Flaring Singapore!

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Hey guys. So, I was browsing the forums, came across the Picture Thread 4.0!, saw Iwaku's posting tips there, and I thought I might as well start a thread where I could share with you guys about the Singapore culture and whatnot.

I was previously a vlogger, a video-logger (albeit not a very good one - I need a script for every shooting), but I quit when it felt pointless. There wasn't a purpose for me to vlog, other than just to have fun with it. But now, I feel that I could vlog again and, this time, for a greater purpose - to show you guys the sights of Singapore. Along with a few snapshots of my life. :)

I wanted to post this in the Art & Writing forum, especially when double posting would possibly be involved (thus making said forum a more suitable place to post this), but some of the stuff I'm going to post is not going to be my work alone, so I feel I'm kind of cheating their credits if I put it in the said section. Regardless, feel free to move this to a more appropriate place as you will, mods. :wink:

So, anyway, let's get started.

First off:
Marina Barrage

This is me (try and guess which one that is) and my classmates (with my lifeskills teacher... forgot her name <_<") at the Singapore Marina Barrage. We were asked to help out with a video shoot. They were gonna film this kid prodigy who is great with drums.

Yeah. Didn't care. :P

I actually thought I was going to help out with the scripts or something (what with my scriptwriting passion and all) but no. All I got was crowd control, so... NEXT!


The same group dining at a Chinese restaurant-like foodcourt. It's not a restaurant, just a foodcourt that looks like one. Hence, that's why the food there looks better than it tastes (note my unfinished food displayed in front of everyone on the table).

Can't figure out which one is me, yet? Yeah, well... NEXT!

Smug with Cool Hairstyle

This... is me. What a face, huh? :D Tanned complexion, no facial impurities, cool hairstyle. How did I look so cool after years of being an emo? I have no idea...

Some called me cute, other ugly, but I thought of myself as just, well, myself. It's not like I would fall in love with myself or anything. O_o"


Me. Again. Trying to look bored. And like a Digimon Gogglehead.

Fun Opinion: Goggles are awfully hard to find in Singapore.


Probably the oldest picture of me in my Facebook profile. Boy, I look like a smug back then.

Goofy Class

My goofy class in Lifeskills lesson. Still can't remember that teacher's name... Oh, don't bother spotting me. I'm hidden by a barrage of hands and faces behind the crowd.


Goofy class in Lifeskills lesson No. 2! Formal Shot! Even with that said, some still acted goofy...

I was still trying to extend my neck in this one.


Goofy class No. 3! Still filled with minor goof amongst the formal stance of the majority. Still trying to get my face in the picture.


Ah, that's better. Now the cool guy is ignoring the camera completely with his cool wannabe goggles and earphones and all. Aw yeah. This is Animation class by Mr Yeo. Typical Asian surname.

What's that guy at the furthermost right looking at? o_O"

And now, my vlogs! Well, not my vlogs... yet. My old vlogs just have me talking about my favorite stuff, reviewing them instead of talking about anything in regards to Singapore at all. So, I'm going to show you the behind-the-scenes footage of a videoshoot class assignment we had over at the Singapore Botanical Garden instead.

Singapore Botanical Garden
<object width="480" height="385">
<embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/Z4n-ogWTUKo&hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></object>

How was that? We looked like we actually had a lot of fun there, didn't we?

Well, until next time then! I'll try and post more sights and sounds of Singapore! Ciao!

I'm just up the road in Thailand.
Coolios. How's Thai? No offense, but, I heard the supernatural stuff there are myriad.
I'm not native thai, Just living here, but yeah superstition is alive and well here, nice curries too. But once you've lived here a while its become hard to distinguish whats different and harder to answer questions >___<
You're just very confused, Vay. HOHO!

Very nice report Flare.
Thanks, Torsty. :3

Alright, I can't report much today, especially when the battery of my camera-phone's almost flat. So, I could only show you the photos I took in the first-half of my day.

It's a school-day again, and I'm not used to it already. -_- Singaporean school life gets pretty damn boring. Sigh. Ah well. I can only pretend to have fun here in Iwaku while my friends go talk about graphic cards and computer geek-talk about. <_<


(click the images to see them in full-size)

Woke up early in the morning to take the MRT (Mass-Rapid Train). It's around 7:45 AM when I did - peak hour - which means that I have to cram in with the crowds. Now, normally, this isn't too big a problem that I can't handle... but today, the crowds are immense to the point which everyone has a millimeter of free space in between each other.

Our MRT stations are high above the air.

So, after approximately 40 minutes of train-riding (thankfully, the crowd lessened after 20 or less), I arrived at the bus interchange to take my bus to the school.

Not sure if you guys have bus interchanges..

You Americans don't know bus interchanges. (jk)

This is where all the buses assigned to this particular bus interchange return to after dropping all the lovely people off.

People have to wait behind these railings for the buses, but not me. I defy against railings.

And now, a look at some of the shitty works the designs of my college.

It used to be a flat space here. My friends once talked about leaping off the second floor and onto here.

Some kind of lifting device the nubs use back in the day.


And then here's the block I study in. There are, in total, five blocks in my college. All five have three stories/floors each. I study in the third floor of the block shown here.

We got this... wall-climbing activity... thingy.

And here's my class. A computer class. Fun. Air-con. Freezing. *feels like doing some Arnold freeze jokes again*

So, there it is. I might be able to show you more footage in the future (after my phone is recharged).

Till then,
Flare out!
Weird, when I visited the MRT wasn't crowded at all o_o And it was X-Mas season.


But then that was my first and only ride, maybe it was a fluke.

Oh god, I miss Little India D:

PS. The I live in Singapura song is stuck in my head...fffuuuuuuu

Well, yeah, probably a fluke. Just try riding around the business districts at peak hour. I double-dare ya.

Haven't been in SG/MY in 2 years and I really miss the food.

Feature the good food places! :3
@Oro; that girl, on the floor? Yea... would totally do her. (And I don't have a weird asian fetish either!)
Got a few friends in Singapore...Checking the weather every now and then and I haven't seen a sunny forecast yet.

How do you deal with so much rain?
Haha, I have no idea. It goes on and off, I guess. Rains for a week or less, then it gets sunny for the rest of the month. It's mostly Sunny here, though (not that I like rain as much).

Once, though, it rained so much near my college that me and my friends had to fight for our lives on the path from the coffee shop back to our school. It was like a warzone, though the water reached only as high as an inch.

Yep. 'Twas fun.

@Oro: There's a really good chicken rice stall at Queenstown, as far as I could remember. I always head over there for a plate. Look for the coffee shop somewhere opposite the Queenstown Library, on the second floor.

My friend's (awesome-looking) video on everyone's feelings about our class, and which year (Year 1 or 2) they prefer. Tell me if the video isn't working.