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Flesh is Power

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by DoughGuy, Aug 4, 2015.


Interested? Or does the premise put you off?

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  1. -Cancelled-
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  2. This is dark as hell, I love it!

    So, what kind of positions can our characters hold? Will we all be part of the same kingdom, or do we chose which group our characters support or what?
  3. All characters will be of a rank that they're part of the kingdom's mages. Likely a sort of 'elite' unit under army command but not part of the general infantry. I'm undecided yet whether everyone will be on Anchora's side or if I'll run both Anchora and Nubelia plot lines. That will probably be decided when I work out the plot in detail and know whether or not it'll be too much work to do the latter.
  4. I see. Well, either way count me in!
  5. Yes this looks really cool, I'm interested.
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