and thinking he had, left. He left her mother with reduced metal capabilities and Alva on her own. She received support until she was 12, when they cut funding to the disability department. Since then, Alva has worked odd jobs to keep everything running and using the savings her family had left.
    When she was 14, she found a small little antique store that just popped up in a single day. She explored the hidden niches of the shop and then found the shoplady, a small and homely looking grandma who sat making small carved figurines of foxes. As she looked around, she noticed everything had a fox shaped carving on it somewhere. The old lady had looked at her, sizing her up and then motioned towards a table with 4 pendants and told her choose one. She chose the fox pendant and when she later came back, the store had mysteriously disappeared and no one even remembered it.
    She discovered her powers but doesn't know exactly why she has them.

    Likes: Foxes, strawberries, reading.
    Misc.: Dogs are her greatest fear when she transformed, as well as water as it pains her fire-geared soul transformation.
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  9. Hm, interesting. Save me a spot and I'll try to work on a CS tomorrow c:
  10. Name:
    Normal: Fuka Tomachi
    Transformed: Pandora

    Normal: 15
    Transformed: 18

    Grade, and school:
    10th grade, goes to a performing arts school for the musically talented.

    Normal: Fuka is light hear-ted, fun, and does not take anything that seriously. She loves to laugh, and always make new friends no matter who they are. She is someone who always loves to make people feel great about themselves when they feel down, or lonely.

    Transformed: When Fuka becomes Pandora, almost every aspect of her personality changes. She becomes serious, cold, and powerful. She does not necessarily become evil, but Pandora will destroy anything that comes in the way of her goal.

    Normal: Playing, Talking, Making new friends, video games, sleeping, and eating.

    Transformed: Fighting

    Normal: Hurting others, Being bored, and people who won't buy her food.

    Transformed: Doing nothing

    Normal: Pandora coming out unexpectedly, The thought that maybe her other half could take over.

    Transformed: The thought of losing a battle

    When Fuka becomes Pandora, she gains the power of Pandora's scepter. The scepter is able to manipulate light, and dark forces. Once Fuka transforms she must choose either light or dark at the beginning of the transformation (no changing it after that, until Fuka transforms again.) The light feature on her scepter is able to fill a more support role, with shields, and augmentation magic. Although this setting does lack offensive magic. While the dark setting is used to summon dark minions, and damage her foes. Although this setting lacks defensive magic.

    Specific Power:

    Light Powers:
    1. Shield - Pandora summons a giant bubble to shield her allies.
    2. Heal - Pandora channels holy energy, and restores a ally back to good health.
    3. Augment - Pandora infuses holy energy augmenting her allies's fighting capabilities.
    Dark Powers:
    1. Ritual - Pandora summons a few dark minions to do her bidding.
    2. Dark Clouds - Pandora is able to summon dark clouds that are able to roll in, and cause destruction in it's path, but it can only go a short distance.
    3. Demonic Charm - Pandora is able to use her demonic charm, to lure in a unfortunate subject closer to her.

    Fuka, growing up was an odd child. She would one day be the happiest nicest person ever, and the next she would be the rudest, and coldest person ever. No one really knew why she was like this. Her parents made her see some therapy, and run tests to look for any mental disorders, and it always came up the same way, that she was healthy. Although Fuka knew why she was like this, ever since she was the age of 4 she has had someone talk to her, and watch over her who goes by the name of Pandora. Pandora was sweet to Fuka, and would always help her during Fuka's time of need. Although Pandora would fill Fuka's mind with terrible thoughts of fighting, but Fuka knew never to act upon them. On Fuka's 14th birthday, there were several people who bullied Fuka, and on her birthday they physically assaulted her. After a few punches Fuka heard Pandora repeat in her head, "Darkness, and light lend me your might!" Once Fuka shouted the words, Pandora came out, and killed everyone who assaulted her. That was the day Fuka realized that Pandora, was not just a gift, but as well as a curse.




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  11. [Going to join also, if you don't mind! :3]

    Brittany Evans


    ::Grade and School::
    8th Grade and Rosemary Middle School

    Bubbly, Fun, Hyper, Sarcastic, Friendly, Likeable, Kind-Hearted

    +Stuffed animals

    -Getting wet with clothes on
    -Stuck ups
    -Lots of work
    -Being restricted
    -Sudden loud noises

    ~Being all alone

    She can change into a cat and summon things. The backlash is that, if she uses her powers too much, she'll tire out.

    Brittany didn't have the best childhood. She had to live with her cold, cruel cousins. They didn't care about her. She was more like a stranger than a relative to them. A stranger that they could care less if she died. It wasn't until she was 8 that she started to attend Rosemary. From there, she was able to learn all about herself and her powers. She's been living an amazing life since then.


    [As a cat.]
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  12. Name: Akira "Melody" Tachibana (introduced herself as Melody at first)
    Age: 16
    Grade and School: 2nd year high school at Sakurahime Academy, one of the well-known private schools in the country

    Personality: Melody is a rather stubborn girl that can seem distant.She's hot-tempered and gives people the cold shoulder often.When you get to know her though, shes actually a very caring and protective person that will do anything for anyone.She tends to be in denial whenever she helps people out by saying that she did for her own benefit, or she would just flat-out insult the person.She's a good and trustworthy friend, really.You just need to be a bit patient.She's also actually really easily embarrassed and might end up slapping you if you're the cause of her embarrassment.(in short, she's your typical tsundere :p)

    Likes: cooking, cats, music, singing, dancing
    Dislikes: burnt food, loud people, really touchy and clingy people(she secretly likes getting hugged though), making mistakes in front of an audience
    Fears: the dark, a crowd watching her

    • Gaining some parts of a cat, she is now more swift and athletic than she really is.She also has sensitive hearing as well.
    • She can manipulate electricity, pretty perfect for her somewhat 'bipolar'(not really bipolar, but you get it) personality.
    • She often attacks in a manner like she's dancing

    Backstory: Akira grew up in a very wealthy family as the only child of a very wealthy couple.At the age of 3,her family decided to fly to America and raise Akira there until she turned 10.During her stay in the States, she was enrolled in private schools and was also enrolled in ballet class that she quit before flying back to Japan.From that day on until now, she lived a normal life continuing her studies in well-known private schools.

    She is academically excellent and has been elected for class representative several times, like this current school year.She is well-respected by everyone in the school partly(mostly, really) because they know the consequences if they fool around with her.

    (Will add a bit more tomorrow x.x)



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  13. Name: Ayla Şahin

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female
    School: No idea...

    Trinket: A small charm of oak leaves blowing in a spiral wind, with one green, one orange and one red leaf. The wind spiral is a mixture of gold and blue. She attaches it to a bracelet or her necklace whenever she goes anywhere.

    ----- Regular: Tall and rather willowy, Ayla is an enthusiastic person. She has long black hair that she has never cut, at the behest of her brother, which she usually keeps in a long braid. While being a very feminine shaped senior, she is a tomboy through and through. She often wears plain black jeans and normal shirts with unique or obscure logos on the fronts. As she absolutely hates the cold, she has her trusty rust-red leather jacket on hand at all times.

    ----- Transformed: When she transforms, her outfit matches her cultural background. Her outfit changes into a black belly dancing outfit, with red oak leaves on the edges and when she moves, they seem to blow in the wind. The outfit is a two piece, with the top half being a black tube top with a bell in the middle. The bottom half magically never slips down too far and is an ankle length flowing skirt and the top seam is lined with golden beads and bells. She is barefoot when she transforms, with her oak leaf charm on her right ankle and her hair unravels to reach just above her feet. Like this.. 

    Personality: She is very bubbly but matures down very easily despite this. She loves her friends to bits and would do anything for them. She often doesn't think about her actions very deeply but has a very strong moral compass that allows her to move on in life and she is fiercely protective of those younger than her. She absolutely hates bullies and has been known to drive off bullies, before helping the victims through school.
    Magical Abilities:

    Her main abilities link to her dancing and wind abilities.

    As with all the magical girls, she has enhanced jump/strength but she also has excellent rhythm and teamwork capabilities, as well as really good stamina.
    1. Rhythm Wind When using this she uses her feet to create a rhythm which guides the wind to help her and she can create whirlwinds and blasting winds using this technique.
    2. Tempo In this, she uses the fast beats of her dance in order to rile the wind up, sometimes sharpening or hardening the wind to strike her foes.
    3. Leaf Pulse In this final move, she can use the wind to control 3 oak leaves (green, orange and red) that are sharpened and then use them to attack.
    The movements of her hands, arms and feet control the winds' direction, almost like a very complicated puppet.

    Background: Born into a very large family of high needs children, she was often neglected, not physically but emotionally. Her parents had no time for her, so she filled her days with dancing and playing amongst the oak trees. She loved listening to the howling wind at night, it made her at peace. However, when was 12, a devastating blow was dealt to her. Her older brother Altan died while exploring a cave while she waited outside and she has never fully forgiven herself for it.

    As she grew older and her family moved to a new place, far away from their native Turkey, she knew things were changing. On her 15th birthday, she awoke to discover a small glass box on her nightstand which contained a pendant of blowing oak leaves. She found the pendant helped her feel lighter, especially when dancing and then discovered exactly what it id. She knows that sooner or later, the cause of the mysterious disappearances and murders would eventually catch up with them all.

    Misc.: She is deathly afraid of caves, having had her brother die inside one as a child.
  14. ACK
    W-with really pretty and well thought out magical girls...
    I-I haven't even begun to make my own.....;-; I feel incompetent now...
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  15. Heh... Rose seems pretty petty now...
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  16. Name: Mina Shinji
    Age: 16
    Grade and School: 10th grade class at Tennohosuto High School (This is a reference. If anyone gets it, you get virtual cake. It's hard one though!)
    Personality: Very blunt, and truthful. She's sporty, rude, impatient, and can conflict a lot with others. Although she seems like the rogue of the group, she tries her best to make friends with them. She doesn't do well at this however, from being so abrasive. She's also, in physical terms, the strongest of the group, also making her the most reckless. Despite her tough appearance, she is very sweet, and she trusts people very easily. She sometimes even feels pity for those damn Blights...which gains her much ridicule from her team.
    Likes: Dogs, Reading, Baseball/Softball, running, fixing small things, and secretly loves to wear girly dresses.
    Dislikes: People who talk too much, People who are rude, and rain.
    Fears: Snakes, spiders, and rats. And Defeat. And Being alone.
    Powers: Superior strength and speed, although she usually can control it, resulting in a lot of property damage.
    Weapon: In addition to the strength, she has a War Hammer, than can easily crush things....again, resulting in a lot of property damage. bighammer.jpg
    Backstory: Growing up in a rather normal home, she always loved being active since a young age. It wasn't until she attended a track meet, leaving the others in the dust in mere seconds did she realize that she might be special. Since then, she's been with the Flowers of Hope, destroying horrible creatures...that she sometimes thinks aren't actually doing anything to anyone....
    Normal: tumblr_movbrja2821s3jxvdo1_500.jpg
    Magical Girl Outfit: tumblr_n2pd9ttdh21sa94iyo1_r1_1280.png
  17. Nope, All I get from that, strangely enough, is hayate the combat butler....
  18. Ehe, I'll tell you a secret: Just put it in google translate, and then watch the hooorrrooor *exaggerating*
  19. tenno hosuto in Japanese= heavenly host or host of heaven 天のホスト。
    Is that what you meant?
    I major in Japanese studies, so I wasn't sure if that was a true reference....
  20. Heavenly Host....
    ;-; It's from Corpse Party...the name of the Elementary School...
    It's a small video game reference
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