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  1. Warning: Not completely canon. This roleplay is based LOOSELY on the MtG concepts. <-----read that twice...carefully

    I admit your deck is pretty big. Well my deck is huge. I think we should settle this like men....

    Magic the Gathering (MtG) is a popular TCG that's been around since the early 90's. Well we've decided to roleplay our own cards er...characters in a Magic-y world or rather--plane, and do our best to either create alliances or mass murder or both.
    A quick explanation of some basic concepts of the game can be found here: Interest Check

    For expediency purposes check out a quick explanation of the colors here.
    Colors (open)
    The MtG consists of five main categories depicted by the colors blue, red, white, black, and green.
    Blue: Think of water magic, mind control, illusions, deception, etc...
    Red: Think of fiery wrath, blowing shit up, dragons, speed, hit you before you hit me...
    Black: Death and control over the dead, necromancy, plague, do as I say or sacrifice what you love...
    White: Protection from EVERYTHING, defensive, life force, healing, stopping the nasties dead in their tracks...
    Green: "I am Grut"
    lol No but seriously green is the epitome of aggro, either big creatures or high numbers or both, some healing capacity, environmental, home court advantage kind of thing...EARTHY

    It's been a general consensus that we're doing at least guilds (dual combos of the five colors), which is perfectly fine with me. With that being said we'll start off on Ravnica, City of Guilds (for simplicity sake, this is the plane where each guild basically has its own "living space").
    Guilds List (open)
    [Guild Name (Guild Colors)- Short description
    Guilds List (open)

    Guild Leader
    Guild Champion/Second in the command
    Subjects/Other characters belonging to the guild]
    Izzet (Blue/Red)- Our beautifully mad scientists
    Leader: Flaj play by Daird
    Rakdos (Red/Black)- Torture happy cultists
    Golgari (Black/Green)- The underbelly, dead and lovin' it
    Leader Gol Vega played by DacksonFlux
    Azorius (Blue/White)- Attempting to maintain law and order
    Dimir (Blue/Black)- Spies and agents of who knows doing something probably illegal
    Nrolk played by Krnon
    Simic (Blue/Green)- The luscious, larger than life hippies...and mermaids!
    Orzhov (White/Black)- They are prestigious. They are old. They're a little scary...
    Selesnya (White/Green)- The Earthy clan of Selesnya will do their best to protect what they believe is innocence
    Gruul (Red/Green)- The ferocious hunters of the wild

    Other Accepted Characters (open)


    Leader and Champions (open)
    Guild Leader and Champion slots are first come, first serve. I reserve the right however to reject them as I can any character.
    Leaders and Champions must use at least two colors (the colors of their guilds). They can have an additional color since we're not going COMPLETELY CANON HERE!
    Leaders and Champions are considered "legendary creatures", this is important information to be used while making a character. Only legendary creatures can have more than two colors in this rp. Other legendaries besides leaders and champions can have as many colors as they damn well please, however if exceeding three they cannot belong to a guild.

    Each guild can have as many as 4 PC's other than the Leader and Champion, so 6 maximum.
    Everyone must choose either one or two colors. If you choose one color you don't have to be part of a guild. If you choose two colors your character must have associated with its respective guild at least one point their life (rogue guild members are allowed, they do not count towards overall guild member number).

    Leaders can choose whether or not they have an official "guild mage". Any mage or other creature can join a guild but they have to be chosen to become the guild's official Guild Mage. The official Guild Mage doesn't have to be a character classed as a mage, they can be a wizard/witch/alchemist/anything that deals with magical stuffs.

    Race and Class (open)
    It is encouraged to pick from existing MtG concepts but seeing as it'd be a horrible pain in the ass to list them all I'll tell you this...
    If you have no idea what's included in MtG, make up a class and a race and I'll let you know one you've posted your CS if it's acceptable. OR you could just ask me before hand.
    Besides class and race each character has an archetype, one of the following:
    Artifact Creature
    Legendary Creature

    Artifacts and Artifact Creatures in this rp will basically be the same things, automatons/robots/cybors/etc...
    Creatures are basic living beings.
    Legendary Creatures are typically viewed as either very powerful or exceedingly wise/old. They're legendary.
    Gods, immortal creatures that rule over a color or guild (NPC's only, for now).
    Planeswalkers are creatures with the ability to travel from plane to plane. More or less, spacewalking or teleportation. Their ability to do so is of course limited, they can't do it to frequently or they'll die so they're stuck where they land for a good while.

    You can have two archetypes is you so please (except for Gods, again those are just NPC's right now). For instance a Guild leader can be a planeswalker but keep in mind if you planeswalk you're leaving your guild at least for a good while.

    Spells (open)

    Each player starts out with a list of 0-3 spells they can cast. The bigger and badder a spell is the harder it is the cast and the longer you have to wait to cast it again. I'll leave you guys to use your own judgment on how and when you cast your spells.
    New spells can be learned. To learn a new spell you have to either study for a day with someone who already knows it or buy the spell from a magistry/magic shop. Depending on the spell each one can cost more or less.
    Each legendary and planeswalker starts out with 300 gold pieces. Everyone else start out with 100. How you manage to get more money is up to your imagination (I'd just fucking steal some shit...yay for rogues). Make up quests for your guild members or whatever! I'll play the magic store clerks and haggle with you. ;)
    You can also buy information or better weapons, whatever.
    If I have a problem with something, I'll politely let you know and ask you to tone it down a tad bit. Kay? Kay.

    Character Sheets (open)

    Class: this is what you do for a living I guess one could say witch/wizard/warrior/thief/assassin/rogue/town imbecile
    Age: make it make sense...you don't see full grown dragons after only being 10 years old

    Appearance: I likeh pictures, also give me a SHORT description. PICTURE AND SHORT DESCRIPTION!

    Alignment: Google D&D 3.5 alignment chart if you're not already familiar with it
    Guild Affiliation: please state if you're still currently associated with said guild and what your guild position is/was (leader, champion, subject)
    Colors: choose zero-two unless it's one of the specified exceptions (yes, zero is an option they're called colorless)
    Bio: Include history I need to know and some personality information. Personality information is very important especially for guild leaders and champions.

    Abilities or Specialties: This is where you describe the powers of your character if they have any. If not, what are you useful for? Healing is an option as well defense or anything else. Not every character should be a fighter and some have no powers they're just really tough. However everything must be describe in detail. Game mechanics are encouraged (if you know what they are). Legendaries are allowed to have three powers and one specialty (like fighting or whatever), so are planeswalkers. Creatures and artifacts can only have one special power and one specialty. Most mechanics are powers but some are specialties like trample or infect.
    Weaponry: Choose a main weapon and choose one you keep on the side. Unarmed is allowed. Make them simple and again, not too overpowered.
    Protection/Armor: Shields, armor, etc...

    List of Spells you know: Starting limit is three for legendaries and planeswalkers. Starting limit for creatures and artifacts is one. Spells shouldn't be too over powered. They need to practical like summon a small beast or heal a small wound or something.

    Besides that it's pretty cut and dry. Basic website roleplay rules apply. Some characters will die, which you guys may discuss out of character. Feel free to control up to two different characters at once. If one dies, make another, I don't care.

    Other concerns:
    Planeswalkers, affected by deathtouch and other creature targeting abilties? Yes, they are affected unless they have an ability or spell that prevents it. In this roleplay planeswalkers are basically legendaries that can planeswalk.

    Also, if you absolutely positively need to talk to me you can skype my ass heeer brittag94
    Let me know on here first so I can sign in (I don't keep skype up).​
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  2. Name: Gol Vega
    Archetype(s): Legendary Creature
    Race: Naga
    Class: Witch Doctor
    Age: FUCKIN' OLD
    Gender: Male


    Alignment: Neutral Evil
    Guild Affiliation: Golgari
    Colors: Green/Black/White
    Bio: Gol isn't very talkative in fact there are only a handful of loyal Golgari veterans he will willingly speak to or see regularly. He performs his duties as the guild's leader and witch doctor from his tree house hidden in the Kessig forest hovering just above a leech ridden swamp. Gol Vega became the guild leader as a result of his old friend (the previous leader) bestowing Gol the rights upon his own death, which took place in Gol's tree house. He's not a very generous beast but will care for servants of his that remain valuable or useful in some way. A true witch doctor Gol is sly and wicked, he will buy your soul or everything you own for advice he won't even promise to be of any help. Gol is a dangerous serpent with a hidden agenda and a powerful guild behind him willing to stoop to levels most would deem just too disgusting to mention.

    Abilities or Specialties: He can regenerate himself or one creature he controls, infection/illness/permanent weakness, and view far away events through scrying and other form of divination.
    He specializes in brewing potions for his evil desires.
    Weaponry: Just his fangs and claws are usually enough besides the crushing strength of his snake body.
    Protection/Armor: Nothing but his own scales which serve as a slight defense.

    List of Spells you know:
    1. Populate (copy a creature he created)
    2. Give a creature infectious abilities similar to his own for a short while.
    3. Can render a creature immobile (can still move but becomes stuck where they are) for a short while.
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  3. Name: Nrulk
    Archetype(s): Creature
    Race: Zombie
    Class: Warrior
    Age: 3,000

    Appearance: (No originality, Straight from Diregraf Captain)

    Alignment: Neutral Evil

    Abilities or Specialties: Deathtouch, other Zombies I control get a little more physically stronger.

    Weapons: Diregraf Sword

    Armor: Rotten Leather and shoulder pads.

    List of Spells you know: Raise Dead (Instant, raises a zombie from a corpse)

    Guild Affiliation: Dimir
    Colors: Blue / Black

    Bio: Being sent from Innistrad Via Liliana, he would have found Dimir most pleasing of the guilds, and joined that one. Being a zombie helps when living around poisons, knives, and such.

    (Listing the weapons and armor just to be sure that you know he will have them on him.)
  4. Name: Flaj

    Legendary creature

    Race: Goblin

    Class: Alchemist

    Age: 43


    Guild: Izzet

    Position: Guild Leader

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Emphasis on the chaotic)

    Abilities: Skilled alchemist and inventor

    Weapons: Dagger

    Equipment: Various alchemical tools, chainmail

    Spells: Mizzium Skin (Necessary for protection during his experiments), Mizzium Mortars (The Izzet wouldn't be the Izzet if they didn't blow stuff up), Epic Experiment (No idea what it will do, but it will be AWESOME!)

    Colors: Blue/Red

    Bio: When Izzet genius meets goblin stupidity, the bizarre becomes ordinary. And so it was for Flaj, who was recruited into the Izzet at a very young age. His quick mind enabled him to rapidly rise through the ranks, aided by several superiors dying in unfortunate lab explosions (Nothing malicious about it, these guys just tried to harness forces they couldn't quite control) and he's been running the Izzet for the past two years. His most recent discovery is mizzium, a highly conductive and durable material suited for everything from wiring to cannon tubes.
  5. Accepted :)
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