Flight of the Few

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  1. The south half of the alpine country known as Jutix was ruled by the human species for as long as any one could remember. Jutix was located on the very large continent Yir. The Jutixians had a sister tribe that lived in a country to the south but where the Jutixians had been ones that lived along side nature and did harmful things like cut down trees (only when it was needed) the Southerners destroyed their surroundings with their need for oil and great iron cities. Jutix was covered in vasts forests to the south and great tree and snow covered mountains to the north. The Jutixians only populated the southern portion, the lesson that the dragons that ruled the Northern half were not ones to be trifled with was well engrained from generations passed. The Queen of the country had died and soon after her daughter took the throne. Unlike her mother the new queen encouraged closer communication with the other human tribe.
    It wasn't soon after that did the Jutixian cities and villages look more and more like the southern human settlements. They started to pollute the forest with similar ventures to discover oil and harsh waste products. Where the Dragons had never stepped in the human's way, staying in their mountains, they could not sit back and watch as the changed humans encroached closer and closer up North, ruining the land. The Dragons rarely got together as they were few and enjoyed their independence and so planning on what to do against the humans was slow as they gathered. Alas, this would prove to be their down fall as the Jutixians attacked them with organized force and new great weapons from their southern brethren. Now, the dragons are a rare sight as most have either been killed or gone further North where only they knew Jutix extended into more lush forests and mountains. The humans are still slowly encroaching but the terrain they venture in now is completely unfamiliar as they are more North than they have ever been.
    Will the dragons put aside their pride in independence and group to defeat the humans or will they continue to flee to lands they only know about? The closest human settlement to the Dragons is an outpost in one of the mountain valleys. The soldiers there have become lazy as a dragon has not been seen for over three months. Will the Dragons take this opportunity to attack?
    Hello all. This role play is just basically a walk in forest (and mountain) style one about dragons on the brink of extinction.
    Here are some little known facts about Dragons:
    1: They are able to take a more humanoid form but it does little to hide the fact they are a dragon. In the humanoid form horns similar to the ones on their draconic form, albeit smaller, are visible atop their heads. They're eyes are also pupiless and softly glow the color of their aligned element. And lastly for the humanoid appearance the dragons' wings are still present, but again albeit smaller. The dragon is able to tuck the wings away through some form of magic but after about 2 hours of concealment a pain courses through their backs that becomes progressively unbearable at 2 hours and 30 minutes.
    2: All Dragons have some alignment to an element from birth. This alignment determines the 2 two types of breathe attacks a Dragon is able to do. For instance, a fire dragon will be able to breath fire (of course) and super heated gas. Below you will find the different breath attacks.
    Air: Sound & Poison Gas
    water: Frost & Acidic Liquid
    Earth: Sand & Magma
    Fire: Fire & Super Heated Gas
  2. Though this is a jump in role play I'd like to mention that nothing in here is concrete as far as where the plot will go. By all means suggest things as we go along and what not.
  3. Close to the base of a mountain, a mountain nestled on the edge of a lush forest, was a large hole in the ground. To all that came close they'd only see pitch black in its depths and would feel a misplaced breeze gently caress their body. Birds and other wild life ventured near the conspicuous entrance. The critters knew what laid with in was no threat for no incident had happened in the month since it had set up residence in the forest. The creature could also provide safety for the small forms of life had it felt generous enough. Selinde' opened his eyes to the darkness that surrounded, the rough sleep he had on a pile of collected branches and other foliage did little to allay his stress. The only source of light in his small abode were the two silver orbs of light that were his eyes.
    Though others may have been blind in his subterranean abode the air had a tinge of illuminating silver lacing it from his perspective, keeping the darkness away just barely for sight. The male, in his humanoid form, turned over and his face immediately grew tight and his teeth were bared as a sharp pain ran up his back. He lifted himself with an elbow and stretched the wing he accidentally rolled onto behind himself. The wood creaked beneath his small form as he sat on his rear end and simply looked at the smooth walls of the hole he dug himself a month ago. Gnarled roots from trees above poke through only slightly from the ceiling and water from the surface dripped on the dirt floor, using the roots as their highway. If anyone would've been present it would've been clear the invading liquid was the least of his concern as his nostrils started to flare and a breeze filled the room. A satisfied almost thankful smile spread over his lips.
    It was the 30th consecutive day he woke to fresh air and not the harsh burning smell of the human settlements. Thirty days was plenty of time to get used to fresh air again but he was forced from his old home after having it be flooded by the smell and so every time he woke to fresh air he'd appreciate it. He took one big whiff of the air as he stood and stretched all his limbs including the large silver webbed wings coming from his back. His element came dancing into his home again, whirling and caressing his body as if the very world greeted him. He walked towards a hole in the wall and made a sharp right turn. In front of him was a crudely crafted wooden door, strips of light peaking through. Soon he was met by the bright light of the world and more caressing air as he closed the door behind himself and walked up the slope of his hole.
    Soon he was at the rim and looking around the verdant forest before him, birds and rabbits darting about. He could surely use a meal but the little critters wouldn't do, he'd need at least two large Elk. From what he observed since arriving in the area it had a descent amount of large prey items. Still in his humanoid form to conceal his presence should a human be spotted from a distance he stretched both his wings and took to the skies. The sea of green rolled beneath him, his silver orbs scanning the forest below for any tasty morsels.
  4. The sea of green was soon replaced by harsh but familiar shades of gray as the forest ended and he flew over a chasm. Below were jagged sharp spires of rock coming from a mountain face. His eyes scanned the world of gray below, looking for any moving dots that could be swooped down upon and eaten. His eyes caught nothing in the short time they had to observe. His orbs were filled with the tops of trees again as he flew over the opposite side of the forest that the chasm cut through. Selinde' had no issue when it came to long flights for food seeing as he enjoyed being in the air and had experienced hunger so many times that the pains in his stomach were easily ignored. He did a roll in the air as he continued to advance over the forest. He reached a hand down in an attempt to brush against the tree crowns but a painful flick from a branch he passed over made him think twice. With several fluid but powerful flaps he was up much higher and looked off into the distance where he saw more mountains. In his short time being North Selinde' had never looked for prey deep in the mountains as he wished to avoid any conflict with his kin.