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    Flight Rising opened up to new registrations today! Which was very exciting to me since I'd been wanting in for a good while now. So to keep from spamming the chat anymore than I already have, I figured I'd take it to the forum! Yaaaaay!

    So! Who all is on FR? What Flight do you belong to? Are you having baby dragons? What sort of dragon is your favorite? Give us your name so we can all be friends! :D

    I'm 'Tribulum' on Flight Rising and I belong to the Earth Flight. That means all my babies will have brown eyes if they are born at 'home'. I've currently got a clutch of three between my Guardian male Septimus and my Tundra female Pompina.

    Guardians are definitely my favorite sort so far but I really like them all! I can't wait to fill my Lair full of dragons!
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  2. My username is Hiko and I have aligned with Light. It was a flippin' tough decision ;-;
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  3. I'm Revision and I'm of the Lightning Flight. Was there ever any doubt?
  4. Wind Flight, ftw!
    Been on Flight Rising for 4 months, 'cause a school friend told me about it when it was just launching.


    My starter, Blanche. She used to be a Mirror dragon, but I saved up and bought a scroll to make her a purdy Wildclaw dragon. Now I'm slowly filling my lair with Wildclaws so yeah, I would say they're my current favorite.
  5. Shavynel (are you even surprised) of Earth Flight here! I got in right before they closed general registration the first time. I'm mostly happy about slipping in under the line, but let me tell you, there was a world of pain between then and now. XD
  6. Yay Earthflight! ^5 Shavynel

    And random Tribs is random. I wanna show off my potential babies!


    Looket dem sweet faces!

    And I got a new dragon! Her name is Seraphina. She's a Doll, isn't she? Vay and Dawn helped me pick her out. ^~ They both picked her! Dorky sibs.

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    My latest dragon, Morrow. Now. No more buying dragons til my bebes hatch. *nods*
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  8. [​IMG]



    My other dragons. *nods*
  9. [MENTION=1367]Revision[/MENTION] Is that fae girl carribbean/sunshine? I think I have a male fae like that. :D
  10. Yes, Carribean/sunshine/red

    Speaking of babies. :D

  12. o_o Dawn


    And some random male that wandered into my den. I named him CreepySteve :D

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  13. Hrm... The majority of my dragons will be in season in two weeks. Manannan (the blue guardian) and Morrow are already claimed for next mating and the one after that. For future reference, stud fee for my guys is pick of the litter, and if they are your studs and my dams, you get pick of the litter.(Obviously this is for people who I know really well due to how it has to happen.) Also, I have a litter of three that should be hatching Sunday or Monday. I believe Tribs has tentatively claimed one? I'm keeping one, but I'd be willing to trade the third. Just a warning, though. There is a high chance that they are gonna be like army green colors.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Not an addict. Not an addict. Not an addict.
  15. BABIES


    Dis one is my favorite of the two


    Also, am I the only one that wants to make a roleplay based on our dragons? >_> <_< >_>
  16. You are SO not alone, Dawn! My little tundra boys Florentius and Tiberius already seem like characters. Septimus wouldn't take much to become one, nor would Amabilis.

    Speaking of! I've got a beautiful tiger striped banana Pearlcatcher who will be in season in about two days. :)

    Lucina (open)


    Also, if you want to look at what colors you're likely to breed, this is a really really cool tool. http://trollslum.net/fr/
  17. I'm glad I'm not the only one imagining personalities behind certain dragons >_>'
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  18. Not in the slightest! Kehv is doing it too! :D
    Maybe a Jump-In is in order...
    Has Shiny and Dawn seen my new Tundra boys?

    Bought these two (open)





    And you can see the human versions of them in my latest blog too! :D

    And the only baby I didn't Exalt.

    Needs a name still (open)
  19. CreepySteve is creepy. Dawn is a lot like me: cute and probably evil.
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