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  1. Hi,

    Since my ability to handle more than one roleplayer at a time has suffered significantly, I've turned to simply requesting a 1-on-1 RP. See? Everyone's happy.

    Let's start with a few basics.

    -Screams in joy-

    I adore fantasy genres. There's something about the escapism of booking a flight to lala land and changing your identify when you touch down. There's no Joe Stanson here, officer. Only Jolivan Santison, dragon slayer lives here. Moving along, I enjoy high fantasy, modern fantasy, and good ol' fantasy. However, I'm not a fan of constant fighting, even in my fantasy RPs. Call me weird, but I just don't think characters should be scrapping at every moment. Unless y'know, they have some serious beef. Then by all means, throw hands.

    I love elements of magic and superpowers, especially if there's more to them than meets the eye. I'm not talking about strength, or even skills they can pull off, but actual explanations for why they can do what they do. Exploring characteristics like that is something I rarely see, and so something in love to do. Adds another notch of mystery to them, if y'know what I mean. Also I love mystery, horror, and supernatural.

    Adventure and action are cool, and challenging to write to really get the mental image of what's going on. I welcome the challenge, because I like writing stories that truly tests the upper limits of my commendable vocabulary. (<<< joking)

    Playing multiple characters comes pretty easy for me, and if you prefer if I only play one at a time, that's fine! I wouldn't want to make you uncomfortable RPing with me just because I'm doing something like that.

    If queer, disabled, or people of color aren't your cup of tea, I suggest you find someone else to RP with. I like exploring the very wide spectrum of gender expression and sexuality, so if that bothers you, I must ask you to seek someone else.

    I like RPers who engage me as I engage them, and I feel stuck if you don't bother to take any action that might prolong the interaction between our characters. If your style is based on uninspired one-liners, I'm not the one for you! I like writing in paragraphs, weaving my characters' personal quirks and emotions into those paragraphs, and having a good time matching what you crank out!

    Also, I believe worldbuilding should be shared if we're doing a 1-on-1 RP. This allows us both to include what we like to see, and lifts the burden of getting something wrong considerably! Our opinions and unique interests are what's going to shape the world we RP in, not churning out ''yeah that's fine.''

    In conclusion, I write long posts, like a lot of genres, and like teamwork. You should PM, y'know?
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  2. And the search continues.
  3. Hmm... Shoot me a PM if you want! Everything looks good!
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