Flesh and Bone.

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    A Lone and excommunicated member of a Powerful order find's herself trapped in a dull and simple life. Craving the winds of change and adventure she find herself becoming swept into a web of death. Hidden from this serene town, the embodiment of tranquility an army rises. Riding on the backs of black steeds with wings unfurled, adorn in the bones and claws of men. They are the remnants of a race long since thought forgotten. A being of consciousness beyond that of mere men and Mer alike. The ghost of a world turned to ruin and forgotten by the tides of time.

    I am looking for someone long term to share this with. I care little for your characters sex, race even back story. For even the smallest and most unlikely of heroes can rise to the unyielding howling winds of evil, and challenge them. Could be a fellow mercenary who notice that their is more to her than meets the eye. A thief who stumbles across her secret stash of memories. A wench or noble seeking a new life. In short I am versatile and can adapt and welcome any type of character without prejudice. (As long as it fits in the setting)

    Together we will forge a plot driven on character development, emotion, action but most of all our creativity. So come join me; take my hand and let us traverse down this path.

    I have one restriction, please try your best. Nothing is more insulting then a sloppy one paragraph or sentence reply after I put some measurable work and effort into my post.
  2. I would love to give this a shot. Fantasy and adventure are always so fun!
  3. Sounds good to me, There will be a slow beginning as we flesh out our characters. I don't like to jump immediately into action that much if you don't mind.