Five-Point Speed-Writing: Week 10

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My strengths lie more in the direction of emotions and short-term ideas, where my ability to plan out long-term plots is weak. I do best with a partner who helps me cover that weakness.
Favorite Genres
I'm open to a wide range of genres. Obscenely wide. It's harder for me to list all I do like than all I don't like. My absolute favorite is mixed and multiverse, but I'm not limited to those.

• Mixed Genre
• Multiverse
• High Fantasy
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The list is short. because it's hard to find genres I don't enjoy.

• Yaoi/Yuri (Gay/Lesbian is fine!)
• Furry
• Fandom
• Historic Non-Fantasy

Five-Point Speed-Writing Exercise
Inspired by the lovely Ravenfrost.

Write or draft a story using the below story elements without pausing and trying to not take over 20 minutes (you can rewrite or edit afterwards, if you want).

Who is involved? They don't have to be a main character.
  • A silly office worker.

Include the below so that they're instrumental to the story.
  • A ball. Playfulness.

When does the story take place?
  • Lunch.

Where is this happening?
  • A hovel.

How does it end? Include this in the ending/resolution.
  • A bed.
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Intermediate, Adept, Adaptable
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Primarily Prefer Female
Playing Style- Passive or Aggressive
I can do either. I do prefer that there be a goal, but I like letting the charaters dictate what happens.
Favorite Genres
Romance, Fantasy, Tudor, Historical, Magical
Genre You DON'T Like
Gore, Vampires, Horror
Brent sat at his desk watching the clock tick those last few minutes until lunch. Five, four, three, two, one, "Lunch time everyone!" he called out as he stood. he was always the first to the breakroom, and the first to be eating his lunch. Whenever anyone would look at him askance or question him he's reply, "I'm a growing boy," even though he was thirty-five.

brent was one of those people who got to age twelve and never matured further. Oh he was capable enough to do his job but he was not able to maintain any kind of decorum for any length of time. His mind was off to this or that fun thing, or stupid thing depending on the day. Today was an in between kind of day. he'd made a few stupid comments earlier, but now he was all fun. he even had a superball he was bouncing on the floor trying to get it to hit the ceiling.

"You're going to break something." Karen accused.

"No I'm's a floor and ceiling...what could break?" he asked just as the ball smacked into an uncovered light and shattered it, raining bits of glass down on three of his fellow coworkers.

Karen lifted a knowing brow.

Their Boss Mr. Haverty, having heard the glass, peeked into the break room. He didn't have to ask who was at fault, "Brent...break Room wasn't meant to be taken literally."

"Sorry Mr. Haverty. It won't happen again."

He knew better, "No problem...I have a special task for you this afternoon. Come to my office when you're finished here."

Brent stood, "oh I can come with you now." he said not wishing to get mired down in cleaning up his own mess.

Once in Mr. Haverty's office he took a seat. "So Brent we have a client that requires a home visit. We have had no payments for three months and if one is not received today, we will have to repossess the collateral used for the loan."

Brent listened but only to some of it. He got distracted by a window washer and a bird. When he heard his name he looked back to his boss and nodded, "Yes Sir, understood." He had NO idea what he's just agreed to or heard but surely it wouldn't be that bad.

"Good are the keys to the company car, we find it helps if our representative arrives in that, to make things official like. Now don't forget. Do not leave there without payment."

"No sir. I will be sure to get that payment. You can count on me."

Brent was handed a file and he made his way tot he underground parking area and found the car. he looked at the address on the file and shrugged, tapped the built in GPS and entered the address. He followed the direction to the place and parked out front. He looked at the file and then at the house and back. How could this be?? This place was a falling down dump. he was surprised it hadn't been condemned by the city. And yet there it was on the file, so he grabbed up the file and headed for the door.

He rapped on it and waited. Soon a drop dead gorgeous woman opened the door dressed in only a bath robe. She smiled, "Hey Sugar. What can I do for YOU?"

He swallowed the lump in his throat and tried to remember why he was there.he looked down at the file and then back at her, "You can see by the car that I am from Haverty and Sons. I came for payment. you are three months behind."

She smiled a beautiful smile at him that melted his insides. "Come on in and we can talk about this."

He followed her and thought she'd write a check or something but no, she dropped her bathrobe and crooked her finger as she walked into the next room. He almost swallowed his tongue but he followed and when he got there she was ling on the bed, naked and perfect. "Well come on honey...take your payment."

Brent looked at her and began stripping off his clothes. He was there for three hours and she pushed him off the bed, "Ok I'm all caught up..tell Haverty."

He blinked and looked at her confused and hurt, "What?"

"He knows the deal. One hour a month. I'm all caught up now. You tell him."
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