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  1. I have been gone for a while... since about febuary... so I'm a little out of the game. As such, I'd like to get a few role plays going, simple things really, just to kill some time and to get myself back into the swing of things.
    Feel free to toss me ideas!
    I play either gender equally well, though I usually only do straight or lesbian roles... I have a hard time doing gay as I find man on man to be less... intriguing to me... >.> No offence.
    I can do anything from a few lines to around two paragraph posts.
    I can do either dominant or submissive characters, but my doms tend to be kind in their power.
    Historical plays are my favourite as well as fantasy but I do stretch out from that.

    So a few possible plays:
    Simple college/highschool slice-o-life/ good boy bad girl kinda deal.
    WWII, a few ideas here
    Medieval adventure, master/slave, peasant/noble
    Err... can't think of many more at the second.
  2. How'd you like to do a sort of hunter-hunted roleplay?

    Or perhaps something to do with a circus?
  3. I would be willing to try either, though what do you mean by hunter -hunted?
  4. I mean one person, hopefully you, being a hunter, and the other, hopefully me, being a creature or something that is being chased down by the hunter. We could even combine the ideas.
  5. Ah! I am quite alright with such idea... though given that I won't actually kill the creature.
  6. No, no, I don't like the idea of a main character dying. I was planning to play a neko, so maybe she's one of the last of her race, and your hunter tracks her down to the circus and finds her working there?
  7. Hrmm I see... and what would happen once he finds her? I can see him taking her in if she was in the wild...
  8. Hm... I could play as a shapeshifter who's broken a few laws, to make it easier to understand him taking her in.
  9. Ah! So almost like a bounty hunter then as opposed to a traditional sportsman hunter. Okay!
  10. Alrighty, I get it now! Also your signature is adorable!
    But I digress!
    I don't usually do character sheets but if you prefer them...
  11. All I would ask for is a picture for appearance, not an actual character sheet.
  12. Alrighty, modern setting then?
  13. Modern fantasy, yes.
  14. [​IMG] I shall be using this gentleman then!
  15. I specialize in anime pictures, not really RL pictures.
  16. So, who starts? Do you think you could?
  17. Dammit! I didn't get an alert for this! I will start tomorrow!
  18. If you're open for more roleplays, perhaps one from a more Victorian sort of Era, with elements of fantasy could be interesting?
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