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    " I'll be yours and you'll be mine. "
    Quintessential Prerequisites
    • +Adept leveled writers, please.
    • Grammar and spelling must be perfected.
    • Aggressive writers! Do not fear the creativity monster!
    • Ability to play more than one character (usually minor character).
    • Not into anime physique's, sorry.
    • Most of my role-plays contain sensitive topics and a few triggers. Please let me be aware of the triggers you have so we can extract it out of the role-playa and tailor it to your needs.
    • This is strictly a GL request. I'm craving for GL, not hetero/BL.
    • Extensive vocabulary is not preferred, but highly encouraged!
    • I prefer to have constant communication with my partner, to be in a friendly level. This would deter away from any awkwardness and we can be comfortable around each other.
    • Please tell me if you got bored of the role-play, regardless whether it was only one post or etc. I hold no grudges whatsoever, your honesty is enough for me. :)
    • Cute & Fluffy High school (Starts from childhood to high school)***
    • Mermaid & Navy Officer/Swimmer (Athlete)**
    • Princess from Kingdom 1 & Princess from Kingdom 2**********
    • Fencer & Fencer
    • Religious Girl & Frat Girl
    • Anti-hero & Hero (Post-Apocalyptic Scenery)*
    • Greaser Chick & Socialite Girl
    • Cheerleader & Nerd***
    • Sculpter & Model
    • Questioning & Lesbian (Want this to be between friends)**
    • Looking for TWO partners.
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  2. *sniffles* I- I can't... but I want to... *sniffs* T^T
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  3. T3T I wish you could but I won't persuade you.... persuade, persuade, persuade
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  4. You liked my email status... What does that mean?
  5. It means I wouldn't mind role playing over email...
  6. Sorry, I'm kind of paranoid right now... ^^;

    If you're alright with rping over email, since that's where I intend to roleplay the rest of the stuff I want to do, then I'd love to do this with you.
  7. I'm interested in the questioning/lesbian!
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  8. Princess from Kingdom 1 x Princess from Kingdom 2~
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  9. Hey I'm interested in the cheerleader x nerd
  10. @Severusx
    I apologize completely and wholeheartedly. My alerts have not been working so I was unable to see your post. Sadly, that pairing has been snatched by another. If there is another pairing that you fancy I would gladly begin a discussion.

    Next time I want a partner I'll just go to you and drown you with my plots -- I'll shove them down your throat. <3

    I deeply apologize. I do not believe we are a perfect fit to roleplay. But you can take that pairing and roleplay it with someone else if you wish. Once again, my deepest apologies.
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