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How to you feel about Flash Mobs? Do you think it is annoying? Or do you think it is a well planned event? Maybe you've taken part in one?

I just recently found out that a flash mob hit my local mall (this is not the same video, but simular)


Personally If i was trying to eat, this would annoy and distract me.

What say you?
Never heard of it before. When I saw the title of this thread, I thought it was some sort of prank. This was awesome to watch.
I'd rather see a Flesh Mob.

Of young women ages 18-32.

In body mass index ranges of 19-22.

Oh yeah.
I clicked on this thread expecting Orks.

I'm sad now.
If you were eating in a mall food court there would be a lot of annoying and distracting things. It last all of what, the length of the song. How horrible!

Sorry, but I think real mobs are a pain, these flash mobs are nothing but attention whores and I put them up there with reality tv celebraties.
It would piss me off, especially if I was trying to eat. Although I guess it would depend on what they were doing.
I'd get my own mob, with 'sluggas', 'shootas' and 'choppas' and 'stomp da umies flat fer mukkin about'

......or just grumble and rage into my food as i ate.