Flight from the Dark: Lone Wolf CYOA

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  1. Flight from the Dark
    The Story So Far . . .
    In the northern land of Sommerlund, it has been the custom for
    many centuries to send the children of the Warrior Lords to the
    monastery of Kai. There they are taught the skills and disciplines
    of their noble fathers.
    The Kai monks are masters of their art, and the children in their
    charge love and respect them in spite of the hardships of their
    training. For one day when they have finally learnt the secret
    skills of the Kai, they will return to their homes equipped in mind
    and body to defend themselves against the constant threat of war
    from the Darklords of the west.
    In olden times, during the Age of the Black Moon, the Darklords
    waged war on Sommerlund. The conflict was a long and bitter
    trial of strength that ended in victory for the Sommlending at the
    great battle of Maakengorge. King Ulnar and the allies of Durenor
    broke the Darklord armies at the pass of Moytura and forced them
    back into the bottomless abyss of Maakengorge. Vashna, mightiest
    of the Darklords, was slain upon the sword of King Ulnar, called
    ‘Sommerswerd’, the sword of the sun. Since that age, the Darklords
    have vowed vengeance upon Sommerlund and the House
    of Ulnar.
    Now it is in the morning of the feast of Fehmarn, when all of
    the Kai Lords are present at the monastery for the celebrations.
    Suddenly a great black cloud comes from out of the western skies.
    So many are the numbers of the black-winged beasts that fill the
    sky, that the sun is completely hidden. The Darklords, ancient
    enemy of the Sommlending are attacking. War has begun.
    On this fateful morning, you, Silent Wolf (the name given to
    you by the Kai) have been sent to collect firewood in the forest as
    a punishment for your inattention in class. As you are preparing
    to return, you see to your horror a vast cloud of black leathery
    creatures swoop down and engulf the monastery.
    Dropping the wood, you race to the battle that has already begun.
    But in the unnatural dark, you stumble and strike your head
    on a low tree branch. As you lose consciousness, the last thing that
    you see in the poor light are the walls of the monastery crashing
    to the ground.
    Many hours pass before you awake. With tears in your eyes
    you now survey the scene of destruction. Raising your face to the
    clear sky, you swear vengeance on the Darklords for the massacre
    of the Kai warriors, and with a sudden flash of realization you
    know what you must do. You must set off on a perilous journey
    to the capital city to warn the King of the terrible threat that now
    faces his people. For you are now the last of the Kai—you are
    now the Lone Wolf.

    Lone Wolf is a series of gamebooks that put you in charge of the action. I'm adapting the series for a female protagonist. The differences are if you lose in battle, your character will either be raped or imprisoned, then raped.

    Kinks definitely involved: Rape by Sexy Humans and Monsters, bisexual encounters, groups, gang bangs, body transformations (akin to games like Corruption of Champions, Fall of Eden and Nimin)
    Rape scenes occur when defeated in battle.
    Body transformations occur when items are consumed and when magic is used.
    Transformation examples: Breast enlargement, futanari, body size, cosmetic changes (hair/skin/eye color), limbs/wings/tail/etc. (No Furry stuff unless requested.)

    You must be okay with all involved kinks.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]Kinks not involved: Death, Scat, Gore, Vore, Urine.[/BCOLOR]

    Feel free to add or forbid your own kinks.

    Also, there are instances where your character may be moved along by the series. I won't control your character, but there will be situations where you will be moved around against your will.

    I'm looking for someone who wants to play the heroine as I walk you through the paths of adventure, storytelling as I give you the choices. I will be adding extra dialogue and sexual encounters to the adventure, to make it more interactive.

    PM me if you are interested. I do not care if you are a male or female IRL, but the hero must be a young, virginal, and petite human female.​

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