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  1. How it works:
    I present a basic idea for a roleplay setting, and you use your creativity to give it some depth and character!

    Today's edition:
    A vacation cabin

    Some ideas for what to add to this:
    When it was built
    Who's owned it over the years
    Any rumours or legends about the area
    What kinds of wildlife live nearby
    What kinds of facilities are on site (weiner roasting pit, hot tub, boat dock, etc)

    Now tell me more about this cabin to make it an interesting and plot-enhancing place to set a story! There are no wrong answers, just tell me about the place.
  2. Part One (open)

    Honestly, when his girlfriend nonchalantly invited him to her family's "vacation cabin", he had expected no more than an impressive loghouse, or villa near the azure beach at best. He didn't really think they'd own another mansion aside from the one they frequently reside in.

    Then again, he was dating the heiress to a family that puts even the Addams family to shame, so there's that.

    He was gawking at the gleaming rooftop (they looked like rubies, and he suspected they could very well be) when his girlfriend, in all her blonde and blue frills glory, waved him into the castle house impatiently, "Come on! We're late. You can explore the other spots later."

    He figured the ivory walls could wait; with a loving - envious - pat on the smooth walls that would rile up his sister's jealous skin, he lugged the baggage and dragged them painstakingly up the mini stairs that led them to the grand doors. He noted that even the entrance was lavished with a huge slap of money; those intricate designs .. and that shiny yellow near the trims .. gold-painted?

    "Well, here's the crappy place I told you about," his girlfriend rolled her eyes, arms folded after she made a lazy sweep of an arm to gesture the living room.

    "Is this the receptionist hall or what?"

    She shot him an unamused look. "You're such a weirdo, you know that?"

    He wanted to protest, but quelled the thought since he was much too distracted with the furniture lining up along the walls. "Is that a tiger on the floor?" His blood curdled.

    "What? Oh, yeah. Dad used to go hunting with Uncle Stanley every other weekend, or something. Think that was one of their prized games. They bought the beach behind and a small portion of the forest somewhere down south so if you wanna' tune in to your nature love, go crazy."

    So there was a real tiger, once living, laid across the excessively spacious floor. It didn't quite sit well with him, for a bachelor in his twenties who owned no more than a flea-infested rug that his dog Oddie enjoyed all too much. Additionally, what? They bought geographical landscapes as well? Is her dad a sultan or something?

    "Okay," his girlfriend chirped again, "We'll just let Sebastian handle our stuff. I can't wait to get a dip in the 10-feet jacuzzi upstairs in our bedroom."

    "10 feet in total, squared?" At least the place, despite its insane amount of luxury, had something modest.

    "What? Don't be silly, periwinkle! 10 feet by side."

    He stood corrected.

    Part Two (open)

    So they were on a trail walk. It was nice, being away from suffocating riches. He was raised in a village, a bumpkin as many would call him, so the display earlier was quite the shock for him, even though he was technically supposed to be immune to it all, going in and out of his girlfriend's place so often.

    Which, by the way, is on a privately owned island. But he didn't have to worry about the boat fares since they own their yacht.

    ... yep.

    "This is just all, right?" He prayed aloud, "Aside from the beach, and this path we're taking, and a hundred feet squared jacuzzi, you don't have any more surprises?"

    "There's an underground disco room in the house if you're starving for some modern fun."

    He thought he was about to faint right there. "All of this is .."

    "Insane, I know! You'd think they would renew the place into something more chic after the place has been around since the 1900s. I'm afraid of things collapsing on us in our sleep tonight." Well that certainly didn't put his nerves at ease. Not one bit, to say the least.

    "I've been telling dad to increase the security here, like, hire thirty more guards to patrol the place in case people rob us or something. I mean, those are blood diamonds on the roof, y'know. People would want to steal them, yeah? I'd hate to have a hole in the roof. Or two holes."

    Holy crap.

    It was then that he realised two pairs of sunglasses were peeking out from amidst a canopy atop them, somewhere to the 2 o'clock. To his east was another pair. .. He looked, and squinted, harder and it dawned on him that there was a man playing snorkel-peeper amidst a bush of cat-tails.

    The security in this place is more than adequate!

    "Hey, let's just go back."

    "Eh, what can we do there? Not like we'd be dancing in the disco to Lady Gaga all afternoon."

    "We have a hundred-inch television in my dad's room. He even has a mixing stand for his drinks. Wanna'?"

    "I brought my PS3."


    ... Yeah. I don't even know.
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  3. Allurise Vacation Cabins
    Welcome to Allurise Vacation Cabins nestled quietly amongst the Allurise National Forest and only a mile's hike from Deathdrop Falls! Allurise V.C. was built in the early 1700's by gold minors that were trying to pan for gold in the near by streams that flowed from Deathdrop Falls. One particular minor was Richard Byguard, a man so unbelievable angry that he beat his own wife to death over her not making dinner in time! They say his ghost haunts the cabins nearest the falls. There are at least twelve cabins you can choose from throughout the park, each one having a different theme interior design.

    Deathdrop Falls is the most beautiful spot that you can see while visiting the cabins, but be careful, many a vacationer have fallen to there deaths by the seemingly beautiful woman reflecting in the bottom of the pool! Some of the local folk around the Cabins say they here the screams of the falling people in the middle of the night, but who knows that could just be some crazy kids! If you are lucky enough to get to Deathdrop Falls at exactly twelve in the afternoon you will be able to see the Floating Water Frogs do their daily dive into the bottom pool!

    About twenty miles from the cabins is a small town where you can buy supplies and souvenirs. It's also where the current owner of the cabins lives in his two story house up on Jam Hill. He has owned the cabins for thirty years and will be soon passing management over to his son Xavier.

    While hiking through the National Forest you may be able to see Foxes, Wolves, Bears, Coyotes, Rabbits, Mountain Goats, and Pumas! There are probably many more animals but our surveyor of the land didn't come back from the last trip..

    Come join us at Allurise Vacation Cabins where you can relax in nature!
    We have no internet, cable tv, or telephones.
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