~Flashing Lights~

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~Welcome to Los Velos~
circa 2150
Background Info: It has been almost a century since the third world war happened, leaving the majority of planet Earth a wasteland. However, in this world exists one paradise, Los Velos. Los Velos is currently the largest city in human civilization, and covers 5000 square miles (over 8000 square kilometers). Located where the southwestern united states used to be, it used to be called Las Vegas until it expanded drastically. Strange things happen in this massive city; in fact, the underground culture is rumoured to be made up of not only humans but demons and other mythical beings! The large police force maintain order while the outside world continues to crumble and people migrate here. For outside, the majority of people are either coming here, turning into mutants from the leftover radiation, or dying from said radiation.

The Current Scenario: currently, Los Velos is experiencing the same chaos as it always has, but the number of attacks and crimes at night seem to be escalating. Meanwhile, the entertainment industry as a whole is at war with one another as the independent music movement is growing quickly amongst the people. Furthermore, the tension is most likely escalating because of the factions that have arisen in the city. The most well known faction that dominates the Entertainment District is called "Flashing Lights."

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