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  1. Alexia was sitting in class, doodling away in her notebook, until she felt someone looking over her shoulder and breathing down her neck. Not him she thought to herself as she gripped her pencil tighter, not wanting to have an outburst. When she turned around she noticed that Meeko was sitting behind her, staring over her shoulder. She growls to herself and then slammed her notebook shut, glaring over at the guy with blonde hair, he instantly sat back and pretended he wasn't looking, although it was obvious he was.

    "Do you mind staying in your own seat?" She says, although she was annoyed her voice came out quiet and squeaky.

    Meeko was staring straight at her, laughing to himself. Why was she always so quiet and annoyed? He wondered. He tried talking to her, even though she was the species all werewolves had hatred for. He decided to try and be friends with everyone. He was looking through his book casually then looks up at her again. He leans forward and smiles.

    "What was that? I was just reading my book" He says.

    Alexia shook her head and rolls her eyes.

    "Nevermind" She snaps and went back to doodling, hearing him get up and go to annoy someone else.
  2. Matthew trudged into class- mostly with his head hanging down from his shoulders and eyes looking down to the floor. He couldn't wait until graduation and be free from the dreaded routine of walking up in front of the class and finding a seat. Once he got out of high school, he didn't have a plan except for going somewhere far away to retreat, but he'll probably free draw anything he sees and hopefully sell them.

    Walking past the first row, he heard a girl sigh something in annoyance to they boy behind her, and curiosity made him take a quick peek. She was the girl that sat next to him in most of his classes, but he didn't know her name- he didn't bother to know anyone's name matter of fact, except for Meeko.

    He rolled his eyes at the thought of Meeko. How could anyone be so friendly and talkative? Sitting in the row next to Meeko and the girl, he quickly buried his head into his notebook, hopefully, to not be bothered by anyone.

    Giggling with her friend before she dropped Rayne off into the classroom, Rayne entered with a bright, flashy smile and a pocketful of giggles. She loved this class to death, and even though she didn't know all the people in her class she liked all of them also. The kid that sat behind her, Matthew, rarely talked and seemed to hate it when she looked at him, but she was sure that beneath that rough, touchy shell he was a good person.

    A girl named Alexia- she could never get over how beautiful the name was- sat on the row to her left, and she didn't talk too much as well, but she was the sweetest girl that Rayne ever knew.

    Then there was the boy who sat behind Alexia, Meeko. He seemed so bright and outgoing like her, but he could draw anyone into a conversation and not be awkward about it. It all seemed to come so naturally to him, and Rayne admired him for that and at times she was even jealous. She often thought of trying to start a conversation with him, but she was afraid of being awkward in front of him and messing up.
  3. Alexia noticed Matthew enter and then go to his usaul seat near her and she edged away, the scent of a werewolf hitting her instantly. She wanted to tall to him, but didn't want to get involved with werewolves, because vampires and werewolves didn't well, mix. Unless you were Meeko and liked to talk to anyone.

    She turns away and then went back to doodling now Meeko was gone and wouldn't distract her.

    Meeko wanders around and see's Rayne enter. He bad actually had a crush on her for a while and he find himself blushing as he goes over to her.

    "Hi Rayne! How was your weekend?" He asks, cheerfully.
  4. Matthew kept his head buried in his papers, but his ears picked up the slight ruffle of the girl next to him inch away from him in her seat. He was extremely tempted to take his eyes off what he was drawing to see why she moved away from him, but he didn't dare try. Matthew was afraid that once he does, someone will try to coax him into talking.

    But at the same time, he was curious. Everyone at school shows no particular reaction towards him except for her. She would always try to avoid him, but why? Was it because she knew who he really was- a werewolf?

    Matthew shook his head at the thought. That's impossible. No one can tell, except for vampires, but if that's the case could she be one of the forbidden ones? This time, Matthew finally looked up at her and found himself staring. She was beautiful, but if she was a vampire like he may have suspected things would not turn out well. Falling for your enemy wasn't exactly allowed. Besides, he was supposed to marry the girl his pack chose for him- he had no choice.

    A voice behind addressed Rayne and a wave of chills were sent up her spine. Was it really who she thought it was?

    Turning around and trying to control the flurry of butterflies in her stomach, she put on the brightest grin to hold back her surprise and excitement. Meeko actually came over to talk to her- to her!

    "Oh, hey, Meeko!" Amazingly, she was able to calm herself down to where she found herself saying hi like a normal person, but in the inside she felt herself squeal. She knew that Meeko talks to everyone, but she still felt somewhat special to talk to one of the popular people in her school. Rayne wasn't too bad herself, but she was pretty much normal.

    "My weekend was great. Just took a hike with several of my friends and what not. What about you?"
  5. Alexia looks up as she felt eyes baring into her and noticed Matthew staring. Matthew - The guy who shared at least one thing with her, rarely talking. She found herself blushing and then quickly looks back at her doodling book, and then closes it when class had started and got out her textbooks.

    Meeko smiles at her. "My weekend was great! Me and my family went camping!" He exclaims happily. When he noticed class was starting he waves to her goodbye. "Okay! I'll talk to you later" He adds, heading back to his own seat. Throughout the lesson he tried to talk to Alexia but she ignored him everytime he said something. He leans forward and taps her.

    "Hey, Alexia, it's Monday" He tells her, but she just shifts forward and ignores him.

    He took out some paper and wrote on it.

    Hi :D Y r u ignoring me?
    From Meeko

    He passes it to her, she opens it and then puts it aside without a word. Halfway through the lesson he began to get hungry and pulls out a bag of chips. He leans forward and then shook the bag near her, making a loud noise.
  6. Once Matthew noticed that the girl caught him staring, his eyes widened and he immediately buried his head in his papers- his cheeks burning from the embarrassment. He kept blaming himself for being so awkward and reminded himself that this was the exact reason why he didn't make contact with people. He was awkward, plain and simple.

    Throughout the lecture, the teacher's voice droned in the back of his head, but Meeko's voice constantly pestered him even though he wasn't directly talking to him.

    Growling and crumbling a paper in his hand, Matthew shot a short glare in Meeko's direction and found him bothering the girl. Matthew didn't know that many people, but he, unfortunately, knew Meeko very well. He was like the annoying brother that Matthew never wanted. Can't he ever understand that not everyone wants to talk? Matthew was about to speak up and tell Meeko to back off from bothering the girl, but he decided against it since it didn't seem like he was bothering her no more.

    Rayne smiled and opened her mouth to reply to Meeko, but the teacher started the lecture so she reluctantly turned back around in her seat to pay attention. She wanted to talk to him some more, and she hoped that he would. Meeko seemed like a really cool person to hang out with.

    Then randomly in the middle of the lecture the loud rustle of chips in the room could be heard, and Rayne turned around and found that the culprit was Meeko. Putting her hand up to her mouth, Rayne giggled and winked at him. "Good job in being discreet." She teased.

    People weren't supposed to eat in class, and he was probably going to get caught.

    Those around her joined her in laughter, but Matthew lightly slammed his hand on the desk and glared at Meeko and uttered out three simple words. "Stop bothering her." His voice was so soft and quiet, but his tone was threatening and strong.

    Rayne's jaw dropped, and so did everyone else's in the room. During all the four years that she has seen Matthew, he has never spoken a word until now.
  7. Alexia felt the chip bag being shook right by her and she just flicked it away. Soon, she heard someone talk in a threatening time and noticed it was Matthew. She smiles and blushes as she looks over to him. "Thank you" She says quietly. She glares at Meeko and then stood up and moved her desk right away from him, so he could keep his chip bag away from her.

    Meeko looks over at Matthew. "I just wanted to talk" He says and then smiles. He noticed that Alexia had moved her desk away from the spot she was in and decided to talk to Matthew instead, so he shifts his desk forwards and towards Matthew, their desks were so close that they were stuck to each other and Meeko was sitting right by him.

    "Hi!" He says cheerily.
  8. Lightly cracking a gentle smile, Matthew nodded his head to accept her appreciation and continued to draw on his notebook- ignoring Meeko's first comment and hoping that he wouldn't talk afterwards.

    Even though he was drawing and trying to go back into his natural habit, he still couldn't get over the fact that he talked in front of everyone. Instead of feeling immediate regret like he expected, he actually felt some adrenaline coursing through his body. Matthew felt different, like something in his entire body had changed. Why did he talk like that? He would have never done that normally?

    Then Meeko started bothering him, and he groaned. Looking up, he gave Meeko a look that seemed to say 'don't-you-even-dare-try'.
  9. Alexia went through classes, still ignoring Meeko whenever he tried to talk to her. When it was lunch she was glad, because she was growing hungry through her last lesson. She took some pizza and a soda. She looks over and notices Meeko was standing with Rayne, thank goodness. At least he wasn't talk to her and was bothering Rayne. She moves to a table and sat alone, beginning to eat. She tries to be in hiding, not wanting Meeko to come over.

    Meeko grabs some food and then smiles at Rayne. "See you in our next lesson Rayne!" He says happily and then looks around, seeing Alexia. He smiles and moves over, sitting down directly in front of her.

    "Hi Alexia! Our last lesson was sure boring wasn't it? Wanna have some of my food? All you have is a pizza and can of soda!" He says. He took some of his food and scrapes it onto her plate. "There!"

    Alexia glares at him and looks down at her plate, her pizza was now invaded with a ton of other food. He really had a nerve.
  10. Rayne smiled and waved as she watched Meeko walk over and say hi to Alexia and then sighed to herself. How could he do that- talk to the shy people so comfortably like that. Rayne was going to go over and talk to all of them as a group, but a few of her closest friends stopped by and asked her to join them in sneaking off campus to go to the Starbucks across the street.

    She couldn't resist, so she went.

    It was lunch time, and Matthew was starving. He had his typical but simple lunch consisting of chips and a ham sandwich and was about to head outside, but he looked behind him and found Meeko bothering the same girl again. Honestly, what was up with him?

    Walking over to the two, Matthew stood at the edge of the table between the two, looking back and forth at them bust mostly at Meeko. This time, he didn't say anything but his dark blue eyes said it all.
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  11. Meeko noticed Matthew come over and he smiles cheerfully. "Hi Matthew!" he says cheerfully. After he finished eating, he stood up. "Okay, I'll see you guys in class!" He says and then headed out. He sensed Rayne nearby and then followed her scent and was at Starbucks, he goes inside and then looks around, seeing her. He waves happily and goes over to her. "Hi Rayne!" He says.

    Alexia was glad when Meeko left and looks over at Matthew, she smiles gently. "Hi" She says quietly, blushing.
  12. Matthew rolled his eyes once Meeko left, but then he found himself standing at the table that the girl was at alone. What was he supposed to do? Matthew was the quiet type that never talked, but it didn't mean that he was rude. Guess he had to sit here now that he was already here.

    Setting down his lunch and taking a seat, he opened his bag and started going through his lunch and trying to stay calm. Matthew started freaking himself out because he didn't know what he just put himself through. He has never talked one on one for such a long time, and it was most likely that he had to talk to the girl that sat in front of him right now.

    It's not that he didn't want to, it's that he never talked to someone like this in ten years- never the less opened his mouth until today.


    Matthew's head nervously shot up to look at the girl, but something about her calmed him. Maybe it was her gentle eyes or the way she sweetly smiled at him.

    "Hi." He said softly, his voice not much louder than a whisper. Even though he wasn't as scared, he couldn't believe that he was talking.

    When Rayne saw Meeko walk into Starbucks, she smiled and happily greeted him, standing up from her table and walking over to him. "Hey, Meeko! What's up? Here to get some coffee?"
  13. Alexia smiles and tried to make a conversation. "How was your weekend?" She asks softly. School was great with all of the learning and such, but you had to socialise too and make an effort to meet new people. She was always slightly jealous of people like Meeko, who had tons of friends and people who liked him. She wondered how he could just go up to someone and talk to them, and then end up being friends with them in an instant. She decided that she should come out of her a shell a little, and try to talk to Matthew.

    Meeko nods. "Yes! I love Starbucks!" He says and then looks around, although he had never been inside of Starbucks ever but heard people talking about it before, he really wanted to talk to Rayne, though. He empties out his pocket and then got a coffee. "Wanna sit with me?" He says and then sat by a table.
  14. Slightly looking up at Alexia caused Matthew's cheeks to flare up again. Usually, Matthew couldn't care less to talk to people and be bored, but in front of her it was different. What was wrong with him? Why couldn't he stop acting like a fool?

    It was worse when he looked up at her, so he kept his head down to answer her question. "Boring. You?"

    To an outsider, it would seem that Matthew was not up for talking, but it was a miracle itself that he was even talking at the moment. He really did want to talk to her, but since he hasn't spoken for a majority of his life he didn't know how to continue a conversation.

    Rayne shot a nervous glance at her table and back at Meeko. She was worried about ditching her friends for Meeko and what they would say about it to her afterwards, but all three of her friends giggle and gave her an encouraging nod, knowing exactly what was going down at the moment. Feeling a wave of relief, she shot them a secretive smile when Meeko wasn't looking and gave them a wink, which caused them to double over in laughter.

    Turning her head over to Meeko, she gave him a bright smile. "Of course. Did you have a certain place in mind?"
  15. Alexia nodded. "My weekend was good, thanks" She gave him a bright smile and then stood up. "I'm going to head to class early" She nodded her head at him and then left. She could feel butterflies in her stomach, what was wrong with her? She'd never experienced this around any of the other boys in her class so why was she feeling this way with Matthew? She shook the thought away and pushed open the classroom door, it was empty. She smiled happily and sat down.

    Meek pointed to a seat and then sat down. He felt a blush rise to his cheeks and he quickly room a sip of his coffee, which was still warm. He started to fan his tongue.
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  16. Once she stood up, Matthew's head sprung up from his lunch and struggled to find words to keep up with her. Although he never said much, Matthew felt more comfortable with her than he has with anyone in his life. He never thought that he wanted to ever be around anyone like this his whole entire life, but once Alexia left he craved for that feeling more and more that he couldn't idly sit by and watch her walk away.

    Hopping out of the seat, he followed her to his class and sat next to her. "Seems like a good idea to study." He said slightly smiling.

    Sitting at the seat Meeko pointed out to, she smiled and giggled while fetching a cup of ice. "A little too hot for you?" She smiled sweetly.
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  17. Alexia nodded her head in agreement. "It sure is, that reminds me.. I have a chemistry test. I'd better get started in studying, wouldn't want to fail" She shrugged and then got out some chemistry textbooks, most of the girls or other students in her class would rather be outside with their friends but she just preferred sitting in the classroom by herself, studying for tests even as boring as it seemed. She would prefer to do it alone, but with Matthew being there she didn't seem to mind.

    Meeko nodded and then quickly took the ice, flinching at the coldness on his tongue. He shivered a bit and then took a sip of his coffee to cool the coldness in his tongue. Bad idea, because his coffee was still hot.