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  1. Yeah, so like it says...


    He's the one that pushed me here. I didn't come on my own free will. I asked him if it was promising; he said it was. If it's not, blame him. :D

    I'm kidding. I just thought that this would be an interesting way to use an intro thread. :D
  2. Yes. Yes it was. Especially when the title was my idea. :D

    Welcome, Crystal! Enjoy yourself! Be merry! Taste the Iwaku wine... or something... ... Join my RPs! >:D

    *flies off on a dragon*
  3. Hey~ Welcome to Iwaku :)

    If you're a friend of Flarekun's, I'm sure you'll enjoy this place ;]

    In any case, if you have any questions, concerns or issues, just give me a holler ;) Whichever feels suitable~ PM or VM on my profile :P

    Also, it'd be cool if you could tell us a little about what you're interested in!

    Do you like write or draw ? Or animate or design?
    What kinds of genres are you interested in when it comes to roleplays?

    If I know a little about what you like, I can point you to the right places on Iwaku to get started ;)
  4. I'm usually more directed towards Fantasy. I write in first person usually, because I find it easier.
  5. ~~~The Time Prior~~~
    Julius was about to respond to the Dhampir when another woman spoke to Ragnhall. Julius merely listened as the two went on, the Dhampir clearly trying to provoke the woman. Once the half-breed got a hold of one of the black crossbow things though, Julius backed up a few paces. He looked on in surprise as the man proceeded to shoot the woman in the calf, laugh like hell, and shoot some more into the ground around her. Oh yeah, there was also a giant-like man playing with the modern Templar Knights, throwing them around like ragdolls.

    ~~~Current Time~~~
    The events of the last 24 hours faded away, Julius was no longer even thinking about them at all. Rather, he was still dwelling on why the Round Table would even consider bringing back a mere boy with a farmer's tool. Their situation must be dire. Julius was pulled from his thoughts by a loud, repetitive banging on the roof of the helicopter. "What the hell?!" But his question was almost immediately answered by Pendragon yelling Gargoyles!. Wait, what? What in blazes were Gargoyles? During the rolling of the helicopter, Julius was strapped in so he wasn't just thrown around like the girl. In fact, Julius didn't really get hurt much at all, save for a cut on his left arm from a flying chunk of metal. Once he crawled out of the helicopter, he immediately began following after Pendragon. He really didn't have anything else to do. The girl was getting help from the Dhampir, the giant-like man was probably just fine, the vampire could quickly heal whatever had happened. And so, Julius had no reason to stay there. "Damn those infernal things."

    Once he finally reached the other helicopter, Julius went over by one of the side openings on it and looked in. "Do any of you need assistance?"​
  6. First person is really more interesting. It makes everything seem a bit more real. For instance...

    *I casually looked around the place, as my eyes dimmed across the area. Keeping the focus, I watched closely at the people about, and their doings while they were surrounding the area that I was in; like little toddlers who were running about doing nothing, but causing trouble.*

    Of course, I can write better than that; but I just wanted to show you what I meant.
  7. Interested in DND? Good! Interested in learning DND? BETTER! Come join us in Table-Top Tyrants, the happy home of all Pen-N-Paper and Table-Top style games!

    In hind-sight, I should probably say more than just an ad for my group. Hello there! I'm TNT, though you may also hear me refered to as Mabu. Anywho, I'm often found in the CBox most days and can be pretty random. That's about all I got. See ya around.

    I hope you enjoy it here!
  9. Welcome to the site.
  10. Welcome the party, please mind the gap
  11. I've seen you about mate, welcome to the forum!

    Watch out for the crazies...they lurk in Insanity o.o