Flowers and Ink?

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  1. I was looking for someone willing to play a tattoo artist in a relationship with a flower shop manager idea with me.
    I am looking for a dominant with a roleplay partner willing to go from very mushy to emotional scenes. I tend to put my characters through crap and you can do the same with me! The flower shop and tattoo places would be side by side in a relatively busy city.
    I have a lot of ideas for this roleplay so if you have any ideas you want to add or share feel free to message me! That includes any kinks or plot twists that you think would be fun to add in. You can pick whether to be the flower shop manager or the tattoo artist as well.
  2. Ugh why does this sound so fucking cute.
  3. I think it's really fucking cute
  4. It's more than being really fucking cute.


    It's really fucking adorable.
  5. I just really want to roleplay this idea. Reminder that it is a male x male roleplay
  6. I would love to join but I'm honestly a terrible Role Player. x'D

  7. Haha. But anyone can always improve.
  8. That's true. Lol. :P
  9. Maybe...

    Juuuuuusstt maybe…...

    I could try if you're interested? x'D.

    If you don't like my Post you could always tell me and I could delete it so you can find someone else cx.​
  10. I wanna do it toooooo
  11. You can do it then x'D

    I probably would suck at it anyways :P

    Have fun love~​
  12. QwQ You guys could both play out the plot with me if you would like. I'm not a big stickler on specific rules and I think it would be fun.
  13. Well, either way I'll send you a PM ; v ;
  14. I'm just gonna...

    I don't know <~>….

    Have fun with your Role Play. c:​
  15. If you want to do one you still can :) I won't force you if you don't want to though