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  1. So I'm on phone mode and when I click on a user's name -to see the 'last seen' thingy if they're still active- I find that I cannot see what they were last doing due to the space being to filled/crowded if they filled out alot of the rp resume.
    I'm horrible at explaining, so:
    Example 1: mine isn't so filled since I didnt really complete my rp resume

    Example 2: using @AAB as a example for help (hope thats fine). I can't see her last activity/when she was last active.


    Is there any way to fix this?:s
  2. I take it, that it won't scroll for you either huh? O___O
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  3. Nope. Doesn't scroll.
    Now I'm in iPad mode and damn, I didn't think screenshots would be huge.
    Thank god I put them in spoilis
  4. I will see if I can get that fixed, the member card is tricky territory. D:
  5. It was doing that for me too on mobile a few minutes ago, but it's not anymore; @NI C O L A E are you still having the problem?

    In other news, the tag system isn't working in the new text editor
  6. I tweaked the member card so I think it will scroll now when there is a lot of content. Someone else has to confirm on mobile. D:

    And tagging should be fixed now!
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  7. Its fixed, thanks. @Minibit

    tags seem to work ouo
  8. I seem to be able to tag most member names fine (the drop down menu appears after I type @ and the first few letters) but I don't get that for your name, possibly because there's a space right after the first letter :/ I didn't get this before (I remember tagging you in something a while back and wondering if it would work, but the drop down appeared after @N I C)
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  9. I will say that having the role play resume on the member card overlay makes it a little difficult to read and cramped. Perhaps it's best to leave it as a drop down ( ie the '+' )?
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