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  1. In certain universes, creating a city that floats in the air is not that hard, especially if one has access to magic or science that is beyond our understanding. However, what if all of that was taken away? What if the architect who had to design a floating city had only access to current technology, or something that is just a little bit more advanced than the current technology of humanity? There are just simply so many problems with a floating city in real life.

    Your exercise is to make a realistic floating city, or at least try to make it as realistic as plausible, then describe it in a few paragraphs. Here are some ideas to help you with that.

    Some ideas on how to start:

    - There are certain materials, called diamagnetic materials, that very strong magnets can float.
    - The method of floating should definitely not rely on fuel.
    - Blimps are a very secure method of lifting weight, but they need to be big enough.
    - Even regular magnets decay over time, and electromagnets would make it impossible to use electric equipment in the city.
    - The lighter materials this city is made out of, the easier it is to keep it lifted.
    - It is also possible to use some sort of fluid to help support or cushion the city.
    - Realistically, there should be multiple levels of redundancy that keep the city floating so it is safe.
    - The city does not need to be one big hunk of rock floating in the sky.
    - Suspension can work wonders.
  2. My floating city idea!

    A city with buildings made of a fiber glass material making all buildings both strong enuf to in habit,but light enuf to allow fore the ground it's built a pawn to be light wait. Tensile fiber wires holding onto large blimp like balloons,a secondary method would be to use solar powerd electro magnets with a reversed polarity to earth or the planet the city would be placed a Pawn. The lighting would be done with small street lamps a gin power by solar power food would be grown in a hydroponic green house water would be gathered through atmospheric filtration systems.
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  3. Stevenberg: The Pocket City

    Scifi genre, A.U.

    Stevenburg is divided into five relatively small districts, travel between which is pretty difficult, and so each runs relatively independently while running under the same laws and within the same jurisdiction

    Each district is suspended in air high in the planets atmosphere by inter dimensional pockets. Observed from without, they resemble pitch black spheres. Within is a tiny pocket dimension entirely filled with the district. The matter and atmosphere inside these pockets is habitable, but because of the dimention shift, has no weight or other influence on the planet's atmosphere, and this remains suspended.
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  4. This is a message from Perfection Paradise Corporation:

    All Grade A and higher level Grade B persons are to report to the loading dock where they will board an airship and be transported to Paradise Island. An island made entirely out of man made clouds. We told you our scientists were up to something glorious, and now we have delivered! Paradise Island is a new world where you will live without having to witness the trials and tribulations of the lower grades, low level B and below.

    There are seven levels on Paradise Island:

    The first four lowest levels are supported by dense clouds to support the weight of the Grade B inhabitants who will be dwelling there, and also the heavy machinery that will be operated by the Grade B inhabitants who owe it all to our lovely corporation for removing them from the atrocious pollution of our former home.

    The last three and highest levels are supported by the lightest clouds and will support our beloved Grade A inhabitants.

    Now then! When you arrive in Paradise Island's capital city, Paradise, all higher level Grade B's are to remain where they are while all Grade A's are to keep ascending to the higher levels of the island. When everyone is settled, the law enforcement of Paradise Island will then begin registering you to your assigned homes.

    This was a message from Perfection Paradise Corporation and we only want the best, for our best.
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