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  1. Applications Closed!

    2250 A.D.

    In the not-so-distant future, Man is struggling under the cold steel manipulator of his Superior Robot Master. Relentlessly, humans are hunted down and 'improved' in their Masters' image; transformed into cold, ruthless cyborgs bent on capturing their former fellow organics and 'enlightening' them. Small pockets of human rebels do whatever they can to resist, having retreated to the more wild, hostile environments to evade capture. Some people band together in the remnants of cities, practicing varying types of government and trying to hang on to what is left of civilization. Others choose to strike out alone or in small, roving bands, living off the land or raiding to survive.

    Long distance communication between humans is limited, reduced to mostly radio and letters carried by courier. While some computers are still functional, they have little or no connectivity.

    In the Northwest Territories we lay our scene; it's mid-October, and travelers are racing to find reliable shelter for the harsh winter. For the moment, nighttime temperatures are only a few degrees below freezing, but especially heavy snowfall has made foot travel extremely difficult; however, there is hope for stragglers north of the Great Slave Lake.

    Yellowknife (now known simply as The Knife) is one such (rumored) bastion of humanity. A few of the many mines littering the area around the city have been reopened, providing people with both shelter and work, mining copper and tungsten.

    Our intrepid heroes (or not) all strive to reach this paradise amidst the ice for one reason or another; whether or not they will make it, and what they will find there, is another question entirely.

    This RP utilizes Fallout's SPECIAL system:

    S-Strength: increases carrying capacity and melee effectiveness.

    P-Perception: increases a character's ability to notice fine details, detect hostiles, and make long-distance shots.

    E-Endurance: increases poison, radiation, and cold resistance. Makes a character all-around hardier.

    C-Charisma: increases a character's ability to barter and persuade others with a silver tongue.

    I-Intelligence: increases both knowledge of the world and the ability to think quickly.

    A-Agility: increases coordination and the ability to move well.

    L-Luck: an extremely high or low luck will affect the character - somehow!

    40 points must be distributed between each base stat, with 1 being the minimum and 10 being the maximum.

    Skills your character may specialize in (CHOOSE THREE)

    Big Guns
    Energy Weapons
    Melee Weapons
    Small Guns

    Character sheets should be laid out like this

    Tagged Skills: (three)

    Note: unless otherwise specified by the player, it is assumed that everyone has the basic necessities for cold weather survival, so no need to include that in your inventory. Just list what 'special' or 'extra' items your character has.

    Current IC info

    I have decided that for now, I will be splitting us up into two teams, who will not interact with each other until I so choose. I will announce when, where, and why this interaction is going to take place, and there will be plenty of time for everyone to work towards it!

    The teams are as follows:

    Team One (aka the Blue Meanies): Will, Tinker, Natalia, Gabby

    Team Two (aka the Red Nasties): Xam, Hunter, Darcy

    Team One will be starting in and around Will's cabin, an unknown quantity of miles southeast of The Knife. Seems safe enough, but all that tech might lure something nasty ;D

    Team Two will be starting in an open tundra, contending with both an incoming snowstorm and vicious wildlife.

    Will has first post, then the rest of the Blue Meanies. Xam will be the first Red Nasties post, then Hunter. Darcy will bring up the rear ;)

  3. Name: William Heartstone



    5 Strength
    7 Perception
    8 Endurance
    1 Charisma
    9 Intelligence
    5 Agility
    5 Luck

    William stands at six feet four inches, trim but not thin body due to living in the cold most of if not all of his life. Long brown hair down to about his shoulder blades. Strong face with a minor beard, thick enough to be seen but not long and only on his chin. His eyes are a evergreen colour with golden flecks around the pupil.


    Will has a thick skin, meaning he just endures insults and the like, things wich would normally send others into a flying rage just bounce off of him. He's fairly cold and somewhat un-talkative, but this is due to him having lived a good portion of his life alone. He is smart without a doubt, and as such whenever he talks about a machine or a weapon he is often not understood so he normally just keeps quiet about it. Around people he has large communication issues, so he spends most of his time with either computers or other machines. Due to his affinity with them he is often perceived to be a cyborg in disguise, this is not the case though. The issue of this forced him to become a recluse.

    Tagged skills:

    Small guns, Melee, Science.


    William is extremely good with computers able to reprogramme them and re-purpose them within a few moments, hacking is at a level where only super computers can compete with him.

    Will is also a very good shot, able to hit targets at long range with relative ease.

    Having done lots of daily gathering of materials will is also practised with his weapon in close quarters as well as above par with his unarmed combat as well.


    Intelligent, accurate, good in close quarters situations or at extreme range.


    He's not talkative, often misunderstood. doesn't talk much and fails to get his ideas across even when he has the best possible plan he's often over looked.



    H&K psg1 - variable scope (2X-14X)
    FN F2000
    Dual magnums ( one .500, one .44) with explosive rounds
    Sig saur 226 flash-light under barrel
    Russian machete.


    Mp3 device with a number of songs on it.
    Portable laser keyboard and interface jack.
    Flick lighter and box of matches.




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  4. Name: Darcy Blake








    Tagged Skills: Melee Weapons, Barter, Speech

    This tense, slouching girl usually has the posture of a cat about to pounce. Her one good eye is hazel, though it is most often seen squinting through a thick pair of glasses. The other is covered by a black eyepatch, lost in a childhood firecracker accident. The same accident saddled what is otherwise a pretty, youthful face with a dark, discolored patch that is not quite hidden by her wildly curly black coffee hair. She is shorter than most and has a busty build, just barely on the better side of plump from living and eating well in a small, insular community. She is the very definition of racial ambiguity, with tanned skin and rounded facial features.


    Personality: Darcy loves to talk; this is not to say that she talks a lot (although she can) but rather that she loves language and speaking. She is excellent at bartering and rather than fight, she has talked her way out of most troubles in her life. She is not above using her feminine charms to get her way, and when Darcy opens her mouth to speak, most people barely notice her scarred face. Its fortunate that she was born with the gift of gab, because combat is absolutely not her forte. She can be downright cowardly in the face of physical harm. Having lived a mostly comfortable life thus far, she does not tolerate such discomforts as hunger or pain as well as other people might. She is weaker than the average person as well, and cannot carry as much. She is moderately intelligent, but no great thinker, and she has much to learn about the harsh world she lives in. She can become quite fierce when angry, and a surefire way to set her off is to make a sexist remark. Unfortunately, her temper is what got Darcy stranded in the first place; unable to keep her mouth shut when being escorted to The Knife from her home village, she was abandoned at the halfway mark and left to fend for herself.

    Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: Darcy possesses a silver tongue and is skilled in the art of persuasion. Sly and manipulative, Darcy can worm her way out of seemingly hopeless situations. She is almost inhumanly quick, and is moderately skilled in melee combat. However, her eyesight is very poor, rendering her incapable of using most guns effectively. This also keeps her from noticing what could be considered important details about her environment, and her depth perception is zilch. Darcy is also not very strong, and cannot carry a large amount of equipment. While Darcy is intelligent, her practical knowledge is lacking, and she knows very little about guns, as well as the general state of the world.

    One Arkansas toothpick, one hatchet, one automatic shotgun, one makeup pallet, one emergency cherry bomb (hidden behind her eyeptch.)
  5. Name: Xam


    S - 5

    P - 7

    E - 5

    C - 3

    I - 7

    A - 7

    L - 6

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Xam's personality is brash. She cares about her survival first and foremost, and has a strong dislike of people who try and control her. The woman is not afraid to speak her mind, and it hasn't won her many friends over the years, so she has had to learn how to live on her own.

    Tagged Skills: Sneak, Medicine, Energy Weapons

    Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: Xam has a knack for spotting little details that other's miss, which comes in handy when spotting impending danger in the frozen landscape, and for hunting the few creatures that live there. She's also a master at disappearing and escape, which has allowed her to stay safe this long on her own. Moderately strong, she able to carry all that she needs, plus a few extra items with her. If things come to it, there are few people who would be able to catch her in an all out run. Before the machines had taken complete control, Xam was trained as a medic for the resistance. As such, she is able to treat and bandage most wounds.

    However, Xam is not good when exposed to the cold for very long, needing frequent stops to warm herself and rest, lest she become ill. Also, she's not good with people, and will likely get chased away by a trader, rather than be offered a deal.

    Inventory: A Drive-Tech energy pistol, 3 EMP stun grenades, hunting knife, 1 standard first aid kit.


    Name: A-0124 "Adam"


    S - 7

    P - 8

    E - 8

    C - 1

    I - 8

    A - 6

    L - 2

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Adam has no personality. He is but a tool for the machines, and they speak through him.

    Tagged Skills: Repair, Energy Weapons, Unarmed

    Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: If there was one weakness that Adam has, is that he has no free-will of his own. His thoughts are based on the linear patterns of a machine, and he has limited understanding of the human behaviour. Irrational behaviour on a human's part may confuse him.

    Adam is focused on his goal of assimilating other's into the machine. All his strengths are collectively designed to further this objective. Being mostly machine, he has a high resistance to exposure, and can go long periods of time without rest and recharging.

    Inventory: Repair kit (incase of damage to self or weapons), Plasma long-scope rifle, Drive-Tech pistols (2), shock cane.
  6. Name: Natalia
    Age: 24


    Strength: 7
    Perception: 5
    Endurance: 6
    Charisma: 3
    Intelligence: 5
    Agility: 8
    Luck: 6

    Specialized Skills:
    -Melee Weapons
    -Small Guns

    Appearance: Natalia stands about 5'5 in stature, shaggy blue/green hair falling down around her shoulders. Being a cyborg, she has small fracture lines on her face, some mistaking them for tatoos to the untrained eye. These lines are placed strategically along her body as entry points for repair and enhancements.


    Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: Natalia worked with her partner Jason as an explosives developer before the robotic takeover and getting thrown into prison, and even though she had not been able to work extensively with explosives while in prison, the knowledge is still there and she is able to create many explosives given the right materials. After her enhancements, she is able to move incredibly fast, her muscles modified to take intense strain without tearing. Her eyesight was also improved and she is often able to go for long periods of time without rest.

    Once she does reach that period of needing rest, her body shuts down and is quite vulnerable in this state, leaving her open for hacking and manipulation. She relies on her partner Jason to look after her during these brief times.

    Personality: Most who knew Natalia before her capture would have found her to be the all round joker, always a friendly smile on her face even while putting together an explosive. Since her capture and breakout from prison, she feels like she is a remnant of her former self, the jokes and smiles rare. She can be rather sarcastic and slightly judgemental, but once she warms up to someone she can be relatively friendly.

    -Two G18 pistols strapped to her thighs
    -Retractable metal staff
    -Small utility belt filled with fuses and ammunition
    -COG tag necklace
    -repair kit

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  7. Name: Jason "Tinker" Enderlin
    Age: 24

    Strength - 3
    Perception - 8
    Endurance - 5
    Charisma - 2
    Intelligence - 9
    Agility - 8
    Luck - 5

    Appearance: Jason stands at five feet and eleven inches. He is generally unimposing in stature, lacking big muscles or a strong stance. He is almost completely covered in clothing, including a gas mask over his face. If he were to take off his hood one would see close-cut brown hair.

    Personality: Survival comes first. Or at least it should. Jason is very distrustful of absolutely everyone he meets, even going as far as giving new acquaintances an alias instead of his real name. His instinct for survival is conflicted by his almost over protectiveness of his partner Natalia. If he were to make close friends with anyone, he would likely become protective of them as well. He is not the silent type but does not handle himself well in most social situations. He is almost always tinkering with some new weapon that he attempts to make out of scraps he can find throughout the tundra. He is not necessarily cowardly in battle, but he is not much use unless he can fire from a very close range.


    Strengths/Weaknesses: Jason worked with Natalia building explosives - namely smart bombs - before the takeover. He studied extensively and taught himself how to improvise weapons in order to break her out of prison. He managed to barely make it to her and break her out. His knowledge of explosives and weapons improvisation are two of his greatest strengths as he is able to make a weapon out of most bot scraps. He is also a skilled repairman, primarily to keep Natalia alive and in shape.

    Even though he has known Natalia for years, he has been very distrustful of her ever since she was augmented. He is also not, in any way, a fighter. He has almost no skill when it comes to unarmed combat and is a very poor shot, even at close range. The only real skill he has is with explosive weapons, partly because he only has to aim towards his target to do any damage.

    -ACR Assault Rife with an under barrel grenade launcher
    -4 grenade launcher rounds
    -Repair Kit (Used for both Natalia and creation of weapons)
  8. Name: Edward "Hunter" Smith






    Intelligance- 7

    Agility- 5



    View attachment 12250

    Personality: Hunter is like his callout name, cunning, swift, and always improvising. He usually focuses on survival of himself and future allies. He has a kind heart that may as well be made of diamonds, gold doesn't even describe it. All while being a nice guy, he knows when to turn on the killer switch. He's a trained soldier through and through.

    Tagged Skills: Projectile weapons(guns), Melee, and explosives

    Skills/Strengths/Weaknesses: Hunter is pretty good at planning out tactics, especially for frontal assualts. Explosives aren't his favorite skills but he makes due. Any sort of rifle in his hands is deadly, a sidearm becomes a sniper rifle. His weaknesses however lessen his abilities. He's not so good with hights or swimming, he has a nervous feel about them both.

    Custom M4carbine
    5 magazines for M4
    Five-Seven handgun w/ two magazines
    Snickers bar
    cross-com earpiece for communication
  9. Name: Gabriella "Gabby" O'Connel

    SPECIAL Skills
    Strength - 4
    Perception - 6
    Endurance - 5
    Charisma - 4
    Intelligence - 5
    Agility - 6
    Luck - 10


    Physical Appearence: Gabby is only five feet in height, weighs about 110 lbs and has brown eyes with a golden auburn hair color. At first glance she is a small, helpless girl, no weapon to be seen nor threat to be given "at first glance." This girl is around sixteen in age, wears warm winter clothing when outside but when in a sheltered like area from the harsh wilderness, she appears to wear fleety, bland colored clothing underneath the winter gear, none too restrictive to ones movement. Though her hair may be let down sometimes, it is often tied into a loose pony tail under a furry winter cap. There are no other special traits to this girl, she has a rather normal appearence.


    Gabby is emotionally conflicted between wanting to be around people but feeling as if she needs to stay away, yet she finds herself inexplainably gravitated towards them, selfishly she will stay with people but only because shes lonely. Yet she will try very hard not to form close bonds with whomever she "befriends" for reasons unknown, though she does end up forming some sort of bond with anyone she meets, and will become very worried, very depressed, and very unresponsive to anything, fearing she might have made too grave of a mistake after realizing there was a connection formed.

    By nature, she is a very friendly and kind girl, yet in the day and age, her traumatic experience when her family was taken away has warped her mind into fearing socialization, fearing everything that goes bump in the night; especially when around people.

    Tagged Skills
    Small Guns

    Gabby is a natural hunter, she can track animals, people, vehicles, and even robots if they leave some sort of track on the ground. Having to live in the wilderness for long periods of time, she has become very acquainted with first aid skills and proficient survival skills on her own.

    Gabby prefers her silent bow and arrow to the loud, bangish guns, as she needs that silence to sneak behind her prey. Gabby is rather sociable when befriended, but most often, she will try very hard to keep from making bonds, and so far she has succeeded in doing so.

    There is one subtle strength she has, because she is seemingly harmless, no afliction from the cyborg robotic masters and their "enlightenment" veiws, no metal parts or upgrades, just pure human, she is trusted easily most times, depending on whom the character that is interacting with her.

    Gabby is very lucky, in a way, she has survived on her own for four years by pure luck, or was it?

    Gabby is shy, even terrefyed of people around her, paranoid, looking over her shoulder as if expecting something awful to happen. Though she doesn't mean to, she gravitates towards her worse fear: being around people, especially when she makes bonds with those people unintentionally.

    Other flaws are her lack of strength, shes small and can hardly lift a moderately heavy gun; her lack of charm is also troublesome, making it rather hard for her to convince anyone of anything without a bit of luck.

    Gabby is far too sympathetic for those hurting around her, she will help if she can, but she is afraid to, fearing she may cause more damage in the long run. Gabby may seem to be a loner, but she longs for human companionship.

    Gabby is also unlucky sometimes, for reasons she will not give unless persuaded to, her only unfortuant turn of events happened when her family was taken by the Cyborgs.

    1 Composite, folding bow.
    1 Quiver (holds 20 bolts)
    1 First Aid Kit
    1 Hunting Knife (for skinning animals, not melee.)

    *NOTE* I won't be participating in mature/sex/ stuff, but "squeeky clean romance" is fine. :D I've also permission from Levi to join. >.>;
  10. I'd like everyone to know that I'm implementing a one week posting rule; when it is your turn and you do not post for one week, then anything might happen to your character. ANYTHING. They might get killed, they might have all their items stolen, anything. If you aren't going to be able to post and you know it, let me know and we will work something out in advance!