Flames vs Waves?

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  1. Blaise sat at the side of the road, reading the newspaper. It had been three years since he had been kicked out of the orphanage, and he was now eighteen today. He wryly said to himself, "Happy Birthday."

    He then turned to the Job Advertisement section of the paper, hoping that this day would bring him some luck.
  2. Melody ran by him then, in a hurry. She had been paged that the local dam was leaking and they needed her special abilities that the government had given her. One of the weldings had come loose and the water was seeping out fast. She had to get there else the dam could break and possibly flood nearby homes.
  3. Blaise glanced up, and stood. He jogged along beside the girl, and aasked casually, "Hey, do you need anything done around the house? I'm good with gardening, and I can cook fairly well."
  4. "What?" She had heard him but she didn't have time for small talk. "Not to be rude, I'm in a hurry." She dashed around a corner, heading to the outskirts of the city where the busted damn was located. She glanced at him.
  5. Blaise frowned, and his temper flared up. He didn't like being ignored, and his eyes narrowed. Completely by accident, the girl's bag caught fire, and his eyes widened. That had not meant to happen!
  6. Meldoy yelped in surprise and stopped, dropping her purse. Without thinking, her eyes turned a solid blue and she raised her hand, shooting a quick stream of water onto her purse and putting out the fire. She sighed as she picked up her purse and examined her contents, her eyes still a solid blue. She groaned at the loss of her phone and the other things in her purse. Thankfully nothing to important was there, so she let her eyes fade back to normal.
  7. Blair hurried up to her, and words fell out of his mouth in his worry, "Oh my God, I am so sorry! I was just a bit annoyed with being brushed off and I lost my temper." He paused. "Hang on - how did you put the fire out with that water?"
  8. "Let's just put it this way...there's a lot you don't know about me and likely never will. Now I really, really must be off." She turned away from him.
  9. He raised an eyebrow. "You're not curious about how I set your bag on fire from several feet away?" He found her intriguing, unlike most girls.
  10. She glanced at him. "No not really. I don't have time to be curious." She said with a hint of sarcasm. "Now if you'll please excuse me, I really need to hurry and fix a leak in a damn."
  11. "I could help. Some heat, and I could seal the leak up again." Blaise walked beside her.
  12. "Sure." She muttered, her mind on her mission that she had been called for. She glanced at him again, deciding suddenly he was cute. She frowned at the stray thought.
  13. "Great. I'm Blaise by the way." He grinned and began to run on. "Well? Are we going to save the city?" He called back to her.
  14. "If you stop rambling and follow me maybe yes." She answered. They could soon smell water and hear it rushing like thunder. They were getting close to the damn.
  15. Blaise rolled his eyes. "Ok then."
  16. After some more travel they were finally at the damn. Melody explained to the workers who she was. More like what she was, and they lead her and Blaise to the leak. "Alright. Let's get to work." She said as the workers watched with curious eyes. She closed her eyes for a few moment as water pooled around their feet. When she opened her eyes again they were pure blue, like when she had put out the fire on her purse. She concentrated on the rushing water and after a few moments in slowed down to a trickle and then stopped all together. "Somebody get a new pipe!" She shouted, and after a few moments a worker handed her a pipe and she held it in the space where the pipe and busted. She looked at Blaise expendantly, her eyes still a solid blue, keeping the water at a standstill.
  17. Blaise closed his eyes, and summoned all his firepower. He then opened his eyes and concentrated his gaze on the pipe. It began to sizzle, and melded onto the new one. He held it there until he was certain that it was secure, and then released it.
  18. "Done." She said, satisfied. "Thanks." She said, turning to Blaise. She checked her pager. There was nothing on it so she had free time until she was needed. "Now we can perhaps discuss business. You hungry?" She asked as the workers filed off to their places. She started walking away, making her way out of the damn.
  19. "Yeah, thanks." Blaise nodded and grinned. "We could get some coffee?" He ran his fingers through his dark hair and straightened his jacket. "And maybe you can explain how you can do that water thing."
  20. "Yeah coffee sounds good." She smirked. "But not a chance on the 'water thing.' I don't even really know myself." They excited the damn and hiked their way back to the city.