Flight 109 ( a play on lost, island survival roleplay.

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  1. 200 passengers boarded a private non stop flight, to a lush unknown island on August 4th 2014 airplane_flying.jpg While inflight complete strangers made pleasentries with those sitting next to them. Others were sleeping , or chattered quietly in groups.

    9 hours into the flight, the plane hit some turbelence, and was now gently rocking the cabin. Flight attendants were now checking on passengers , trying to keep the building panic and tension under control. The captain had announced that it was only a few storm clouds, not to worry. Buckle our seatbelts,remain calm. But the plane dropped, causing people to scream and panic. The cabin was now shaking fiercely and suddenly oxygen masks fell from the ceilings.
    bf4-lost-islands.jpg Nobody can really recall what happen. Just faint memories and flashes. Some say the plane ripped in half, others say the entire plane went down. What we all know for sure is we crashed, with few survivors and we need to band together to survive in the hope for rescue.


    Was it really an accident? Many of us who survived all just with superficial injuries?, was it all a coincidence? This island so full of mysterious terrian and trees, strange exotic animals. What's to come?
    Jobs and duties:
    • Gather fruits,grass, vegetables, roots etc
    • Hunt (set snares)
    • Fish (collect fresh water)
    • Cook the food and stews,keep track of food daily.
    • Forage firewood,gather supplies to craft weapons,spares
    • Build more permant shelters (have a few tents)
    • Defense set perimeters around camp,keep out prey etc ngulu_atoll_Yap_chian_huts_westernmost.jpg
    • Rules: just want to have fun with rp ,so please no gore or killing people characters off.
    • Romance is of course allowed, just keep it to a minimum in respect for other people (take it to pm if needs to get more personal)
    • If you need to drop out for any reason please notify.
    • You don't need to know he show lol just have a basic idea and understanding of survival
    • Please keep your characters real with age, gender, name,personality and their looks. Also what job your character does on the island (hunt ,cook,gather?)
    • Please if attaching a pictures no anime or cartoon characters. Use real people or yourself.. What you'll be wearing etc.
    (This i s my first time doing anything like this so please take.that into consideration, hope to interest some people though. Any thing I left out? More ideas?)
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