Five Word Challenge #2

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  1. Five Word Challenge
    Presented by: Kitti!

    This challenge is to help strengthen your vocabulary. You'll learn new words and how to use them in roleplay posts, stories, poems, etc!

    1. Aim for a minimum of 1-3 paragraphs. If you'd like to write more than that, then go for it!
    2. Make sure you use each word in your post. Be as creative as you'd like.
    3. Style the writing like you would for a story. It can be describing a setting, or written from the perspective of a character. Whatever you feel would work the best.
    4. Have fun with this, of course!

    The Words:

    • Apparition (n.) - A supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a specter or phantom.
      [*]Dismal (adj.) - Causing gloom or dejection; gloomy; dreary; cheerless.
      [*]Maraud (v.) - To raid for plunder (often used passively).
      [*]Privity (n.) - Participation in the knowledge of something private or secret, especially as implying concurrence or consent.
      [*]Internecine (adj.) - Mutually destructive..

  2. This dismal day couldn't possibly get any worse. The apparitions were getting worse and worse by the minute. As she walked through the halls she could see the many ghosts curled in the corners making whispering noises. She had come to know that many of these ghosts just came back to see their loved ones and then there were the Miezas who only came to cause someone's death. That only made her nervousness worse. She couldn't tell which one came for what reason. The came to maraud the souls from the very people they used to be. ((I don't think I used that word right, sorry)). There was only one person who shared the privity of what she could see and what went on around her. However, she had to admit that he was as internecine as the ghosts that surrounded her. ((I don't think I used that word correctly either, but I tried my best. I'm always willing to give it another try))
  3. On a dismal evening the crepuscular creatures were already coming out of their slumber to inhabit the forest that surrounded a small village. The people of my town didn't own much and what they did own were personal items that held a lot of memories for everyone. This was due to the fact that if it wasn't apparitions that were messing with the people of the town, it was vikings come to maraud the towns people for the little we had. Every other night when I would look at the people I grew up with I would hurt, it became harder and harder for me to look at any of them in the eye. I had a certain privity for the reason why the ghosts and the vikings came but I could not bring myself to tell anyone or stop it from happening. My sick nature was the cause of that and I knew that soon the town and I would internecine.