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    Welcome to FLICKER'S OFFICIAL!
    I'll be your partner today. :3

    Now, there's a selection of plots down below if you're at all interested.
    If you're not interested, and you'd like to PM me and develop a plot together, that'd be fine.
    Anyhow, there's a few simple instructions I'd like you to follow if you choose to roleplay with me.

    1. Please follow all Iwaku rules.
    2. I don't appreciate one-liners. My average post will contain 3-4 paragraphs; however, if there's no lack in inspiration or motivation, I'm positive my longest response was around 12 paragraphs, and they were all decent in length. Otherwise, I usually tend to match the posting size of my partner.
    3. I'm a bit of a grammar freak. Of course I don't mind mistakes, as I make them myself from time to time, but if spelling errors are bad enough and continuous I will say something. I usually use some form of spell check for my posts just in case.
    4. Be as active as possible. I like for my roleplays to move along at a decent pace, and I hate waiting for replies, especially if I'm really enjoying said roleplay. I do understand being busy, as I have the past few weeks, but with summer around the corner I'll have a lot more time on my hands.
    5. If you no longer like the roleplay we're in together, please tell me. There's nothing I hate more than someone just dropping a roleplay without a word or giving loads of excuses. If you're afraid of offending me, not informing me that you're done with the roleplay will offend me a lot more than actually being honest would.
    6. If you noticed, I've asked for a more advanced partner. Don't let this intimidate you; I just prefer to have someone writing with me around the same level I am. It makes things easier on me.
    7. Be willing to talk to me. I can seem a bit stiff at first because I'm not great with new people, but once I know you it's plenty easy for me to talk with you and discuss the plot or characters in the roleplay. Besides, we could even end up friends. Who knows!
    8. Don't be afraid to share ideas, and please be able to drive the plot forward and help me with ideas if I need you to. I sometimes find it hard to be creative because writer's block loves me, so any help I could be offered would be appreciated if I'm a bit stuck.
    9. Be diverse with character creation! It's always nice to have more interested characters. I'm not too crazy for cliche things.
    10. The romance plots have the potential to be a libertine. If you'd like to do a libertine with me, please PM me and I'll tell you if I'm okay with that. I will only do these over PM. Thanks much!
    (Of course the above statement only applies to teens.)

    Note: I only do MxF pairings.
    Note: The content ratings are what may be present in these plots
    Note: Watch out for new plots.



    ☐ OPEN
    ☑ CLOSED
    I will play the male for this one.
    Adventure | Slice of Life | Mystery | Possible Romance
    A man has a choice.
    Save her.
    Watch her parish.

    A curious girl finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. Seeing what she does puts her into immense trouble, so much that her life is in risk. These secrets that were supposed to be hidden into the world now run freely within the girl's mind- and that could very well be her downfall. With this new knowledge, she quickly returns home, unsure of what to do. Tell her parents? Deciding not to at the time, she simply goes to her room, slipping into an uncomfortable sleep.

    The next morning she awakes the screams of her parents, and finds them on the floor in their own pools of blood. Standing over them are their murderers, men with masks who are now after her.

    Meanwhile, a vigilante watches from the distance. He has a decision to make- and his choice? To save her. The girl, left alone to her own devices due to the brutal death of her two parents, is taken in by her savior. This does not keep them out of trouble. Now, they face it together, and he is the girl's guardian.

    You are that girl.



    ☐ OPEN
    ☑ CLOSED

    Whichever character you play is up to you. I will play the knight or the princess.
    Adventure | Fantasy | Romance | Character Death | Possible Sexual Themes | Buckets of Tears | Violence
    In a land, kingdoms stand.
    They wage wars; by blades blood soars.
    Some die early, leaving others in fury.
    Cold and foreboding, vengeance be thy name.
    Sending the murderer to hell from where which he came.

    A young man and his smaller brother are called into battle upon the king's order: every available man over the age of sixteen is to fight. At what cost? All because the kings of each kingdom see no other way of reason? There is some hope yet, as the older of the two siblings is cunning and determined; however, the younger of the two has not the bravery for war. Before his eyes, the young man's little brother is killed saving his life.

    "He died a hero. Yet his death was unfair. He was so young."

    That statement went for many, that dreary day. And as blood scattered the battle grounds along with many lifeless bodies, the man made a vow that day. To avenge his brother's death. And he'd do so by murdering the king of the enemy kingdom. And he would kill any that stood in his way.

    However, his plan to carry out that vow was rather complex. He'd blend in as normal society in the other kingdom; his family back home, anyone who knew who he was, would think he died along with his brother.

    His ticket to the king would be the princess.

    Befriend her. Court her. Gain her heart. Take her trust. Manipulate her. Use her.

    It all seemed a perfect idea.

    Until the day he would realize he actually fell in love.

    And what would become of this unplanned love once the woman he planed to betray finds out what his true wishes were?

    Time tells all.


    ☐ OPEN
    ☑ CLOSED

    I will play the female character.
    Click here to see the character.
    Romance | Cyberpunk | Buckets of Tears | Character Death | Possible Sexual Themes

    A cliche romance with a twist.

    3000 years ago, cryogenic freezing to preserve life and stop age was finally introduced. Not to the public, exactly, but inside the government where the secret was kept safe. A man was taken for an experiment to see how long the chamber would keep him alive and at the same age. 3000 years into the future, a rebel organization leading a revolution against the government breaks into secret laboratories to find out what they can in the little time they have. One of the younger woman in this organization, a fiery woman, comes across the cryogenic chamber and accidentally releases the man. Confused as well as curious, she quickly goes to whatever measures possible to take him with her.

    On top of a roof building, where she and the man fled to safety, she begins to question him. The man doesn't remember anything that happened to him after the day he was taken, and he has no idea where the hell he is. The woman proceeds to tell him what year it is and that he's in the 'future'. She goes on to tell him about her organization. With this knowledge, she can't allow him to lead a normal life.

    How could he, anyway?

    So, doing what she believes to be the nice thing, she invites( commands, really ) this man to be in the organization and will be his mentor and teach him how to live. All in the while, he lives with her. It isn't an easy few weeks as they constantly get bombarded by the police and government, and he's not well accepted by this organization.

    However, they fall in love in the months to come.

    The organization leads another mission, but they're ambushed badly and thousands of the members die.

    Including one of our two characters. Who shall sacrifice their self for the other?

    Alrighty! Hopefully you've taken some interest, and take a look over my resume! Even if you don't like these plots don't be afraid to ask me for a roleplay. Especially if these plots are taken, don't let that shy you away. This is a partner request thread, afterall. Anyhow. If you take interest, PM me or leave a comment below!
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  2. I am so interested in the plot Guardian and I would love to discuss it over pm! ^_^
  3. ... Perhaps not the best choice of font for the banner, yeah?

    I don't plan on joining any of these, I just thought I'd point out the humor in that the banner ad for this looks like it says "FUCKER'S..." instead of "FLICKER'S..."
  4. Just a heads up....banner doesn't look like it says flicker lol
  5. @Lewi I literally just pointed that out.
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  6. I would love to role play the "Brothers in Arms" plot with you! C:
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