Flame. A poetry exibit of one hidden behind the mask of the persona.



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A world engulfed in flames,
The inevitable culling of the lame,
A genocide of the meek and mighty,
The burning punishment of the flighty.

A flame does not discriminate,
Between flesh and wood, but estimate
not, the fires of Hell
Nor the saints and angels who fell,
But take heart that this state of existence,
Is not without limits, despite the constant insistence,
From the minds and hearts of the fool,
Who burns as well as the cool,
From the prayers and boasts of the righteous,
Who sway in the wind with the virtuous,
From the eyes and false tales of the prophetic,
Whose backs are broken with the aristocratic,
The pragmatic and the democratic.

The cleansing flame
Whose sole aim
Is to rid the world
And send to the netherworld
The disease and rot and insanity
Of the Beast, the Feast, the Profanity
of Humanity.</SPAN></SPAN>


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I really really like this poem, Raiu. The rhymes are incredible and as I read it, I swear I got goosebumps. <3

Will you be writing more loverly poetry?


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I don't know. This just flowed out of me. Maybe.