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  1. First, you want to know what a flash rp is; right? Well, a flash rp is where someone can only write between 1-3 sentence's per post. You're thinking, well that's easy or cheap or whatever. For me, this is hard, I try to write between 1-3 paragraphs per post. So writing so little while trying to move the story forward is hard as hell for most people.


    As I said before NO MORE THAN 3 SENTENCE'S PER POST!

    Please have the sentence have some length; because I swear to god if I get: He moaned. He sat. He loved her; I will not even bother replying.
    Example I'm looking for: He knew this would happen; after all, how can you be with someone so romantically, so lustfully, and not want them all to one's self?

    Please post no less than 3x a week. I will get very bored and move on if you take longer than that to post.

    I play female

    Character sheets will be done through Iwaku's character sheet program; anime or real you decide. As for the sheet itself, all I want is name, age, gender, appearance, and personality filled out.

    Tell me if you quit or are going to poof for x amount of time!

    Okay; here are the plots I have! If you have an idea you really want to do for a flash rp, let me know! I may consider them.

    Craigslist Ad

    Everyone knows what casual encounters is; it's people looking to get laid, maybe a fwb type deal. Well, that's what MC is looking for. FWB. She doesn't want to just be with random strangers, for more reasons than just moral. STD's were not fun. So, she posted an ad. She never expected to get a reply, let alone from a gorgeous guy; YC. They meet up a few times, make sure they are compatible enough to do this. After "date" four, they do it. And it's mind blowing. Over time they just keep going. Every once in a while hanging out, but, 90% of the time, they are just going at it like rabbits. A few months go by, and YC invites MC to sleep over. They haven't done this yet, mostly just shag, and then continue on with their busy lives. MC agrees and something happens as she gets ready for bed. They shag, like always, but as she snuggled up to fall asleep, she realized she is falling in love with YC.


    (Our rp will start when she posts the ad. We will time skip, however, write a generalized post about how you spent that time. I would prefer YC feels the same, but this isn't a shag and fall in love type of thing, this will take months in rp time. I say around 4-7, depending on you.)


    MC and YC have been flatmates for about two years now. MC is kinda a slut, having a new flavor of lover each week; while YC shags his boss regularly; which was a weird twisted relationship. However, our characters were best friends, comfortably so. After all, how close can two friends be when MC is more of a nudest than anything else, and YC hates sleeping alone? Still, they our best friends. Sex was never a thought. That was until YC best friend from high school needs to barrow your couch until he gets on his feet and thinks your new best friend is sexy as hell.

    At first, it works out fine. Our characters share MC room, while Yc best friend takes YC room. Life continues. As a somewhat relationship develops between MC and ex best friend, YC finds himself jealous. One night MC and ex best friend go on a date of sorts, and MC never goes to bed where YC is waiting for her return. The next morning, MC and ex best friend are fast asleep in YC old bedroom. Naked. When woken, they freak out as they cannot remember the night before and MC has a wedding ring on!

    (I will not spoil the rp at all, but I WILL be playing the ex best friend, so you will only be playing ONE character ^.^)
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