Floating City of Nimbus.

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  1. Looking for a potential three to four partners who like to world build, character build, and plot build. People who like to brainstorm and create more than just a setting. Not saying we gotta be super mega detailed, but yanno. The more fleshed out it is, the better.

    • Literate, articulate players!
    • Steampunkish ideas!!
    • Cyberpunk ideas!!
    • Furry/Anthro!!!
    • Lovecraftian sort of horror!
    • Apocalyptic horror!
    Perhaps s'more...

    Pretty much any sort of character can be used in any setting. For example, anthro. characters can totally be used in a contemporary fantasy story or Lovecraftian horror. We could even use other fantasy races in the genres. I'm not entirely picky, honestly.

    I enjoy darker and more adult themes and situations in my roleplays. I also really enjoy romance, but definitely the more slow-evolving kind unless the specific situation calls for otherwise. I will play male or female.

    I don't have any specific plots in mind at the moment, but I don't even really mind a more boring, non-adventurous plot if the characters and setting are done really well. More than anything, I'd like to hear any of your ideas, bounce things back at you, and have the two of us make something really awesome that way. Still, I'm pretty good at tossing plots out on the fly, so let me know what you'd be most interested in and I'll see if I can't toss something back at you quickly.

    I hate to say it, but I am concerned with spelling, grammar and punctuation. I can't focus well enough to read a post that is riddle with spelling errors and such. Keep tenses as straight as possible. Use spell check before you send something my way. I'll do my best to do the same for you, so it's only fair.

    At any rate, I hope to hear from some of you guys soon!