Five things you really like about yourself

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  1. There's a bunch of heavy/mildly negative topics trending in general right now, and I feel like we need a nice fluffy positive pick me up!

    List five things you really love about yourself! they can be physical things, stuff you've done, elements of your personality, skills you have, anything!

    1. My hair is soft as fuck
    2. I love my earrings. They're cool and fun and I wish my ear was bigger so I could get many many more
    3. I like knowing how to sew; it lets me do so much more for myself AND saves me money!
    4. I like being slightly taller than average; my long legs are sexy as hell and I like being the one getting stuff off shelves for people
    5. I can make people laugh by being my awkward, foulmouthed, rambling, nerdy self, which took me a while to like, but yeah, now I think that's less a "bawww people laugh at meee" and more "I make people lolz!" thing
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  2. 1. I dodged the bald genes!
    2. I dress well when I want to, i can pull of both vests/suits and casual stuff.
    3. I can sew and work leather, I might even make money of it one day.
    4. I really like my eyes. They are my greatest weapon :D
    5. I can be reasonable, but I am no doormat. I am passionate but logical.
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  3. 1. My eyebrows are groomed to perfection bruh
    2. I dress however the fuck I want and I look p good
    3. I'm passionate about a lot of things so yeah
    4. Piano playing skills like an almost boss I am getting there
    5. Cat eye eyeliner sharp enough to kill a man

    This was a confidence boost to write c:
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  4. 1. I'm a haaarrrd workeerrrrrr!
    2. I find enjoyment in lots of small things.
    3. I don't hold grudges.
    4. I can pull off cat ears super well and not look like a weeaboo in them.
    5. I don't get stressed easily.
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  5. 1. I have naturally long lashes. I don't even need mascara.
    2. My skin is apparently a good pallette for make up people to play with.
    3. My hair is fun to play with and I'm very tolerant of trying new styles based on what the stylist thinks would look good
    4. I may be awkward but I make my friends laugh. Even if they're all online friends I can always make them feel better.
    5. I bake DAMN good cookies. (aka I'm good at baking :) )
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  6. i need to verify this. please bring cookies to BC ASAP
  7. time, place, and type of cookie :P
  8. 1. I'm tall. Though this can be a bit of a double edged sword due to knee and back problems, I like being tall regardless.

    2. I'm pretty damn witty. I'm usually the center of a conversation, and I can usually keep everyone laughing.

    3. I'm pretty ballsy. My friend once told me "Do something that scares you everyday", and I've done my best to live to that creed.

    4. I can grow facial hair pretty easily without it becoming a neckbeard.

    5. I know who I am, and I don't let anybody decide who I am for me. All my mistakes are my own.

    "When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not convenient at the time. This will not suffice. Remember that. "
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  9. 1. I'm comforting. I could sit quietly for hours and listen to someone vent out their frustrations or be a shoulder for them to cry on.
    2. I'm a jack of all trades, master of none. I bake, sew, make jewelry, paint, draw, play guitar, sing, dance and write.
    3. I've been told my eyes are beautiful.
    4. I can make a random, witty remark in the middle of a conversation and make others laugh.
    5. I can do decent impressions of characters.
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  10. 1. I'm sexy and I know it. ;)
    2. I can be both funny & charming while also being serious and mature when I need to be.
    3. I've had the same close group of friends for 7 years now, wouldn't trade it for the world.
    4. I do good in school with just about no studying required.
    5. My voice descends from the heavens itself. :3
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  11. 1. I'm pretty quirky and love many things such as anime, video games, and Disney.
    2. I have beautiful hair for a black chick :P
    3. I'm very loyal and the friends I make are my friends for life.
    4. I enjoy collecting things such as DVDs, video games, and books.
    5. I'm pretty intelligent and can hold a decent conversation once my icy walls are let down.
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  12. 1. I'm tall.
    2. I have a great head of hair, and don't have to worry about balding any time soon.
    3. I speak Spanish, girls seem to love that shit.
    4. I don't need the sun to tan because I have a built-in one already.
    5. I repress feelings/emotions like no one's business, so I'm not a bother to anyone.

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    • My tenacity.
    • My near unwavering strength under pressure.
    • Despite being overweight my doctor claims my bill of health couldn't be better.
    • Imaginaaaaaation!
    • Being a strong support and pillar for my spouse when things are rough.
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  13. 1) My hair is soft as fuck too, and long, almost past my butt. It's so pretty, and after brushing it I can't stop touching it. *-*

    2) I'm really good at make up, and my eyeliner technique is great. A couple of weeks ago, my -all of them girls- friends literally stopped listening to me in the middle of our conversation, because all of them got too caught up in admiring my eye make-up. I had to repeat all I had said before, but I felt so proud. xD

    3) I can finally say I'm fairly good at drawing and painting. Believe me:

    4) The biggest and most important reason I'm studying civil engineering is because I want to help people -without having to see people D:- and I think that's good.

    5) I'm a very loyal friend.
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  14. 1. My honesty. Despite being a damned good liar who can bullshit his way out of anything, I'm honest most of the time. And above all it's being honest about my abilities and faults and limits, even if I can be too honest at times.

    2. That I can carry out things I've set out to do, even if they make me uncomfortable.

    3. My humour. Yeah, I say it's shit, but I still think I'm funny as fuck.

    4. Creative swears. Or my seemingly instinctual ability to string together the most ridiculous of curses.

    5. That my friends consider me "a cool dude". More specifically, that would be the progress I've made of the past couple of years. Also that I have these awesome people to talk to.

    Admittedly I had to ask a few friends to name five things, because I can't do this without being a sarcastic asshole, but they really got me thinking. This is the result.
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  15. 1. I'm fiercely loyal to to what friends I have

    2. I cheer people up to the best of my abilities

    3. I'm pretty smart

    4. I love my red hair

    5. I'm a laid-back kind of gal.

    All mine are short and simple.
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  16. 1) I'm a boss ass bitch (no really, I'm a puddle of emotional goop and love everyone way too much)

    2) I'm tall, like an amazon

    3) I'm protective of the people I care for

    4) I'm a great listening

    5) I love my name
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    1. Even those I get teased for it, I'm coming to accept my height and body <3
    2. How high I always seem to be when with I'm with friends.
    3. Arguing talents.
    4. What I know. KNOWLEDGEEEE.
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  17. 1). I always find a way to keep myself super happy that my friends think I'm a freak!

    2). I'm tall and slowly coming to love my body by taking care of it.

    3). I'm pretty happy that I've found my path after so many turns and roundabouts on this wonderful stage we call life.

    4). I'm slowly learning how to love and respect myself as a person rather than fit the expectations others have for me.

    5). I'm super proud that I finally mastered the stupid F-chord on my twelve string. THAT CHORD TOOK FREAKIN' FOREVER TO LEARN WHEN PLAYING IT IN A SONG. OH. MY. GOD. :O!
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  18. 1. The praise I get on my college essays so far. I've been told by my teachers/professors that I am a good writer.
    2. I am a very good listener and a faithful friend.
    3. Due to my short height, I gain muscle way more easily than taller folks. IIRC, we live longer too.
    4. I have a tendency to throw myself at things wholeheartedly once they spark my interest.
    5. I've been known to impress with my skills in the kitchen.
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