Flowers for Him MxM

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    He wanted to learn about beauty. He never expected to learn about love.

    My character (MC), a billionaire's third marriage is now history, and he's left with his ex-wife's parting barb, "You have no appreciation of beauty." Determined to prove her wrong, MC hires Your Character (YC), an artist to add a mural to his office wall. He doesn't even care what the final product is, as long as it's beautiful.

    YU is an ex-tagger, a free spirit, and a bit of a hippie. He's never met anybody as uptight as MC, but when it comes to warming up MC's cold, stark office, YC has plans involving more than art.

    MC begins to find himself strangely moved by the mural developing on his office wall. He's especially moved by the artist himself. MC has denied his homosexual urges most of his life, but it isn't long before YC begins introducing MC to all kinds of new things. As YC's masterpiece comes to life, so does MC's appreciation for art, color, and the best kind of beauty of all-love.
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  2. I would be interested in creating a character for this. Are you perhaps still interested/looking?
  3. This is interesting. If your still looking I'd be happy to do an rp with you
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