Flames in the Night

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  1. December of 1591. The winter was cold and harsh in the mountains of Germany. Klingenthal, a town on the Czech border, had a rich iron-ore deposit nearby. In this year, a large hammer mill was established to help the blacksmiths, builders, and miners. Two young shapeshifter dragons resided here. The elder brother was secretive, very careful of the humans they lived so close to. His younger brother was more adventurous, and much less careful.

    In the harshest snowstorm of that month, the younger brother was flying above the mountains and heard miners calling for help. Using his dragon sight, he saw the three men shivering at the entrance to the newest mine. He dove, his intention to help them. He landed , his wings spread to block the harsh winds. To show he had not meant to harm them, he lowered his head with his eyes closed and blew a single puff of smoke from his nostrils. The men were weary, but one cautiously approached the beast. When it made no move to attack, he relaxed a fraction and rested his hand on the tip of the giant lizard's nose.

    Iron was poison to dragon kin. And the fresh iron ore, that the young brother had not thought of, burned his sapphire-scaled skin. He winced, growling and drew back his head to let out a cry of pain, in hopes that the frigid snow would ease the horrid burn. The miners thought he was meaning to attack, and drew their weapons, such as they were. One shot arrows at the beast's neck, the arrows coated with the iron dust. The iron ate away at his scales, so the next arrows could penetrate the raw skin. These arrows caused a horrible infection.

    The younger brother, knowing better than to attack the miners, flew off to find a save place where he could, hopefully, heal from the ordeal. The elder brother, in human form down in their meager house, had heard his brother's cry in his blood. He frowned as he looked towards the direction of where his brother was crying for help. "My brother," he murmured as he hurried to where his winter dressings were. When his coat, boots, hat, and gloves were on, he ran out the door and closed it behind him. Thankful that the other townsfolk were too afraid of the blizzard to open their doors, he ran out of town, as fast as a young man can run through two feet of snow. When he was sure that no one would be able to see, he let his true self show.

    Claws began to emerge from his boots and gloves. Two lumps formed and grew under his coat until they broke through, two dragon wings emerging as they spread wide. His neck elongated as ivory-colored horns emerged fromt he top and sides of his head. His nose and jaw grew longer and sprouted scales as a tail emerged from his pants and grew. Within a matter of two minutes, he had gone from a young man who was not yet twenty, to a nearly full-grown dragon with scales as black as the blackest night.

    He roared and took to the sky, letting his brother know that he was on his way. By the time the black brother had finaly found his sapphire brother, the younger one had reverted to his human form, gasping for air. The infection was horrible, spreading from the spot on his nose and now reaching his cheekbones, and the wound on his neck swollen and spreading out to reach his chest.

    "Edban, what happened," the older brother demanded, shrinking back into a man. Both were naked now, their clothes having been torn to shreds from transforming to their true selves.

    "Alek," the young one gasped. His voice was ragged, horse, and weak. "I tried to help them..." his expression was begging his brother's forgiveness "They were at the mine."

    "Hush, brother," the older one said, understanding the rest. "You've done nothing wrong," he tried to sooth his only kin. Dread filled his chest, as he knew he could do nothing for his suffering sibling. He spoke of only light-hearted topics for the rest of their time together.

    In the middle of the night, the wolves howled as the younger dragon's spirit faded away from the physical world. Alekel bowed his head as he held onto his brother's now lifeless hand. "I love you, my dear brother," he whispered. He let his true self show once more and with great remorse, breathed fire on his brother's body. The flames turned the same color as his scales, a beautiful sapphire. Alekel waited until there was nothing but ashes, and swept them out into the storm with his tail. He let out one more cry for his brother and flew off. He left his beloved town, the country that his mother had reigned over, and the entire continent. He flew over the ocean and finally rested in the giant hills that were the Appalachians in the New World.

    Eventually, living as a human, he had worked his way to Massachusetts over the course of about a hundred or so years before he settled in Salem Town. He lived by himself a few miles out of town, close enough to be considered a citizen, but far enough where he had plenty of privacy. He wasn't exactly revered in the town, but he made sure the people knew he was an honest man, if not a quiet one. His aging process had slowed dramatically shortly after his brother had passed. He seemed to be a man of his early twenties for the past century or two. Thankfully, not many people paid attention to the solitary young man, save for the occasional girl who would attempt to swoon him when he went into town. These attempts never worked.

    He sighed as he reached his house and put his groceries away. Today would make the hundredth year of his brother's death. "Edban, you've been gone a whole century," he murmured as he looked out the window of his small house. Once the groceries were away, he sat down on his bed, rested his elbows on his knees. He thought he might be lonely, but decided that any companionship he would truly want, would be one of his own kind. Alas, he could find none. There seemed to be no dragons in this area; he had not caught sight or scent of them since he arrived on this land.
  2. "Have you watched the skies dance with light? Heard the thunder more like a roar? For ‘tis on such a moonlit night, that one may give heed to dragon lore..." Her ethereal voice, though soft, drifted from the forest not far from the man's house. The source was a dainty young girl, or woman rather, in her early twenties, with pale white skin only just shades darker than the platinum hair just barely visible from under her crimson cloak. Her slipper'd feet made small prints in the snow as she walked, or waltzed rather, along the edge of the woods. With her eyes closed, the girl danced beneath the moonlight, the snow sparkled in the lunar spotlight just as much as her hair did, and the pale-white light falling on her skin made her body look as ethereal as her voice sounded in the cold of the night.
  3. As the soft words caught his ear, Alekel stood. Using his dragon eyes, he looked through the wooden walls of his small house to the dancing woman near the forest. "Of course the cursed stories would find their way here," he growled to himself. He shrugged his coat back on, glad he didn't have to bend down again to get his boots. He exited his house and started towards the young woman. "Can I help you, Miss? You're a far cry from the town; 'tis the opposite direction," he called to her as his footfalls ate the distance between them.
  4. "When a million stars twinkle and bow, to the forked tongues and fiery lash, of Dragons soa-..hmm?" She stopped dancing at the sound of his voice and her crimson cloak swirled around her, completing the spin she was about to take and stirring up the freshly fallen snow about her feet. Slowly she opened her eyes revealing golden orbs that seemed just a touch more distant, more glazed, than any human eyes should be. "Oh I know that." She laughed faintly, a soft chime of a sound. "I am here because the town is that way."
  5. He noted her inhuman-colored eyes, and hair as pale as the snowy mountains. Yet not a wrinkle marked her face. "I beg your pardon my saying so, Miss. But 'tis rather late to be wandering about at night. The forest isn't as safe as 'tis silent," he warned her. He had a German accent, though he spoke as if he'd grown up in the New World. Why was he suddenly concerned for one of the townsfolk? It was probably because she was different. He sensed she wasn't like other humans at all. Rumors in town were beginning to pop up about witchcraft. Could she be a witch? Or was she simply a bard on a night stroll?
  6. She laughed again, another soft ringing of a sound. "I never understood why they are all so scared of these woods." She turned her golden eyes upon the naked trees, the moon shining in her eyes in such a way that one wasn't quite sure whether it was the moonlight or her eyes that was glowing ever so faintly. "I've not found anything but harmless animals in this forest. It's as if everything dangerous is hiding from something else."
  7. Yes, they're hiding from me, he thought. "One will never know," he said instead, looking up at the moon as well. His green eyes seemed to turn red for a moment before he closed his eyes and averted his gaze from the moon. They returned to their normal green shade before he looked around. "Perhaps the townsfolk came and put up traps while I was out," he suggested, though he knew it wasn't so. None of the townsfolk came anywhere near his house, let alone walk past it to the forest. Not a single scent trail was ever found, save for tonight with this strange young girl's.

    "You may call me Alexander," he said, bowing his head like a gentleman. He had tweaked his name to fit in with the locals. Alekel sounded too foreign and might raise suspicion. "I hope you find your way back to town before any one misses you too terribly."
  8. "Alexander.." She gave a curtsy, sweeping her cloak out to reveal her simple white dress that fell gracefully, ending just inches above her black slippers. "I am called Felicia, good sir. And as for being missed.." Her golden eyes swept towards the direction of town, a touch of loneliness and a hint of fear in them. "I may live in the town but they would not miss me if I were gone."
  9. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss Felicia," he said with a bow in response to her curtsy. He looked at her curiously. "I can relate," he said with a small smile. "I wonder, do you know how to wield a sword?"
  10. "Hmm..." She tilted her head, as if this was a request she had to give a lot of thought. "No, I don't believe I do, Alexander." She smiled and took a few steps towards him from the edge of the forest, her foot falls barely making any sound even in the snow.
  11. He did note how quiet her footfalls were, even for a human. She wasn't human, then. At least not completely. She did smell faintly of dragon kin. "A bow and arrow, perhaps," he asked, standing his ground. "I wold never forgive myself if I let a young lady enter the forest without any sort of protection." If she was dragon kin, he wanted to know if she knew, or could sense anything about him that was different. Humans could, though they never understood why they were wary of him. If she could figure it out, then he would teach her. However, if she already knew and was living so close to the humans, with the growing witch accusations, it could be a major problem.
  12. "A dagger, at most." She laughed again, moving closer only to stop a handful of feet from him. If she felt something odd about his presence she didn't show it. Finally pulling her eyes from the direction of the town, she at least really looked at him, blinking a few times as if finally seeing who was actually standing before her. She brought her hand up next to her own eyes, staring at him, perplexed for just a moment -- and before he really had a chance to see that she had done so, she shifted her hand to intertwine her fingers in a stray lock of hair. "Has anyone ever mentioned that... you... have curious eyes..?"
  13. "I suppose a dagger is sufficient," he chuckled. He stared at her curiously, noting how she studied him. She didn't seem to be afraid, just curious. "Curious eyes? No one has looked at me long enough to notice them," he admitted with a sheepish chuckle. "I am sure you've gotten similar comments. Eyes as gold as the finest jewelry."
  14. She blushed slightly and, instinctively looked away and downcast. "Yeah I get a lot of comments on it.. And if not on the color, than.. the way they look.." She fidgeted some, as if unsure if he would be one to accuse her of many of the things that others had.
  15. "I'm afraid I don't know what they mean," ​Alekel said. "The way they look? They look like eyes to me." He shrugged and glanced back towards town. "I have been hearing rumors of witches, not that I believe in such talk. But the church is very likely to take action against the accus'd." He looked at her. "I have a feeling we might be drag'd into this, with our eyes," he said with a small, half-joking grin.
  16. "I've been told that my eyes.. don't reflect the world and my feelings like normal people's do.. As for the witches.. I'm starting to wonder if they.. don't mean me.." The golden orbs flickered towards him for just a moment, unsure still if he would accuse her now that she had verbally pointed out that she was indeed the cause of the rumors. Curse her eyes!
  17. "I am a good judge of character, Miss Felicia," he said. "If you are a witch, you are a harmless one. This, I am certain," he said with a reassuring smile.
  18. "If I am a witch, I am a poor one, as I would not have even known it!" She laughed and relaxed slightly.
  19. He laughed. "Then perhaps I am one as well," he joked along with her. When his laughter died down, he frowned and listened. "This is my land, you're trespassing," he said to the darkness. Footsteps were soon heard, followed by a low chuckle.

    "Oh, come now. This isn't truly your land," a male's voice. The words were hardly noticeable through the rasp of his voice. "Foreigner, go back to your own land. This is our hunting ground."

    "The villages are your hunting grounds, leech," Alek spat. "Leave, now."

    "Or what," the male challenged, finally coming into view. He seemed to glow in the moonlight, his pale skin showing brightly. The vampire wasn't a handsome one. Quite the opposite in fact. He almost looked like a zombie from how sunken in his face was. "You can't do anything, shapeshifter. Not without being hang'd for murder," he grinned, his fangs flashing as his gaze flickered to Felicia. "She certainly smells delightful."
  20. She started to laugh but stopped instantly, noticing his sudden discomfort. Instantly, instinctively, Felicia moved closer to Alexander, or rather closer to, and behind him, unsure of what was going on or what was wrong with the intruder's appearance. ".. shapeshifter? Hunting grounds? .. Alexander.. what's going on..?" Her voice was filled more with confusion than fear, but the hint of fear was there all the same.