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3 years ago NASA made an announcement to the world that something had collided with our Sun and it has sent out a massive Solar Flare, the largest ever recorded, so large in fact that it would reach the earth within a week. Sure enough that thing hit hard and fast and it literally rocked our world. As it turned out the flare wasn’t so much the threat, our earth’s reaction was what nearly caused humanities’ extinction. The Flare caused Nature to go on a schizophrenic rampage sending out every natural disaster known to man to happen all at once all over the world. Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Chicago, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami and all other major cities were leveled in mere minutes by tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, earthquakes, electrical storms, blizzards, sand storms and so on. That was just the immediate effect of the Flare, all the sci-fi stuff happened afterwards when the radiation kicked in. Most if not all agriculture was screwed. Lush forests and fields of grass turned into desert wastelands. The blue sky was a vicious shade of red and gray. And any city that had any buildings left standing you could barely walk through let alone live in. Then the other changes started happening. For some plants, animals and even humans, if the radiation didn’t kill you instantly, it gave you “the sickness” or mutated you; the kind of mutations you’d see come out of a Hollywood basement. Some of us got off easy, with a little extra. For some the radiation caused an anomaly, granting these fortunate few the ability to control the elements of nature. We’ve been labeled as “Conduits”. <o:p></o:p>

Now, 3 years later society has just barely begun to get back on its feet. Pockets of rusty looking towns and villages inhabiting a couple hundred each at least began to pop up over the country;, however, none so large and seemingly prosperous as “Haven”. That might be due to the fact that it’s being run by the “Council”, which essentially is our government whittled down to a small group of people who sit in a room at the top of the largest standing skyscraper in the Former U.S. Haven is still just as much a dump as anywhere else, it’s just a bigger than them. The Council tries to make it seem like they’re going to help the population by gathering groups of “volunteers” to travel the wastelands in search of fertile soil and sources of abundant food. No one ever comes back. That’s mostly because the wastelands are riddled with Mutants and bandits groups. One such group that seems to be the most organized and ruthless is known as the “Hellbound”; a group of mutants, humans, and conduits working together in harmony to kill and steal from other mutants, humans, and conduits. They’re led by someone named “Wraith”. Supposedly a mutant with conduit abilities, which has never been heard of in the 3 years the world has been in this hellish state. Either way he’s powerful and not nice. Lately though the Hellbound have changed tactics. Now they abduct people and take them off into the wastelands instead of just killing everyone in sight. Surely “something wicked this way comes” and it doesn’t look good for anyone.

So there’s the synopsis of what this thread is about. I need 5 other players to be a part of the main “Hero Group” one person for each element (which will be listed below). Basically the group manages to meet on random circumstances and decide to start helping and protecting the inhabitants of Haven since the Council is doing a cracker-jack job of it. Eventually the group decides to investigate the abductions soon after they start happening and take their fight out to the wastelands. <o:p></o:p>

Here are the playable races:

Conduits: Humans who have been enhanced by the radiation of the Solar Flare. When the flare hit the earth 3 years ago it triggered an anomaly between the Person and an element of nature, i.e: fire, water, wind, earth and lightning. This merge grants the affected person complete control over one of these elements. Although not mutated a conduit displays one physical difference from a normal human, a natural glowing of the eyes. The glowing color in the eyes of a Conduit corresponds to what element it is they control: red for Fire, dark blue for Water, light yellow for Wind, green for Earth, and the rare white/light blue of Lightning. Other differences a Conduit can display is the 20% increase in strength, speed and endurance compared to a normal human. They’re natural healing is also accelerated but only when injured, it is never a constant effect (we can’t all be Wolverine). No Conduit is “Invincible”. They live and breathe just like normal human beings and they can die just the same, although it may take a little more “umph” to do so. Conduits also have natural weaknesses, namely from using their abilities too much, exerting their energy and making the Conduit fatigued and exhausted, sometimes to the point of passing out. Some have experienced weaknesses to their opposite element. <o:p></o:p>

Humans who have been horrifically mutated by the radiation of the Solar Flare. This effect was almost instantaneous upon the amount of exposure to the radiation. Some humans went through a full mutation, becoming unearthly creatures only thought to exist in Hollywood. These mutations retain nothing of their former selves, no memories, no traces of humanity left. They are extremely feral and animal-like in their behavior. Others experienced only a partial mutation, enough to deform the body in obvious ways but the host still retains all of their former self, be it speech, memories, and personality. Although granted no “powers” like those of a Conduit, Mutants developed a much more different set of abilities. Depending on the mutation depends on the ability. Most mutant abilities are manly physical; horns, claws, fangs, tentacles, acidic vomit ect, ect. They also possess 30% more strength, speed and endurance than a normal human. Like Conduits, Mutants are not “invincible”. Most mutants have only been killed by a Conduit and rarely by a normal human but that isn’t completely unheard of. This may depend on the ability of the mutant and human involved. Mutants have no natural weaknesses. <o:p></o:p>

Those who survived the flare and remained normal (not enhanced, sickened, or mutated by the radiation) struggle even more so than anything else to survive. Most people just try to stay alive; others seize the opportunity to ensure survival by terrorizing everyone else. Humans have the access to weaponry in comparison to their Enhanced and Mutated counterparts roaming the lands. Although Guns are few and far between, a generally well organized group of human survivors more than likely has a few firearms amongst the group. Very few mutants have been seen using firearms as well. There are no records of a Conduit using a firearm as there really isn’t a need for them to. <o:p></o:p>

Character Sheet:<o:p></o:p>
Race: (Conduit, Mutant, Human) [[Cannot be any combinations of mutants and conduits. If your mutant is a Humanoid Mutation, explain in the “Appearance” Description]]
Element/Abilities: [Conduits only] (What element your Conduit controls and the special abilities of your element. 1 element and 5 abilities per Conduit)
Mutation: [Mutants only] (Explain what mutation occurred and what ability it grants you. Limit of 5 abilities per Mutant)
Weapons: (Conduits limited to 1 weapon [no guns]. Possibly something that relates to their ability? Get creative. Mutants limited to 2 weapons [guns allowed]. Humans limited to 3 weapons [guns allowed])
Appearance: (Picture or detailed description on what your Character Looks like)
Brief Bio: (Explain briefly how your character became a Conduit, or Mutant. And how your character came to be at Haven (or badlands for some of you mutants))<o:p></o:p>

Conduit Group:<o:p></o:p>

1: Lightning-Feedback
2: Fire-
3: Water-
4: Earth-
5: Wind-<o:p></o:p>

[Note] I will also be playing Wraith throughout the story. This is an open RP so everyone is welcome to join as whoever they want and start anywhere they want, they can aid the group, or the Hellbound. It’s up to you.<o:p></o:p>

Also I am completely open to ideas for this and I’m thinking about expanding this world if all goes well. My initial thought to the hidden plot of the story and as to why the people are abducted is a “conspiracy”. An underground facility housing a small group of the Council's scientists experimenting on people, mutants, and conduits in attempts to extract their abilities to be used to enhance the Council members. Wraith and his Hellbound are a cover-up for collecting subjects. The deal for Wraith, presented by the council, is for him to own and control his own part of haven. Any thoughts and theories on this are welcome.<o:p></o:p>
Forum Rules Apply:
-No controlling another player’s character
-Try not to curse a lot
-Do not Speed post, wait until everyone catches up at least
-Be Descriptive, at least write 2 paragraphs
-Be mindful of spelling and grammar
Re: Flare Chronicals: Haven

[FONT=&quot]Name:[/FONT][FONT=&quot] Connor Grath[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Age: 23[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Gender: Male[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Race: Conduit[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Element/Abilities: Lightning[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]1) Shock Orbs [Low Energy]: Softball-Sized Lightning Orbs that can be thrown or placed anywhere and can explode at will or on contact.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]2) Static Shield [Moderate Energy]: a shield of static and magnetic energies constructed at will that can deflect most projectiles such as bullets and basketball-sized debris. Rockets and boulder-sized objects break the shield and will knock Connor down but no significant damage.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]3) Spark Beam [Moderate/High Energy]: A fast concussive energy beam that has an effective reach of over 250 yards. The more Precise it is, the more damage it does and more energy it drains.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]4) Polarity Wave [High Energy]: A massive wave of electrical energies that can travel at great speeds and collide with devastating force. It has been able to clear a street full of cars a full stretch of 300 yards. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Weapons: No common weapon, his custom motorcycle gloves have metal plates sewn in from before the Flare, but they seem to help in the amount of energy he uses to perform his Conduit abilities.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Appearance: Connor is male of 23 years of age at 5’8” 189lbs with an athletic build. He wears black cargo pants, military boots he found in a surplus store, his with leather motorcycle jacket over a brown shirt and black hoody and his custom black leather motorcycle gloves with the fingers cut off. His eyes have an extra glow to them as he rarely ever takes his hood off.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Brief Bio: “It was unbelievable to hear NASA pretty much tell the world they had a week to live. Everyone else thought so too because when that Friday came it was like no one expected it. I was on my sport bike riding to the city when I looked up and saw the sky erupt in so many colors. I thought someone was having a big blowout sale or something, but it caused everyone to stop their cars. No one thought about it until the ground shook, cracked open then split apart, swallowing row after row of cars and people. I overheard this guy’s radio next to me and the announcer was going ballistic, screaming natural disasters were happening all over the world. I wasted no time, spun my ass around and shot through oncoming traffic like a bat out of hell, literally because that’s what it felt like was following me. The ground kept falling behind hind me and towers of earth were just springing up in front of me. The cars were slowing me down so I jumped off road and headed east through the fields. Found myself right in the middle of an electrical storm. Lightning was beaming everywhere and soon enough, it beamed me. I didn’t wake up right away, but I remember feeling like I got hit a few more times. After I woke up I had no idea what time it was, what day it was, or where I was. I was half surprised I remembered my name. My bike was fried so I started walking. Luckily I found the highway. It was like looking at hell, the ground misshapen, cars and people littered everywhere both twisted and crushed. I kept following the road for God knows how long. That’s when I got my first glimpse of my “powers” so to speak. A car that was still running shocked the hell out of me, but it didn’t kill me and it didn’t feel like the lightning bolt, it felt good. Thought I was just lucky at first but it happened a few more times. Eventually my memory came back a little bit and I found some run down warehouse building. I must have been there for a few months discovering my new abilities and scavenging for food. Eventually this fairly large group of people came around and start working on all the buildings a few blocks from my new home. A couple years later, those buildings became ‘Haven’. No one pays any attention to me which is good, others like me are no secret to the world, but it’s just easier to lay low. This whole new city is my home now, and that’s just how things are going to have to be for a while.[/FONT]
I'm game! I'll post a bio here later on, probably one of the conduits.
Hmm... I've always wanted to play an animal-esque character but I've never really been able to find a suitable place. If this doesn't work with your direction for the story let me know.

Character Sheet

Name: Ethan Adison Lowell "Addy"



Humanoid Mutant: Feral

A Morph. When angry or frightened Addy takes on the characteristics of animals he has in the past associated with these feelings. He cannot control it consciously, but sometimes strong positive emotions trigger less dangerous, more...cuddly kinds of animals.

A pocket knife, whatever defensive or offensive traits the animal he assumes the shape of relies on; teeth, claws, horns etc.

It seems every morph leaves a little something behind when he returns to human form. Addy would clean up to be a right little cherub with a bath and a haircut; blonde, brown eyed, freckled- he's a bit scrawny for his age due to malnutrition, but he'll be fairly tall if he survives into adulthood.
His favorite shape is a big gray and yellow dog resembling a cross between the golden retriever he used to have and a wolf he saw in one of his zoobook magazines- or at least this is the one that has left the biggest impression on his human form. He has dogs' teeth, gray mixed in his hair and short, dark brown talons instead of fingernails. Anger tends to manifest itself in something like a bull-dragon (without wings; he can't do flying creatures), fear in an odd, cat-like, snake-rabbit.

Brief Bio:
Addy was a fairly bright child, if nothing too special, and is still rather intelligent for an animal. Realizing something was wrong with her son even before she understood the extent of his mutation his mother made sure he learned a few basic things. "Addy", "stay", "bad", and "hide". He actually understands quite a few words, but his vocabulary is limited to these four and the words "food" and "ball" (which is his word for anything good.). His father and younger sister were killed in one of the earth-quakes that destroyed Chicago, he and his mother, unable to control his condition, fled to Haven where the Council was still trying to get things organized and went right to them to help. Because they're the government... they help people...

Addy and his mother have spent the last two years essentially prisoners of Haven's Council while they try to figure out what on a cellular level is happening when he morphs- specifically, where does the extra mass come from when he becomes larger and how to duplicate this in other animals for use in farming what animals have survived.

Is this dead or are you guys still going ? :)
I thought it was dead lol but if you're interested in it go ahead and post up a sheet
I want to join, too, even though you spelled chronicles wrong. How many can we do? I like being a hero, but I've been feelin' the evil lately. If I can only do one, I'll go for evil. Its way more fun than "ethics" and "morals".
go for it quiet and yeah i realized that afterwards, but i'm too lazy to correct anything lol
Name: Bernard Mavich (currently known as Bio)
Age: 29
Gender: male
Race: Mutant. The Solar Flare triggered several inactive genes in his DNA. He is a one man zoo, but still maintains a mostly humanoid form.
Mutation: Retractable claws. Venomous fangs. Cannot run very fast, but can leap like a kangaroo.
Weapons: Is not out in the wastelands very often, so he usually doesn't carry weapons. Rumor has it, though, that he's working on a weapon of some sort.
Appearance: His legs are the shape of a goats, but look like a reptile's. His six-foot tail whips around the slime his amphibious skin secretes. He is a pale grey, and his blue veins can be seen through his thin skin. His fingers are long and misshapen, but can easily fit around a throat. His body is littered with scaly, bony freckles. Only a few small hairs cling to his head. His eyes are orange and reptilian.
Brief Bio: Bernard's life's work was as a bio-geneticist, working diligently to understand, not just one species genome, but the very code for life itself. After his transformation by the Solar Flare, he tried to study with his ruined equipment to reverse the effect and return to as he was, or even better. He now lives in the company of the one called Wraith, working on a metamorphosus device of some sort. But this life has made him cynical and cold. He now believes man has had his time, and mutants can't take their place until they are a single species; the master species he's been working diligently to create. If he succeeds, Wraith will be the least of the human's problems.
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