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  1. does your shiny new setting have a flag? Well, if so, there's probably rules for how to display, transport, and dispose of this important symbol! For simplicity's sake, we'll be assuming a National flag.

    For a starting idea on existing flag etiquette, try looking up the etiquette for your own flag! Here's some random Canadian flag etiquette bits if you're too lazy
    • the flag should never be thrown in the garbage, but instead privately burned if unuseable
    • The flag, if faded, frayed, torn, or otherwise imperfected, should not be flown
    • Using the flag as a covering is frowned upon, although exceptions are made for the coffins of Canadian military and governing officials
    • Similarly, flag face paint, clothes, tablecloths, stickers, etc, are not dignified enough to be considered technically appropriate, although no one really takes this one seriously
    Now, tell us how to handle your fictional country's flag!

    If your nations flag is flown next to another country's, should yours be on the right or left? Higher or lower?

    Can you fly a flag that has been worn out a bit?

    What is the correct way to dispose of an unuseable flag?

    How is this flag presented in moving ceremonies like parades? Draped over something? On a flagpole? Spread out?

    Where is it inappropriate to display a flag?

    When is it inappropriate to fly a flag?

    Does your nation have half-mast symbolism? Describe the circumstances in which it would be flown this way

    Is there any wrong or insulting way to display the flag in general? (Ie: upside down, on the ground)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.