Flatlines and Welcomes

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  1. No, I'm not going to kill you. I'm just listening to a song and the word 'flatline' came up. Thought that it might make for a bit of an ironic title.

    My name is Titan, real surprised that wasn't taken to be honest. I'm a 22 year old from Canada, who happens to do two jobs (working at a kennel, and babysitting two kids.) It's not much but it helps me get through school, and considering that I'm anti-loans, I live at home. At least I'm allowed, I'd have likely kicked me out by now.

    I like random things like skidooing, the colour yellow, and researching rare/fatal diseases. I have been roleplaying for close to fourteen years now, and started out on IM chats and MUD which were all fine and dandy back in the day but now I have a preference for forum roleplaying. It's a lot easier to access and you have a lot more control over the plot and workings with the storyline.

    I am currently in the middle of a move, and so sometimes my responses will be slow coming. Me and my mom get ownership of the house on Feb 15th and so until then things might be a little bit rocky. I apologize in advance if this ever affects our roleplaying habits. I will try my darndest not to include real life issues into roleplaying.

    Some of my roleplaying habits include:
    • Roleplaying Adult Men (90% of the time)
    • Only roleplaying smut when it will benefit character and plot development
    • Listening to mood music while writing up a plot
    • Liking to write at least 200 words, but I have no preference for how much my partner writes
    • Either roleplaying our own created world, or using another pre-made world without canons
    • Playing masterminds, and intellectually advanced characters
    • Sarcasm is usually my character's first language and formal language used
    Anything else about me will have to be discovered as we roleplay with one another. I hope you're all doing well and g'day.

    (ps: I also see you guys have a radio show, I would love to take part! Someone just needs to point me in the right direction. Because I'm a drunkard when it comes to finding my own way.)
  2. Welcome to Iwaku. Your avatar is pretty boss.

    I'm October nice to meet you! Let us know if you need anything.
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  3. Thanks! Nice to meet 'cha October. I know, Wile-E is the bomb, and everyone needs to just deal with it.

    So what kind of roleplaying do you generally do? Any prefered characters or genres?
    Also about the radio thing, is that sort of an 'anyone can help out' type thing?
  4. Hi Titan! Welcome to the site! :D The radio show is a member run project and it ALWAYS needs contributions and help. You'll find everything you need to know about it here in this group!
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  5. Oh, am I getting the royal welcome from the Head Cheerleader herself? O:

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
    God forbid I try to find my own way or else I'd end up like 'Conker's Bad Fur Day'.
    (If you know what that is, then you're cool enough to hang with Wile-E.)
  6. I had to google what a conker fur day was and now I am scared. O__O
  7. Yeah, I can understand that.
    Excellent game though, if you play it for the shits and giggles and not look too much into the content.
    It's actually the whole reason I bought another Nintendo.